Friends Season 3: Season Wise Timeline Every Fan Should Read

By the time you watch the first and second season of the friends series, I’m pretty sure that you’re already in love with the sitcom. It’s heart breaking that Monica has to leave Richard, will she be able to get over him? or are they going to end up together again? Well, you find out all about that in friends season 3.

If you’ve missed our previous articles of friends season 1 and friends season 2, don’t worry, just click on the link below. In this article, we’re gonna explore what happens in friends season 3.

Friends Series- Friends Season 1

Friends Series- Friends Season 2

Friends Series- Friends Season 3

Episode-1 (The one with the Princess Leia fantasy)

  • ¬†Ross says he has a fantasy about Princess Leia from the Star Wars in gold bikini, so that Rachel can dress up like that for him.
  • Chandler is back with Janice.
  • Monica is totally depressed because of her break up with Richard.

Episode-2 (The one where no one’s ready)

  • Everyone need to get ready for an event at Ross’s work where he is going to make a speech, but nobody gets ready.
  • Ross gets mad at fights with Rachel, but in the end all get dressed.
  • Chandler and Joey fights over a chair, Joey wears everything Chandler owns for hiding his underwear.

Episode-3 (The one with the jam)

  • Monica makes a lot of jam to get over Richard.
  • Phoebe dates Ursula’s stalker, Malcolm.
  • Chandler flips Janice out the bed and breaks her arm.
  • Monica starts searching for a sperm donor to have a baby, but then realizes that her family will be incomplete without the father.

Episode-4 (The one with the metaphorical tunnel)

  • Joey acts in the easy spout for milk cartons ad.
  • Phoebe becomes Joey’s agent for a while.
  • Janice needs space from Chandler because Chandler got too clingy and desperate.

Episode-5 (The one with Frank Jr)

  • Joey builds the entertainment unit.
  • Everyone makes their “list”of celebrities they are allowed to sleep with and Isabella Roselini(who is on Ross’s list) shows up in the coffee house.
  • Phoebe’s brother hangs out with her and thinks she was a hooker.

Episode-6 (The one with the flashback)

  • Janice asks everyone if anyone has almost done it with anyone else in the group.
  • Joey and Monica, Monica and Chandler, Ross and Phoebe got close in their past and Rachel had a fantasy about Chandler the first time she met him.

Episode-7 (The one with the race car bed)

  • Joey starts teaching acting.
  • Monica buys a bed from Janice’s husband’s store but gets a race car bed delivered by mistake.
  • Ross meets Rachel’s dad. They don’t get along well in the beginning, but they are good later.

Episode-8 (The one with the giant poking device)

  • Phoebe cannot see her dentist because she believes that every time she goes to a dentist, somebody dies.
  • She goes to the dentist because she has a bad tooth ache and the group notices that the ugly naked guy has been awfully still since a long time. So, they poke him with a giant poking device they make.
  • Janice kisses her ex-husband, Joey sees it and tells Chandler. They break up.
  • Monica bumps Ben’s head.

Episode-9 (The one with the football)

  • Monica and Ross makes teams in the group and play football against each other for the Geller cup.
  • Monica makes yummy thanks giving dinner. That’s one among the best things in the whole friends series, right?
  • Joey and Chandler fights over a Dutch girl.

Episode-10 (The one where Rachel quits)

  • Rachel quits the job at Central Perk to persue a career in Fashion.
  • Ross breaks a little girl’s leg and to helps her go to the space camp by selling cookies.
  • Phoebe gets upset because everyone takes only green Christmas trees, Joey and Monica buy old trees for her.

Episode-11 (The one where Chandler can’t remember which sister)

  • Chandler gets drunk and fools around with Joey’s sister. The next morning he cannot remember which sister and he gets punched.
  • Phoebe dates the noisy neighbor from upstairs.
  • Rachel gets a job in Bloomingdales through Mark. Ross gets insecure about Mark.

Episode-12 (The one with all the jealousy)

  • Ross is jealous about Mark and he hates Mark getting closer to Rachel. This annoys Rachel.
  • Monica dates Julio but he turns out to be a jerk.
  • Joey boasts that he can dance, but he gets in trouble at an audition of the Tale of Two Cities.

Episode-13 (The one where Monica and Richard are just friends)

  • Monica and Richard meet again, they try to be friends but they end up having sex. They separate again because they still want different things in life.
  • Ross is bothered about Rachel staying away at her office because he doesn’t get to spend enough time with her.
  • Joey reads Little Women and Rachel reads The Shining.
  • Phoebe dates Robert whose thing everyone see.

Episode-14 (The one with Phoebe’s ex-partner)

  • Phoebe’s ex-partner, who ditched her to make jingles shows up again. Phoebe finally forgives her and she ditches her again.
  • Chandler dates Ginger who once dated Joey. She has an artificial leg and Joey threw it in the fire by mistake and ran away while they were dating.
  • Chandler gets rid of his third nipple.
  • Ross is still jealous of Rachel being with Mark, even though Mark leaves Bloomingdales.

Episode-15 (The one where Ross and Rachel take a break)

  • Rachel says Ross may be they should take a break since she doesn’t get time for him and he’s mad about it. Ross gets angry and goes to a pub, gets drunk and sleeps with Chloe, the hot girl at the copy place with a belly button ring.
  • Phoebe dates Mische, who is a diplomat and Monica dates his translator.

Episode-16- Friends season3  (The one the morning after)

  • Rachel comes to know about what Ross did and she breaks up with him. But he justifies his part saying that he was upset about them being on a break. Yes, “we were on a breakkkk!”
  • Monica and Phoebe tries waxine in friends season 3.

Episode-17 (The one without the ski trip)

  • Rachel takes everyone for a ski trip, except Ross but the gas in their car gets over and Ross comes to help them.
  • Chandler starts smoking again.

Episode-18 (The one with the hypnosis tape)

  • Monica and Joey practices their fake life.
  • Rachel gives Chandler a hypnosis tape to help him quit smoke. It said “you’re a strong confident woman.” Chandler started developing a lot of girlie habits.
  • Frank Jr tells everyone he wants to marry Alice, his teacher and Phoebe tries to break them up. In the end, she gives up and they will still be together.
  • Monica dates Pete, the millionaire. He loves her, but she isn’t attracted to him, so she doesn’t want to get into a relationship with him.

Episode-19 (The one with the tiny t-shirt)

  • Gunther thinks about asking Rachel out now that she’s single, but Mark asks her out. Rachel breaks up with him because she thinks she’s doing it to get back at Ross.
  • Joey gets annoyed with Kate, who is his co- actor in a play.
  • Rachel gives Ross all his stuff back and he asks for his tiny t-shirt in which she sleeps. It doesn’t fit him and she loves it.

Episode-20 (The one with the dollhouse)

  • Monica and Ross’s aunt, Sylvia passes away and Monica gets the dollhouse.
  • Phoebe makes her own creative dollhouse because Monica doesn’t let her play with hers the way Phoebe wants. Phoebe’s dollhouse catches fire and gets spoiled.
  • Rachel fixes up Chandler with Joanna, her boss but he doesn’t like her. Joanna really likes him and expects him to call again because he said he’ll call her (dating language).
  • Joey does it with Kate but she still dates the director of the play.

Episode-21 (The one with the chick and the duck)

  • Joey gets the chick and the duck in friends season 3.
  • Monica wears skates at work.
  • Ross will get a chance to be on TV, but he stays back for Rachel since she needs to go to the hospital.
  • Monica finally realizes that she has feelings for Pete and they get into a relationship.

Episode-22- Friends season 3 (The one with the screamer)

  • Phoebe doesn’t get off the phone with the customer service, because she wants her phone to get repaired for free.
  • Everyone goes for Joey’s play, the date Rachel brings Tommy, her date who screams at people.
  • Kate and Joey finally likes each other, but Kate leaves for another job.

Episode-23 (The one with Ross’s thing)

  • Ross has a “thing” on his butt and he wants to get it removed.
  • Phoebe dates two guys at the same time and ends up with none.
  • Everyone thinks that Pete is going to propose to Monica, but he doesn’t. Instead, he tells her that he wants to win the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Episode-24 (The one with the Ultimate Fighting Champion)

  • Chandler’s boss, Doug keeps hitting his ass.
  • Pete participates in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and he loses badly. Monica breaks up with him because he doesn’t give up on the championship.
  • Ross dates Bonnie in friends season 3.

Episode-25- Friends season 3 (The one at the beach)

  • Phoebe comes to know about Phoebe, her mom Lilly’s friend who lives in Montauk and everyone goes to the beach for the weekend so that Phoebe could meet Phoebe and ask her where her dad is.
  • Phoebe finds out that her mom’s friend Phoebe is her birth mother.
  • Ross and Rachel gets back together.
  • Chandler drives Monica crazy asking if he could be her boyfriend, hypothetically.

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