Friends Series: Season Wise Timeline Every Fan Should Read (Part 2)

Friends series is one among the most popular sitcoms of all time. It is loved and cherished by people from all of the world. Friends is one of those sitcoms that transcends time and cultural differences and it’s not me who’s saying this, but there are actual research papers that prove this.

Now, in Part 1 of the timeline, we saw everything about friends series in the first season. Now, let’s jump into the second season.

Friends Series- Friends Season 1

Friends Series- Friends Season 2

Episode-1 (The one with Ross’s new girlfriend)

  • Rachel sees Ross with Julie at the airport and is bummed by the fact that they are a couple now.
  • Phoebe gives Monica a haircut and it goes wrong.
  • Joey tailor takes “advantage” of Chandler.

Episode-2 (The one with the breast milk)

  • Phoebe and Joey tastes Carol’s breast milk and Ross freaks out, so everyone challenges him to taste it.
  • Monica goes shopping with Julie to Bloomingdales and Rachel finds out.

Episode-3 (The one where Heckle’s dies)

  • Mr Heckles dies and gives his apartment stuff to Monica and Rachel in his will.
  • Phoebe says she doesn’t believe in evolution and Ross freaks out.
  • Chandler feels he’s just like Mr Heckles and he’s going to end up alone like him.

Episode-4 (The one with Phoebe’s husband)

  • Phoebe’s crush who she thought was gay and who she married so that he can get a green card, turns out to be straight.
  • Everyone starts saying each other’s secrets and Monica says Chandler has a third nipple. Chandler says Joey was in a porno movie.
  • Rachel tries to keep Ross away from having sex with Julie.

Episode-5 (The one with five steaks and an egg plant)

  • Chandler gets a call from some lady who thinks that she was calling “Bob” with whom she wants to have sex with. Chandler pretends to be Bob.
  • Phoebe, Rachel, and Joey thinks that Chandler, Ross, and Monica don’t get they don’t have as much money as them.
  • Monica gets fired.

Episode-6 (The one with the baby on the bus)

  • Ross leaves Ben with Chandler and Joey and they forget Ben on a Bus.
  • Terry gets a professional singer to play at Central Perk and Phoebe sings for money on the street.

Episode-7 (The one where Ross finds out)

Ross finds out about Rachel’s feelings.

Monica helps Chandler lose weight.

Ross and Rachel kiss.

Episode-8 (The one with the list)

  • Ross, Chandler, and Joey makes a list of Rachel and Julie, comparing their pros and cons.
  • Ross breaks up with Julie for Rachel, but Rachel sees the list and tells him nothing will happen between her and Ross.
  • Monica makes recipes with Macholate.

Episode-9 (The one with Phoebe’s dad)

  • Phoebe gets to know about her dad from her grandma and goes to meet him with Joey and Chandler, but she doesn’t get the courage to go inside the house.
  • Ross tries to convince Rachel, but she doesn’t get convinced.
  • The radiator in Monica’s apartment gets damaged and they throw their Christmas party in a really hot apartment.

Episode-10 (The one with Russ)

Rachel dates Russ who is like the photocopy of Ross.

Monica dates Fun Bobby who drinks a lot, and she makes him quit after which he becomes ridiculously dull Bobby.

Joey gets Dr. Drake Remoray’s part in Days of Our Lives.

Episode-11 (The one with the lesbian wedding)

  • Carol and Susan gets married, Monica becomes their caterer.
  • Phoebe’s massage client, Rose dies on the table and Phoebe feels that her spirit went inside her.
  • Rachel’s mom tells her she is going to leave her father and wants to have a fun life like her. Rachel gets annoyed.

Episode-12 & 13 (The one after the Superbowl)

  • Joey has a psycho stalker, Erica and he dates her.
  • Ross goes to visit Marcel and finds that he’s acting in movies.
  • Phoebe sings for the kids.
  • Chandler dates Susie Moss, who takes revenge on him because he pulled her skirt up and everyone saw her underpants.
  • Monica liked Jean Claude, but Rachel goes on a date with him and then they both fight.

Episode-14 (The one with the prom video)

  • Joey gifts Chandler a golden bracelet.
  • Phoebe says Ross is Rachel’s lobster..
  • Everyone watches Monica and Rachel getting ready for the prom on an old videotape.
  • Ross and Rachel kiss.

Episode-15 (The one where Ross and Rachel…You know)

  • Joey gets a big TV and the incliners.
  • Ross and Rachel goes on their first official date. Rachel laughs when they make out. They have sex for the first time in Ross’s museum.
  • Monica meets Richard since she and Phoebe does catering for a party at his house.
  • Monica dates Richard.

Episode-16 (The one where Joey moves out)

  • Joey moves out to a fancy place.
  • Rachel gets a tattoo.
  • Monica tells her parents about her and Richard.

Episode-17 (The one where Eddie moves in)

  • Ross and Monica starts fighting because Ross spends more time in their apartment now.
  • Joey feels lonely and misses Chandler Chandler misses Joey too.
  • Eddie, Chandler’s new roommate moves in.
  • Phoebe records a video of Smelly cat.

Episode-18 (The one where Dr. Drake Remoray dies)

  • Joey’s character, Dr Drake Remoray gets killed in the show because he says in an interview that he makes up most of his lines which drove the writers mad.
  • Eddie starts to behave all crazy and Chandler wants him to move out, but he doesn’t go.

Episode-19 (The one where Eddie won’t go)

  • Eddie doesn’t stop being crazy and Chandler tries everything to get him out, finally Joey moves back and Eddie moves out.
  • Joey finds it difficult to get a new job.
  • The girls go nuts on a feminist book, “Be your own windkeeper.”
  • Ross buys the big white dog for Joey.

Episode-20 (The one where old Yeller dies)

  • Phoebe sees the ending of all the violent and sad movies her mother always shut her out from, like the one where the old Yeller dies.
  • Richard goes for Nicks game with Joey and Chandler, they become good friends but he feels bad when the guys said that they see him like a dad.
  • Ross and Rachel says “I love you to each other.”
  • Ben starts talking for the first time.

Episode-21 (The one with the bullies)

  • Monica invests in the stock exchange, loses her money, and is forced to take up a job that she hates to do.
  • Phoebe tries to meet her dad again, but she doesn’t and she breaks his dog. She learns from his second wife that he ran out on her and her son too. Phoebe meets Frank Jr, her step brother.
  • Chandler and Ross fights with two bullies at the coffee house.

Episode-22 (The one with the two parties)

  • Rachel’s mom and dad fight a lot after their divorce and Rachel is really upset about it.
  • The guys plan Rachel’s birthday party and both her parents show up, so they try to keep her dad and mom away from each other.

Episode-23 (The one with the chicken pox)

  • Phoebe dates Ryan, the submarine guy but they both gets chicken pox.
  • Monica is upset because Richard doesn’t have any obsessive thing like her.
  • Joey works as a processor in Chandler’s office as Joseph and messes up things for Chandler.

Episode-24 (The one with Barry and Mindy’s wedding)

  • Joey has to kiss a guy for an audition.
  • Rachel dresses up in a funny pink gown and goes to the wedding, but her butt sticks out after she comes out of the bathroom and she gets embarrassed in front of everyone. Barry and his relatives try to insult Rachel.
  • Chandler falls in love with a girl whom he meets online and it turns out to be Janice.
  • Monica tells Richard that she has to have kids and Richard doesn’t want it. They both break up.

Friends Series- Friends Season 3

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