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Frenzzup Login: Hey Guys, Its been months that you have not got Freenzup Latest News but don’t worry as here you will get a lot of information about Frenzzup. Recently we got to know that Social Trade is giving back money to everyone and hence they are giving Social Trade Refund Forms.

Social Trade was doing really very good but suddenly their has been a lot of speculations on Social Trade Biz/ Frenzzup Login currently. But recently we have got latest Frenzzup News that you can get your money back from Social Trade.

As MLM is illegal in India, Social Trade has  launched New website called I will keep this post regularly updated with latest Frenzzup News!

frenzzup login

So, Now everybody is a bit scared about their money, specially the people who have joined in January.  Recently we got a new update from Social Trade company website that social trade biz will close and everything will take place on Frenzzup .com & only. Now I will try to tell you everything about Frenzzup Login, Frenzzup .com Plan & Frenzzup Review and what you can possibly do to save your Money.

As per the recent update of Social Trade Biz their is News of Refund of Money. So just checkout below about Social Trade Refund Process Today. 

>>Check out Social Trade Refund Process/Form Here <<

#Latest Frenzzup News Update:

  • Anubhav Mittal Arrested on 2nd feb 2017
  • He is in Police Custody till now
  • Frenzzup site is not Opening
  • No Daily Task to Members
  • People are worrying about their Money
  • Social Trade Operations Closed
  • Some Investors are in Support of Mr. Anubhav Mittal

Frenzzup Working: Not Started Yet

Work Type: Liking Post

Minimum Joining: Free 

I will Keep this post Updated in Both English & Hindi, Just bookmark this page & Keep Coming Back!

Currently their is no hope for Social Trade or Freenzup to start back again. Anubhav Mittal is still in Jail and the case is going on. Also, people are really worried about their money as a lot of people have invested lakhs of rupee in Social Trade.

Maybe Government will return some of the money to the people but their is no statement from any government organization also.

Frenzzup .com is the new  website of Social Trade Biz which started their operations on 30 January 2017.

To meet the requirements of Reserve Bank of India, Social Trade decided to change their platform and working model aswell. Most of the users will surely be sad after knowing the work process of Freenzup Social Trade and will definitely want the refund.

Currently lakhs of people are connected with Social Trade and only a few have recovered their money. So, Now if anybody who wants to earn money with Social Trade will have to work on

Furthermore, alot of users are now moving to Afofee Plans which gives $400/Day and is a huge Brazilian company.

  • After the discussion held with Think Tank (Respected Senior Today), Frenzzup have rechanged:
    >> Promotional Income to 8%
    >> Direct Referral income to 2%
  • New Packages Introduced

Social Trade New Packages of

Social Trade new website has come up with new plans and packages on Frenzzup login site. You will also get gifts on purchasing any package, have a look below for all the important information.

  1. GAD-1 PACKAGE – Rs. 65191
  2. GAD-2 PACKAGE – Rs. 32596
  3. GAD-3 PACKAGE – Rs. 12596

Frenzzup Package Earning Details:

You will easily get all the information about Fren zzup Packages from the below table.

Package NameGAD-1GAD-2GAD-3
RATE Rs. 65191Rs. 32596Rs. 12596
EPOINT 500025001000
DAILY INCOMERs. 500Rs. 250/-Rs. 100/-
INCOME/MONTHRs. 10000Rs. 5000/-Rs. 2000/-
BOOSTER INCOMERs. 20000Rs. 10000/-Rs. 4000/-
INCOME/YEARRs. 2,40,000Rs. 1,20000Rs. 48,0000
SPONSOR INCOME5{f9fd2fa675cafc77e5d291ea3d6f4429dbe1f245d30ef138db552e73a55173e3}5{f9fd2fa675cafc77e5d291ea3d6f4429dbe1f245d30ef138db552e73a55173e3}5{f9fd2fa675cafc77e5d291ea3d6f4429dbe1f245d30ef138db552e73a55173e3}
BINARY INCOME8{f9fd2fa675cafc77e5d291ea3d6f4429dbe1f245d30ef138db552e73a55173e3}8{f9fd2fa675cafc77e5d291ea3d6f4429dbe1f245d30ef138db552e73a55173e3}8{f9fd2fa675cafc77e5d291ea3d6f4429dbe1f245d30ef138db552e73a55173e3}

GAD-1 Package:

PACKAGE RATE –  Rs. 65191

You Get EPOINT – 5000



INCOME DAILY = 100*5 => Rs. 500/-

PER MONTH INCOME – Rs. 10000/-

BOOSTER INCOME – Rs. 20000/-




GAD-2 Package:

PACKAGE RATE –  Rs.32596

You Get EPOINT – 2500



INCOME DAILY = 50*5=>Rs. 250/-


BOOSTER INCOME – Rs. 10000/-




GAD-3 Package:

PACKAGE RATE –  Rs. 12596

You Get EPOINT –1000



INCOME DAILY = 20*5=> Rs. 100/-






Gift You Get With Earn Frenzzup Package:

Here is another good thing you get on joining Frenzzup .com Login:

Gift With GAD-1 Package:

1.Ablaze Wrist Watch
2.Ablaze. Laptop Bag
3.Ablaze Pen
4.Ablaze Diary
5.Ablaze Belt
6.Ablaze Shirt
7.Ablaze Shoes
8.Ablaze Wallet
9.Ablaze Neck tie

Gift With GAD-2 Package:

1.Ablaze Wrist Watch
2.Ablaze Pen
3.Ablaze Shirt
4.Ablaze. Neck tie

Gift With GAD-3 Package:

1.Ablaze Diary
2.Ablaze Pen
3.Ablaze Shirt
4.Ablaze Shoes

For all the Packages:

  • TDS – 5%
  • Money will directly come in Account

What is Frenzzup Login?

Freenzup is the new and latest website of Ablaze Social Trade. Since their MLM is illegal in India so Frenzzup .com has changed their business Model similar to Facebook. But here you will get money on Liking posts of others pages. is exactly same as facebook where you can upload Videos, Pictures, Status and Connect with your friends and other people. Frenzup login and signup is absolutely Free for everybody and has amazing features:

  • Upload Status, Pictures & Videos 
  • Add Friends
  • Like, Comment and Share on others Posts
  • Chat with Friends  
  • Earn Money by Daily Link Clicks
  • Make your Business Pages
  • Regular updation in Frenzup Timeline like Facebook
  • Create and Manage your Page

One more important thing about is that it does not come under Ablaze Info Private Limited. The new site comes under 3W Digital Private Limited and is being operated from the same office of Ablaze Social Trade plans. This might be a point of discussion that why Social Trade changed their parent company when everything was registered on Ablaze Info Pvt Ltd.

Frenzzup Auto Click Software:

Frenzzup Auto Click Software is a process where all the link clicks happen automatically and you can save your time. So you must have heard alot about Frenzzup auto click sofware from alot of your friends and other members. Thesedays, many people try to trick the Social Trade or Frenzzup system so that they can save their time and earn money easily.  When you reload, you will automatically see all the links getting Green & Connected.

But I personally think that this software is waste of time and does not fulfil the purpose of use. But you can also try at your end and lets us know what happens on using it.

In the below video, you can see how Frenzzup login Auto Click software works.

Social Trade Frenzzup Login Update:

As per the Social Trade website, they have posted some points regarding Social Trade which will help you understand more about Frenzzup website.

  1. website will be closed now and everything on that site will be migrated to the another site.
  2. The new website for all the loyal Associates is frenZzup and everyone has to do Frenzzup Login only.
  3. As per the rules and conditions of Reserve Bank of India, this transformation was important and hence people will have to suffer along with it.
  4. Due to the new policies in the Social Trade company, they will not follow a new and prosperous approach towards the business model of the company.
  5. User can login to using same userid & password of socialtrade biz.
  6. New account can be easily made on Intmaart site by  signing an online MOU.

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Information About Pending Payments:

This is a very important topic and alot of users must be very curious to know about it.  So let me just clear all the things about Pending Payment of Social Trade or Frenzzup com. With the help of below table you can easily know about your Social Trade/Frenzzup Pending Payments.

Task IncomePromotional IncomeExpected Date
23rd to 29th January30th December1st February 2017
8th to 15th January6th January8th February 2017
1st to 7th January13th January15th February 2017
-27th January22nd February 2017

  1. Task Income of 23rd to 29th January 2017 and Promotional Income of 30th December will be given by Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited on 1st February 2017.
  2. Also, the pending Task Income of 8th to 15th January 2017 and Promotional Income of 6th January 2017 will be given to all the people on 8th February by Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited.
  3. Task Income of 1st to 7th January 2017 and Promotional Income of 13th January 2017 will be remitted by Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited on 15th February 2017
  4. Promotional Income of 27th January 2017 will be remitted by Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited on 22nd February 2017

How To Migrate From Social Trade To Frenzzup:

Before start using Frenzzup just red the below points and keep them in mind, so that you do not have any issue later on.

  1. You can use your old credentials to do your Pending work.
  2. You can start your tasks for 30th January 2017, on the new website
  3. If you have transferred the payments on or before 27th January 2017 into Ablaze bank account, then you will have to Signup and upload the payment details on
  4. Once SignedUp, You need to upload your KYC documents on site
  5. And Now, The Activation process will happen automatically for fren
  6. Now, you have to go to frenZzup login and create your advertising page.
  7. Once, The page is created, you can start your promotion process and earn money with Frenz zup website.
  8. Since, is NOT a flagship brand of Ablaze Info Solutions, there is a proper transfer process of e-points enlisted on frenZzup .com

How To Start Task on

  1. Visit
  2. Now login using your old Social Trade Account Password and ID.
  3. First of all you have to Transfer your balance services (Purchased ePoints) from socialtrade biz website to frenzzup website now.
  4. You also need to Submit a self declaration and Agree on migrating to the new platform which is Frenzzup.
  5. Once Accepted the declaration, your balance epoints will automatically reflect there.
  6. Now, the amount of Rs. 11.5/- per epoint will be transferred to your frenZzup login account automatically.
  7. That’s it! You can now Start your tasks frenZzup .com


How To Become an AFFLIATE on INTMAART:

  1. The ID and Password for Intmaart will be same as old Social Trade account.
  2. To become and Affiliates, you need to have atleast 1 referral ID of an existing Affiliate.
  3. You can signup fir Free using somebody else Affiliate ID a Sponsor.
  4. Affiliates has to recommend other people to buy products from INTMAART.
  5. You/Affiliate can earn commission on Normal Products as well as Great Value Deal Products.
  6. The commission on Great Value Deal Products will be 5%
  7. On recommending a minimum of 3 Affiliates ( 2 Direct & 1 Indirect/ Direct) of minimum 1 BV Sale,  the Affiliate will be paid commission based on left and right zones balanced business Value points.
  8. For all Sales recommended on the Left & Right zones, the reference commission will be paid @ Rs.600 for 1 balanced Business Volume.

My Views About Frenzzup or Intmaart:

Below are my personal and a few people opinions about Social Trade, this may actually not happen/happened. We hope for the best for 3W Digital & its Members.

Looking at the above scenario I think maybe Social Trade company is trying to fool people. Currently they are not paying any money for the last month. As told by one of the Social Trade member, Let’s assume that they will gently pay all the pending amount of their users. But the thing is, that the new joiners may have to suffer the loss.

Initially their was an ease of earning through Social Trade but now they have changed the whole working process of the site. And with the current way of frenzzup working, people might find it hard to recover their money.

Also, the parent company has now been changed to 3W Digital Private Limited from Ablaze Info SolutionNow, people are unknowingly accepting the terms of the new company and migrating to it. So, Now Neither Ablaze nor 3W Digital will have any  liability of users money. In this way, they easily evaded from Government rules as well as people.

Now, People will be stuck in a situation where they can not do anything.

  1. Either they waste their time over recommending products of Intmaart.
  2. Forget about their hard earned money
  3. Join together & Question Ablaze/3W Pvt. Ltd.

The choice is yours!

Let’s have a look at Intmaart Products:

Men’s Shoes Worth Rs.4040 or 100 Frenzupp Points

The value of these shoes would be a maximum of Rs. 800 and definitely not Rs.4000. You can buy a pair of Lee Coopers at Rs.3000. intmaart shoes

Womens Saaree

An eye opening Rs.14999 Saree 😀 I hope you can yourself estimate the price of this amazing saree.

intmaart saree

So, the final opinion is people might start leaving Social Trade/ Frenzzup due to its work process. And those who do not like the new functionality which is according to our Indian Government Rules, they might start leaving it & their money. But the company has already joined a lot of users and got huge money. So, the people will not have the last laugh 😀

Do share your views in the comment section below. I would be happy to reply each and every question/suggestion. 

#Note: These are my personal views and have been written after discussing with fellow social trade members. Moreover, this article does not directly persuade anyone or hurt thier feelings.

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