Fever Remedies- How to Cure Fever Naturally

Fevers are nothing to be worried about. Fever is a very commonly occurring physical condition. At times, recurring fevers can be a symptom of something worse. But as long as you are sure and get it diagnosed that you have the general fever, there’s nothing to get intimidated or wait too long for it to get cured. fevers take at most, about a week to get back to your normal temperature. While allopathy is an easy and quick remedy, natural treatments can be the best fever remedies since they have no side effects.

First of all, let’s shed some light on why exactly fever occurs. It is a myth that is easily believed that fever is a bad thing. Science proves it that having seasonal fever means your body has a very good immune system. Fever helps to fight off illnesses and keeps you healthy. However, remember this is only about short-term fever. If the fever gets extreme and lasts really long or recurs within short intervals, you have to get it checked since it could indicate a serious disease.

Even so, fever makes it really hard to carry out your daily routine. It brings in lethargy and weakness which doesn’t allow you to get things done. This is why getting fever treated is important, even if it is harmless. So, here are a number of fever remedies which are a hundred percent natural and have no side-effects.

1. Cloth on your forehead

fever remedies


If you don’t know what amazing properties water has, one of them is- it absorbs the heat of any substance it comes in contact with. So, when you keep a cloth soaked in relatively cool water (not too chilled) on your forehead, it absorbs the heat of your body. In order to make it work, keep the cloth on your forehead for about 15 minutes in one sitting. Repeat this at least twice a day to be able to witness a drop in temperature.

2. Lukewarm Shower

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How would being able to treat fever in the most relaxing way feel? yes, you can treat your fever by taking a lukewarm shower. It helps in cooling down your body, pretty much like keeping a wet cloth on your forehead. A lukewarm shower restores the equilibrium of the body and gets you back to a normal temperature. However, make sure it isn’t cold or hot bath. old baths can make you shiver and make it worse for you.

3. Having Tea

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One of the best fever remedies is to have a nice cup of tea and for that matter more than just one cup at regular intervals. there are a number of benefits of having tea while you have a fever. When you have herbal tea, it stimulates your body. These herbal teas have herbal agents that primarily aim at stimulating the body and speeding up the circulation. As this happens, your body starts sweating and emitting heat out. so, this takes us to the second benefit of having a herbal tea. It makes you sweat. When you sweat, your body pores open and in turn because of sweating make your body cool off. This reduces your body temperature and helps to bring it back to normal. And lastly, it keeps your body hydrated. When you have a fever, your body has a tendency to expel more water from your body and become dehydrated sooner.

Try Soaking Your Socks

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We have already discussed a lot about how helpful water is at getting rid of fever. So, this is another one of those water-related fever remedies. You might have noticed when you have a fever, your feet and forehead are the ones that are most hot. So, to reduce the temperature of your body and get rid of the heat, you can even wear socks that are soaked in lukewarm water. basically, socks that are soaked in lukewarm water help in increasing the blood flow to your feet and that way get rid of the extra heat.

Try Drinking A Lot Of Water Or Any Other Fluids

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You already know how your body gets dehydrated really quickly when you have a fever. The excessive heat that is generated in the body is what brings down the amounts of water in each cell, resulting in an overall dehydration. Just to make sure you don’t end up being dangerously dehydrated and experience some other problem, make sure you keep having a lot of water. Also, there’s a low appetite as a result of fever. When you have lots of water, you are making up for the low appetite. Having water also cools your body down. You experience various symptoms, like a headache, body ache, and tiredness while you have a fever. When you keep having water, the intensity of all these symptoms decreases. you feel revitalized when you keep having fluids at regular intervals and ensure being hydrated.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Resting

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when your body sends out the message that it is tired, listen to it. At times we make it worse for ourselves and stretch the time duration of being able to recover by not resting. If you do a lot of work and cross the enduring point of your body, you are just adding up to the already existing symptoms. Instead, sit back and relax for a couple of days. A comfortable sleep is one of the best fever remedies.

If you keep these fever remedies in mind every time you have a fever, it would be easier for you to get rid of it without having to pop a pill and increase the chances of long-term side effects. And there’s absolutely nothing to worry about when you have a fever. It generally goes off by itself but the reason you need these fever remedies is to relax your body and revitalize and shorten the period of feeling sick. Fever is also a good excuse to take a break from your busy schedule and take care of your body.

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