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DivineAds Review

: Hey Guys, You must have already heard a lot about Earning Money Online. So, Today I’m going to share everything about Devineads.net which gives you opportunity to earn money online. Divineads.net Works similar to Social Trade Biz, Web-Work and Adscash about which I had already given reviews. So, In this post I will tell you DivineAds Review, If it is fake, Scam or not, Divine ads Payment Proof, Divineads Plans etc. 

DivineAds Review

Some Quick Facts about DivineAds.net Plans:

Type of Work: Earn Money Online with Multi Level Marketing

Minimum Investment: Rs.4600

Minimum Withdrawal: No Minimum Amount (Daily Redeem)

Refund Policy: Yes, 10 Day Refund Policy

Pays Money or Not: Pays Money

Amount Deposit Way: NEFT, Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card

Payment Way: Bank Transfer i.e. NEFT

Is DivineAds Fake: Till Now, It is Paying Good Money but Read till end to see the Reality.

First of all I would like to tell you that DivineAds is a link exchange portal. In this you have to click on the Links Ads provided by Big companies. Moreover, I will clear all your confusions and doubts about DivineAds plans, if it is scam or not, if DivineAds Plans are fake or not?

If you also want to Earn Money with Divine Ads.net then join it.

Note: NetBanking and Online Banking is not Working Currently, So make payment only through NEFT or IMPS.

What is DivineAds.net?

DivineAds is a Social Link exchange company which gives money to people for clicking on Ads. Divine Ads was founded in November 2016 with a motive to provide extra income to the people of India.

Deivne Ads is a registered company under NVR Marketing Pvt. Ltd and it is a ISO certified company. Divineads.net has the head office at RajNagar, Ghaziabad. Moreover, NVR Marketing has been in the industry for last 6 years and now started Divineads.net

Another good thing about Divineads is that the company is providing ICICI Bank guarantee for all the plans above 1 lakh. Bank Guarantee is valid for 6 months from the date of activation of your package.

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Beneficial Points About DivineAds:

  • You get Rs.8 per Click
  • Bank Guarantee above 1 Lakh Divineads Plan
  • 5%Direct Sponsor Income
  • 8%Binary Matching Income
  • Daily Bank Transfer
  • Weekly Binary Income Credited
  • Tripod Booster
  • Cash Deposit is not available
  • Their is 10 day refund policy

Requirements for DivineAds.net Registration:

To register with Divineads Plans you just need a few documents as your address and identity proof. Below is the list of documents that you require:

  1. Pancard
  2. Identity Proof like Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card
  3. Bank Account
  4. Passbook or Cancelled Cheque
  5. Email Id

DivineAds.net Plans:

DivineAds has 6 Packages from which you can select anyone, according to your needs and pocket. The validity of each plan is 12 months and once expired, you have to renew the package with the same or higher amount.

DAP 05Rs. 4,600
DAP 10Rs. 9,200
DAP 21Rs. 18,400
DAP 42Rs. 36,800
DAP 90Rs. 73,600
DAP 180Rs. 1,43,750

Divineads Plans

These plans are called DivineAds Package and has a validity of 1 year only. The prices of the plans are inclusive of taxes.

Ways To Earn From DiveAds.net:

  1. Daily Task Earning
  2. Direct Sponsor Income
  3. Binary Income
  4. Reward Income

How Much You Can Earn With Each Plan?

This is the most common question that everyone wants to kown, that how much you can earn with DivineAds. In simple words, You earning through DivineAds completely depends upon the package you have opted for. Here I will show you how much you can earn with DivineAds Review Plans by working daily.

As I had already told that the earning completely depends upon the  package that you had paid for. So now I will show how much income you can earn money online with each of their plans.

Firstly, I want to tell that you will get Rs.8 on clicking a link ad in Divineads.net plans.

DAP 05 – Rs.4600 Package

  • Member Gets 5 Links daily
  • Income 5 x 8 = Rs.40 Daily for 12 Months
  • Weekly Binary Capping – Rs.50,000
  • Links after Booster = 15

DAP 10 – Rs.9200 Package

  • Member Gets 10 Links daily
  • Income 10 x 8 = Rs.80 Daily for 12 Months
  • Weekly Binary Capping – Rs.50,000
  • Links after Booster = 30

DAP 21 – Rs.18400 Package

  • Member Gets 21 Links daily
  • Income 21 x 8 = Rs.168 Daily for 12 Months
  • Weekly Binary Capping – Rs.1,00,000
  • Links after Booster = 63

DAP 42 – Rs.36800 Package

  • Member Gets 42 Links daily
  • Income 42 x 8 = Rs.336 Daily for 12 Months
  • Weekly Binary Capping – Rs.1,00,000
  • Links after Booster = 126

DAP 90 – Rs.73600 Package

  • Member Gets 90 Links daily
  • Income 90 x 8 = Rs.720 Daily for 12 Months
  • Weekly Binary Capping – Rs.2,50,000
  • Links after Booster = 270

DAP 180 – Rs.143750 Package

  • Member Gets 180 Links daily
  • Income 180 x 8 = Rs.1440 Daily for 12 Months
  • Weekly Binary Capping – Rs.2,50,000
  • Links after Booster = 540

As Saturday and Sunday are off, You just have to work about 22 days in a month. You can however complete you pending task on Saturday or Sunday. Also their will be No work on all the government approved holidays.

Also, A deduction of TDS and Admin fees will be done on your final income. The average deduction will be about 13% on your Income.

  • T.D.S – 10%of the Income
  • Admin Fee – 3 or 5% of the Income

How to Join DivineAds Plans?

By now you must have understood all the plans and packages of DevineAds.net. So in order to Join DivineAds review you just need to do the Register and then pay the required amount. Just see how you can easily sign up on DevineAds.net Plan:

  1. Go to DivineAds.net for Registration/Signup.
  2. Enter the Sponsor ID and Select the position.
  3. Noe, Enter all details like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pan Card ID.divineads registration

DivineAds Plan Payment:

  1. Once signed up, Now Login to your account with your User ID and Password. 
  2. Click on Make Payment Online Tab to pay the joining amount. payment
  3. Now, Select the desired Package which you want to take and click on Continue.devine ads select plan
  4. Now, Click on Make Payment.
  5. You ID will be instantly activated with Online Transaction. You can also send them make NEFT and you will not be charged any convenience charges either.

Note: Do only NEFT, as Netbanking is currently not working.

Update KYC Details in DivineAds Login Account?

Updating KYC detail is one on the most important step before starting earning through DivineAds.net. You can easily update your KYC details and it will not take more than 10 minutes. Just follow the below process to Update your KYP in your DivineAds review account.

  1. Login to your DivineAds Account.
  2. Click on My Account & then on Update Profile.Divine Ads kyc update
  3. Now, Upload your Profile Picture, Bank Details(Passbook 1st Page or Cancelled Cheque Picture), Pancard, ID Proof.
  4. Click on Submit. That’s All! Now you can start earning money from the next day.

TrickTip: Kindly Update the KYC and then only your task will come next day.

How To Earn With Daily Task?

To earn daily with Task, you need to click on the ads and complete the task. Once, you task is completed you have to submit it. You can follow the below steps inorder to complete and submit your daily task list.

  1. Login to your Divine Ads Account.
  2. Click on Advertisement Tab & then on “View Adsview-daily-tasks-divineads
  3. Now click on Request for Task List.
  4. Now, You have to click on Visit Page and view each and every Advertisement. It will take 30 seconds for a Pop-up to open and close.
  5. Once Completed, Click on Submit Task.

What is DivineAds Tripod Booster?

Tripod Booster is something new that Social Trade and Web Work did not have. This is similar to the booster where you links increase on adding member below you.

In Tripod Booster, you earning will get tripled (3X) on adding 5 people below you either on left or right. So, the booster will be activated when you successfully add 5 member below you on any side.

You will get 30 days to activate your Booster or else you can not triple your daily earning. You have to add people of similar or higher package value to activate the booster.

DivineAds Review Rewards:

You can earn huge rewards with DivineAds Review Plan. To get the maximum rewards you have to manage your Left and Right sides. You can get various free rewards like Power Bank, Mobile, MacBook, Goa Trip and even Swift Car.

DivineAds Office Address:

Divine Ads Head Office:

B-12,1st FLOOR,RDC,



Customer Care Number:

Call : +91 9871117893
Whatsapp No : +91 9871117895
DivineAds Email Address:
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DivineAds Payment Proof:

Below you can see the Payment proof of DivineAds. We have received the payment from the name of NVR Marketing as DivineAds.net has been registered on NVR marketing company.


DivineAds Legal Documents:

DivienAds has all the Legal Documents on their site as well. You can also see their legal document below:

DivineAds COI

divineads coi

Pan Card of DivineAds  

divineads legal pan card

DivineAds Review, If Divine Ads is Fake or Not?

I would like to give you a fair advice in DevineAds Review that, Till now divineads is paying everyone. The site is also working fine and I think you can invest in it. But only invest that much you can afford to loose. Moreover, Just try to get the booster as soon as possible and complete the task daily inorder to earn money quickly.

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