Digital Locker News : Is this Modi’s New Surgical Strike ?

Digital locker News

: Hey Readers, As you you know our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has shaken whole India. PM Modi took a very big step towards black money of India by banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes from 8th November 2016. Now we have another News that PM Modi is going to take another big steps.

Digital Locker News

According to a whatsapp message, After a surgical strike against Fake Currency, PM Modi’s next surgical strike will be on Digital lockers. Yes, you heard it right, All the Bank Lockers and safes will be effected, if Modi take another steps toward Corruption free India.

What is the Digital Locker News ?

So, After whole lot of messages about banning of Rs.500 and Rs 1000 notes and the New Rs 2000 notes. Recently all the WhatsApp group has been flooded with a message regarding Digital Locker News and Bank Locker News. So, According to the whatsapp message, from a specific date in the November you will not be able to operate your bank locker. All the digital locker in banks can only be opened in the presence of a government revenue officer. Subsequently, These bank lockers are the once in which people keep their valuables like Jewellery & cash.

What is the Digital Locker News message ? 

Here is the WhatsApp message that people are forwarding regarding bank lockers news in India. 

Advance notice on 1 more MSS (modi surgical strike) Now lets talk about digital lockers – from a specific date you will  not be able to operate your bank locker with your keys . It can be opened only digitally in the presence of a government revenue officer . Any jewellery found without substantial evidence only 600 gms will be allowed per ladies member substantial through ration card  . Balance for all jewellery and gold  bars diamond n other materials valid bills will be required . Otherwise valuation will be compounded 3 times and taxes will be paid accordingly . Confirmed news

Digital Locker News

How Will Digital Locker Case Effect Me ?

Everyone one is really in a state of panic after hearing this news. Most of the people in India have a lot of Jewellery and Property Papers in their Digital lockers and Bank safes. According to the message, if people are found with more Gold jewellery then they will have to show the Valid bills and transactions. Furthermore, This will surely effect every single Indian and will leave everyone in a state of losing money. 

Is Digital Locker News Confirmed ?

Finally, This a very big question as their has been No official confirmation about Digital Locker News. We will surely update you about the Digital Locker News confirmation or Digital Locker News fakeness after some official news.

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