Courses That Are Unique And Have a Good Career Prospect

After you are done with school, the most crucial question is- what next? Most of us have been through that ambiguous phase where to make a choice is really hard. With so many people dishing out advice, everything becomes even more dilemmatic. And because of confusions and fear of risking future, lots of students become a scapegoat to the mainstream courses. The problem with opting out for a mainstream course is the huge crowd that has already lined up for jobs in the field. If you choose a mainstream course, you compete with far more people. But a lot has changed in past 5 years. The scope of having a good career by pursuing an education in a unique or rare field has become more rewarding. You don’t have to compete with a large population which means you have higher chances of being recruited. Let’s start with the courses that are considered mainstream presently. These are the study of medicine, engineering, chartered accountancy, business management, legal studies. If you want to study one of these mainstream courses, be ready for a tough competition. Instead, if you are looking relatively rarely pursued courses, read ahead.

Courses That You Need to Know About

1. Graphic Design


Whether it is a small scale or a large scale business, it is benefitted if it is available online. This is why companies are wanting to make their websites. This is where companies need a graphic designer. A graphic designer creates illustrations, styles the website, and enhances the photographs for the website. A graphic designer also works for magazines etc to enhance how things look on them. But the scope has increased for web graphic designers as compared to the traditional ones. As a graphic designer, you do everything to make the website look good and user-friendly.

2. Event Management


It is quite evident that people have taken celebrations and events to next level. Most people like to hire an event manager to make their event a success. Whether it is a business event or a social event, the aim of an event manager is to plan events such that it is impressing. With a great demand for event managers, it is a great career choice for you if you are good at planning and management. Also, this is based a lot on how well you are at what you do and how impressive your work has been. You have good chances of making a quick progress.

3. Language Studies


If you are passionate about learning different languages, or even a single foreign language, it can help you build your career in that direction. If you learn a foreign language, you can become a translator or interpreter. You get hired in MNCs or government agencies. You can work at the embassy as well. The most rewarding languages are Japanese, German, French, Korean, and Chinese. If you know any of these languages and work as an interpreter/ translator, you might get paid really high. In addition to this, you get to know about the other culture and might get to travel to another country.

4.Psychology And Counseling


With increasing rate of stress, depression, and other mental problems in people, no one can overlook the importance of psychology and counseling. What makes counseling a popular profession is the realization of the importance of mental health in people. People who decide to take up psychology studies would be at a great advantage since the proportion of psychologists and counselors is really less.

When we talk about psychology, it is a broader and counseling is a specialization that you do in the masters. So, if you aspire to become a counselor, you first pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology. After that, you can choose counseling, clinical psychology, sports psychology, criminal psychology, or industrial psychology. If you choose clinical psychology, you are eligible for diagnosing people with mental disorders. As a sports psychologist, you will work with sportspersons to enhance their performance and motivate them. As an industrial/organizational psychologist, you get to work in the corporate work setting to enhance the workplace environment and the employee productivity and satisfaction.

5. Yoga Instructor


The demand for yoga instructors has increased everywhere in the world. People have become health conscious and do everything to squeeze in some time for exercise. A lot of people consider yoga to be the best kind of exercise for both mind and body relaxation. This is why, if you do a course in yoga, you can make a great career at it. The perk of being a yoga instructor is not having to put extra efforts into being healthy.

6. Media Studies


If you are into singing, dancing, acting, photography, writing, etc., media studies can be a good field for you. It helps you enhance your creativity and build a career in what you pursue as a hobby. What could be better than that?

Media studies is an umbrella term for a lot of things. It encompasses different aspects of media. Right from on-screen work to off-screen tasks, you have many options. You can be a scriptwriter, actor, journalist, analyst, content manager, social media manager, cinematographer, etc.

7. Pet Grooming


This might seem off-beat, but yes, there’s a proper course and career in pet grooming. A lot of people who own pets also want their pets to look pretty and presentable. This is when they would want to visit you and get their pets groomed. But this job is only good for people who have a natural liking for animals and pets. You need to understand dogs and pets and accordingly treat them since they feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar setting. Make sure you have what it is required to pursue pet grooming as a career. Generally, all you need is a bachelor’s degree and training in pet grooming. People mostly get trained in a pet grooming store prior to starting their job at the store.

This was a list of 7 courses that are rare but have a good scope in the country at the same time. It is suggestible to first take an aptitude test and identify your aptitude before you make a decision. You can either go to a career counselor for the aptitude test or take an online aptitude test for the same.

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