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Every discipline in the world works on a certain set of rules. A writer needs to know the rules of English, whereas it’s imperative for a driver to know the rules of the road. And similarly, cooks and bakers need to know the rules of the kitchen like the back of their hand. These cooking tips are what I consider most important in the kitchen and if you learn them, you’ll be able to master every kitchen creation that you attempt.

cooking tips

Cooking tips that can help you go a long way with your food

Cooking tips #1: Know how to read the recipe well

cooking tips

Whoever said “If you can read, you can cook”, definitely got the wrong impression about cooking. All food recipes are written in a special language and a specific manner which you first need to understand and then start cooking. In fact, believe it or not, the grammar in the ingredients list is the sole determiner of how well you can manipulate your dish so that it comes across as perfect, even if it’s the first go.

Cooking Tips #2: Wash all the vegetables and fruits that you intend to use in your recipe

cooking tips

Many times, people overlook the washing of vegetables when they are cooking. Washing the vegetables is a very important step when it comes to cooking since many a time the vegetables may have some residual dirt or fertilizers stuck to them, which need thorough washing before they can be deemed fit for cooking or raw consumption.

Cooking Tips #3: Pay proper attention to food safety

cooking tips

It doesn’t matter how good your food tastes, how expensive the ingredients were, or how complicated it was to make if it ends up making someone feel sick all the efforts that you took in preparing the food is automatically lost and there is nothing you can do about it anymore. Therefore, make sure that you read about all the safety measures and guidelines when you start cooking a particular recipe. Read all you can about how to keep your food safe, including the proper way to cook hamburgers, the safe final temperatures for meats and eggs, and also how to avoid cross-contamination as well as food spoilage.

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Cooking Tips #4: Know well how to measure ingredients

cooking tips

Measuring precisely is likely a standout amongst the most vital cooking abilities in the kitchen. A formula needs to perform well, notwithstanding when the fixing sums are changed; if the formula falls flat the resilience testing, it isn’t distributed. Despite the fact that the formulas in cookbooks are very ‘tolerant’, the cooks still need to take after the fundamental principles of measuring. In any case, one needs to ensure that they have the real business measuring utensils when they take a seat to cook.

Cooking tips #5: Learn how to wield a knife properly

cooking tips

The knife is the best tool in the kitchen, apart from your hands. Your knife can either be your best friend during food preparation, or it can cause serious injury – purely depending on your skill and what you know about knife safety. If you learn how to use a knife correctly, you can easily cut your prep time down to mere minutes. Also, you’ll know how to prevent injury, while showcasing your maximum potential and efficiency in the kitchen.

Cooking tips #6: Remember to season the food according to your taste

cooking tips

No one recipe can be written down to accommodate the tastes of everyone. You must make it a point to taste your food before you serve it and add more seasonings if it is found necessary. Salt and pepper are one of the most common seasonings that most people add to their food. Always make sure that you taste and season the recipe before serving it.

Cooking tips #7: Do not mistake baking soda with baking powder

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Baking powder and baking soda are two very different things altogether. Baking powder is mostly made up of baking soda, a base, and an acid, usually along with the cream of tartar. Baking soda, on the other hand, only reacts and produces carbon dioxide when it is mixed with an acidic ingredient, like chocolate, yogurt, buttermilk, or vinegar. Baking powder produces carbon dioxide when it is mixed with water.

Cooking tips #8: Handle and know your equipment properly

cooking tips

Read the instructions that come with your appliances and try to understand how to use them. Never use an appliance which has a frayed cord, and make sure to keep small appliances dry and away from water at all times. Also, never use your fingers to release something caught in food processor blades or mixers. Be careful with them, since they can be very sharp and can cut you if you simply even brush against them. Let your appliances cool down before you start cleaning them. And make it a point that you don’t use an appliance for a purpose for which it wasn’t created in the first place.

Cooking tips #9: Never rush around in the kitchen

cooking tips

Rushing around the kitchen will almost always guarantee you some or the other sort of accidents. Unless you’re an absolute pro, try to cut food slowly, do not even attempt to run from station to station, and finally, make sure that you take your time when you are moving hot pots and pans around the kitchen. Saving a few minutes here and there will be absolutely negated if you end up needing to make a trip to the doctor’s office. Also, make it a point that you never try to bake or cook if you are under the influence of alcohol or medications, or are very sleepy by any chance.

Cooking tips #10: Learn all you can about meal planning

cooking tips

Finally, we come to the planning part of a meal. Planning a meal is an extremely integral part of cooking food. Learn about which foods go best together, why some food combinations are so good that they simply cannot be resisted, and how to plan the cooking so that everything arrives at the dining table at its total peak of perfection.

Once you are well versed with these tips, you can rest assured that you are well rehearsed for your cooking ability and can practice your skills all you like in your kitchen. So go, and weave your magic around the food that you love!

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