Here’s How You Check PNR Status for Your Ticket

Have you guys ever wondered how PNR is generated and how can you check PNR status? Well, before learning how to check its status, it is better to understand what exactly PNR is. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. Basically, it is a record saved in the database of Indian Railways Computer Reservation System. It gives you numerous details of travel to passengers or ticket holders such as their name, age, gender etc.

Various Reservation Statuses Your PNR Can Have

It includes the status of booking that tells you whether you have got your reservation confirmed or not. As you all know that there is the only limited number of seats available, so it might happen that your reserved ticket is not confirmed. For this reason, it will show your status as WL (Waiting List). Your status will change only if other passengers will cancel their tickets. Thus, PNR status is also considered to be one of the reservation statuses.

In addition to this, if your booking is under reservation against cancellation, it will show your status as RAC. If the reservation status is RAC or you are on waiting list, it might be possible that it will change to confirm. This would happen only if some other passenger will cancel their tickets.

Generally, PNR status provides you with the details of your coach and seat number. It also has the fare details, which means how much you have paid to get your ticket booked.

Where Can You Find Your PNR of your Ticket?

Your PNR is usually printed on the top part of your ticket, in the left corner. This will be applicable only on the tickets you get from the ticket counter. If you booked your ticket online, then you will find your PNR on the top in a separate column.

4 Official Ways to Check PNR Status

In present times, it is easy and convenient for you to check PNR status at home. All you are required to do is to enter your PNR number in the search box on respective websites. Once you will do this, the PNR status of your ticket will be displayed on the screen.

Check PNR status

There are certain mediums that you can use to make an enquiry to check PNR status. Some of the most popular ways include checking it through online on the official website of IRCTC, by mobile through SMS, by telephone, and many others. Read it further to learn more about these ways provided to you by Indian Railways!

1. Check PNR Status through IRCTC Website

If you want to check PNR status, the official website of IRCTC is one of the best ways to use. You can simply browse to the Railways website and enter your 10-digit PNR in the field. Afterwards, click on “Get PNR” status button.

Check PNR Status

Before doing this, you need to register to the website and create an account. Usually, there are people who get their tickets booked from agents. But, you can also do it yourself without spending extra money on it.

If you have already registered to the website and booked your ticket, then you just need to login to your IRCTC account to check the status of your PNR.

2. Get PNR Status through SMS

There is one more way that is not only convenient but also saves a lot of time of yours. Yes, you can check your PNR status through text message/ SMS. All you need to do is to follow the format of SMS given as below:

Type PNR <10-digit PNR>, and send it to 139.

Check PNR Status

Or you can also send an SMS to 57886, 57888, or 5676747.

After sending a message, you will receive a message of your PNR status. Sending an SMS to 139 would provide you with the complete details about PNR status, accommodation, and fare. The charges for this service is Rs.3 per SMS.

3. Know Your PNR Status Using Mobile Phones

If you have a GPRS enabled phone, then you just have to browse to or to know the current status of your PNR.

Check PNR Status

In addition to this, you can also check the status by dialing 139? From Garuda, Vodafone, Idea, Spice Telecom etc.

For people who are the residents of Mumbai and Delhi have an additional advantage where they just have to dial 139xxxxxxxxxx (10-digit PNR) or 139xxxx (4-digit train number) to get the complete details about PNR status as well as the train ticket.

4. View Your PNR Status on IRCTC Mobile App

You can also view the status of your PNR on IRCTC mobile application for both Android and iOS. Using the application on your smartphone, you can easily book or cancel your ticket. For using this app, you need to install it first and have to register for it. Initially, you need to login to the app of IRCTC, and then have to select “PNR Enquiry” from the menu.

Check PNR Status

After clicking on PNR Enquiry, you need to enter to 10-digit long PNR number. Once you will click on search, the status of your ticket will be displayed on the screen.

Wrapping it Up!

Now you all know what is PNR and how it is generated. Above are the 4 ways that you can use for checking the PNR status of your booking. Follow the ways so as to get all the necessary details about your booking.

Hope your ticket is confirmed. 🙂
Happy Journey!

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