Buy Nokia 3310 Online Booking in India with Price and Launch Date

Buy Nokia 3310 Online: We all know Nokia is making a come back and recently it has declared to relauch Nokia 3310. But do you where you have to buy your all time favorite phone. Do not worry as in this post i will be telling you how to Buy Nokia 3310 Online Booking in India.

Nokia was the master of technology world and specially in Mobile phones. The company has set the bar of the quality quite high but they themselves could not cope up with the competition. Nokia had one of the best selling phone called Nokia 3310, which gained its popularity because of its great battery life and Non damaging body. Buy Nokia 3310 Online

Nokia made some of the best phones in the world but it could not compete with the growing popularity of Android Phones. They stayed with windows phone with great quality and high price. While the Chinese mobile phones companies like Jio, Oppo dominated the market rapidly.

Only last month Nokia has already made the come back in 2017 with their flagship phone Nokia 6 Android. Now, In MWC 2017, they have told to told the world about Nokia Upcoming phones in 2017.

Nokia 3310 Online Booking

Nokia will be launching Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 and it announced the launch of Nokia 3310. So, to solve your problem I’m here to tell you about how you can purchase this phone in Indian Market.

Moreover, I would like to tell you that Nokia 3310 was initially launched on 1st September 2000. And Nokia is back to continue the legacy by relaunching this phone again in 2o17. It is also said in September Nokia might launch Nokia NX and Nokia Heart aswell.

Nonetheless, you must be thinking who will buy this Feature phone in the era of Smartphones. Then let me tell you that their is still a huge amount of people that would like to have a feature phone. And when Nokia will sell the feature phone, then it will surely gonna rock. Because everyone in India has trust on their phones quality. Hence, They will Buy Nokia 3310 online by making an booking online.

Nokia 3310 Launch Date

Till Now, the company has not given the final dates for the launch of Nokia 3310. But according to the tech geeks, it is said to be launched on 1st September 2017. This will be marked as the relaunch of the phone exactly after 17 years.

Moreover, We will keep you posted whenever the final date of it launch to Buy Nokia 3310 Registration is given. You must click on the Red Bell Icon given on the right bottom of your screen, to get the updates about Nokia Phones.

How To Buy Nokia 3310 Online in India

Since, Nokia has not yet brought Nokia 3310 phones in the market right now. We will have to wait for sometime for the sale date.

I think the phone will come in a Flash sale, same as Nokia 6. Because of the huge demand of Nokia Phones they will just give an option of pre-register and you can buy it when the phones are brought in the market. You might have to perform the below steps in order to buy Nokia 3310 online in india.

Also, I think it will be sold on Nokia site or will display on Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal. So, let see how you would need to make online booking for Nokia 3310 in India to buy this phone.

Steps To Buy Nokia 3310 in India

  1. Firstly, Go to Nokia/Amazon website
  2. Search for Nokia 3310 & click on it
  3. Select the color you want and Click on Buy Now.
  4. Enter the required shipping details.
  5. Pay the Amount of the Phone and that all!

You will soon get your favorite Nokia phone delivered at your doorstep.

Nokia 3310 Online Price in India

Company has not yet disclosed any price for Buy Nokia 3310 Booking. But Nokia 3310 will cost around Rs. 3000 in India. The reason for such a price range is the competition with other smartphones.

If the phone is price higher then it will surely not going to sell because even Jio Lyf 4G mobile comes under Rs. 3000 now. So, they will have to keep the price of Nokia 3310 as low as possible and maintain the quality at the same time.

Also, According to the below statement by Rantala, the official head of Nokia India. It is clear the the price of the phone will not be very high. Have a look on what he said,

Rantala, official of Nokia India said: “When we went to our distributors for price survey, they mentioned higher prices. But we want to sell our phones at prices which are sustainable. When it comes to India, I believe there is a consumer profile which will see it (Nokia 3310) as a second phone,” 

More about Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 was the most widely used feature phone in the world between 2000-05. And it was highly know for its robustness. Hence, their is no doubt about how it sold 126 million units globally when there were only a few countries with mobile networks and also to mention their was no way to book Nokia phones online.

India was however one of the biggest market for Nokia and it discontinued Nokia 3310 phone in 2005 globally. Also, at that time India had a very small mobile subscriber base of less than 85 million compared to over 1 billion at present.