BSNL 4G Plans, Broadband Plans: Unlimited Free Internet, Calling

BSNL Plans: Hey Folks, We all know due to really stiff competition by Jio all the Telecom Operators are coming up with amazing offers. So, Today I will be telling you about all the Newly launched BSNL 4G Plans. Also, I will give you a quick look at all the BSNL Broadband Plans.

Since, Reliance Jio came into the market with Free Internet and Calling plans all the other networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc jumped into the same ferry. And now our very own BSNL is going to launch some exclusive 4G Plans to attract the users.bsnl plans

As we all know the Telecom market has rapidly changed over the last 2 years, BSNL is majorly focusing on Internet service. Hence, BSNL has started providing affordable 4G Internet and Broadband Plans at less than Rs.1 per 1GB.

So, Lets have a look what all the BSNL 4G Plans as well as Broadband Plans offers to the users.

BSNL Plans

Moreover, BSNL Plans has not completely rolled out the 4G plans but they are soon going to deploy it all over India. So, according to our exceptions BSNL 4G Plans are as below.

Low Cost 4G Data Plan

Have a look at some of the low cost 4g plans by BSNL.

45MB1 dayRs.10
65MB2 daysRs.17
100MB2 daysRs.24
125MB3 daysRs.43
200MB5 daysRs.46
500MB7 daysRs.90
1GB2 daysRs.101
600MB15 daysRs.148
400MB28 daysRs.180

Higher Bsnl 4G Plans

Below are some of the high cost Plan of BSNL 4G. These are just the average plans and not confirmed by BSNL officials.

850MB14 daysRs.199
850MB21 daysRs.215
1GB28 daysRs.259
1.5GB28 daysRs.309
5GB28 daysRs.505
7GB28 daysRs.599
10GB28 daysRs.799

Requirements for using BSNL 4G Data

As you all know using 4G internet requires a good smartphone. So, Here also you would need a good 4G phone in order to use fast 4G internet.

So, The major requirement for BSNL 4G is a 4G enabled smartphone.

How To Activate 4G Internet in BSNL

Once you have a 4G enabled phone and BSNL 4G sim, you are ready to activate your 4G Internet.

  1. Just go to Paytm or Near by Mobile Recharge Shop
  2. Tell them the package you want to Recharge with
  3. Pay the amount & That’s it.

Now, You are all set to use BSNL 4G Internet and to can also use BSNL Unlimited Free 4G Internet trick.

BSNL 4G Launch Date

4G plans by BSNL has not yet be completely launched all over India but it is on testing mode at some places in India. BSNL 4G is rumored to be launched till July 2017.

So, Get ready to get the high speed 4G internet by BSNL at a valid price point.

So Lets now have a look at the Broadband Plans offered by BSNL plans.

BSNL Broadband Plans

BSNL is very well know for its broadband plans and it has a large amount of broadband user base. All the broadband plans of BSNL are very cheap and affordable for a common man.

Recently BSNL launched BSNL 249 Plan and Freedom Plan which has really got very famous. So lets have a look at these two new plans and then rest all the plans of broadband available for you.

BSNL BB249 Plan

This is one of the best and most used Broadband Plan of BSNL. BSNL launched this plan to compete with Jio Free Internet Plan.

BB249 Plan is valid only for New BSNL customers and you can enjoy unlimited 2MBPS speed for first 2GB data. And after 2GB you can will unlimited uploading and downloading speed of 1MBPS.

Moreover, You will have to pay only Rs.249 for first 6 months and then Rs.499 monthly. Also, You will be charged an amount of Rs.49 as activation and connection charges. Oerall, this plan will cost you less than 75 paisa per 1 GB data usage which is least among all the plans of BSNL Broadband. Not only this, you will also get free calls from 9Pm to 7 Am on any network.

BSNL249 Plan SpecsOffers
Bandwidth (Download Speed)2Mbps till 1GB then 1Mbps
Valid ForAll New Customer
Monthly ChargesRs.249 (For first six months) after that Rs.499
1 month charge saved for annual paymentNA
Two Years Payment [21 X FMC]NA
Limitation on data SpeedNo
Additional charges after 300 GbNo
Free space for email id1/1 GB
Minimum Hire PeriodOne Month
Security DepositOne Month Charges
Free callsNo
Other BenefitsUnlimited free calls bt 9PM to 7AM
Any Network calling in india on sunday

How To Activate BB249 Plan

Getting BB249 is really very easy and your documents will be collected from your home. You just need to do the below mentioned steps and Boom you will be all set to use BSNL Internet.

Collect Documents

Just collect your documents required for ID proof and age proof. You will need a Pan Card, Voter ID, Voter ID or any personal proof. Just take the Photocopy of the document and also take 2 Passport size photo.

Visit or Fill Online

Now you just need to visit your Nearest BSNL office or you can fill the form online also. If you fill the form online, BSNL team will come and take your documents for verification.

Online form Here

  1. Visit Bsnl site to Register`
  2. Select Zone, Enter your Phone Number and Email id
  3. Click on “Submit Button“.
  4. Now, Bsnl team will collect your documents from your Doorstep.
  5. Just Ask them to activate BB249 Plan.


Now, Just pay the amount of Rs.249 for 6 months and you will start getting your unlimited BSNL internet. But let me just walk your through all the charges that you need to pay apart from Rs.249.

Also, You will have to select a calling plan with this broadband plan. You can select a calling plan worth Rs.300 and then Pay Rs.249 for the Internet Plan. This makes your total billing amount to be Rs.300 + Rs.249 = Rs.549.

One Time Security Deposit: Rs.2500 which includes Modem charges, Phone Set Charges, Taxes and service charges.

After 1st Month: You just need to pay for the calling package you opted for.

Beyond Six Months: You will have to pay full amount of Rs. 549 in order to use the services.

What about Existing Users

If you are an Exiting user of BSNL, then you can also take the advantage of this plan. But you will have to pay a one time amount of Rs. 1200 to use this plan.

One the amount is paid you can enjoy the given bsnl services for next 6 months.

See, how easy it is to get your desired plan activated from the comfort of your home. Now, lets see what benefits you will be getting with this amazing plan offer.

Benefits of Using BB249 Plan

We all know that BSNL is one of the oldest telecom provider in India. It is a government based company and hence have benefits as well as drawbacks of it. BSNL provides Internet Broadband for Home, Offices, Fiber Broadband, CDMA Services and what not.

BSNL Broadband is one of the most famous product of BSNL and has many advantages.

Free Calling: You will get Unlimited free calling from 9PM to 7AM everyday to any other Network provider.

Easy Availability: BSNL is the largest Internet Service Provider in India, hence it is available in mostly all the part of India. If you use BSNL internet then you will surely connect with rest of the world via Internet.

Cheap Price: Since, It is a government owned company, the prices of  all the plans have been kept low, but yes right now it is not able to compete with Reliance Jio Plans and Offers. But still it is very cheap overall.

Unlimited Usage: Most of the plans of BSNL offers, Unlimited usage of Internet. After a certain given usage the plans offer unlimited internet usage at a little lower speed. You can check the price and data provided in each BSNL internet plan below also.

Disadvantage of BSNL Plan

Everything in this world has some or the other disadvantage. Similarly BSNL Broadband also has some drawbacks or disadvantages. Lets see what are those:

Poor Support Service: I had used BSNL internet a few years ago and their support service is not very good. If their is some issue with your Internet Connection then you would have to wait atleast for 2 days inorder to get it resolved.

Downtime: Another big issue with BSNL is that the internet goes down many times. You might have to face the same issue for atlest 3-4 hours every week. For those who do not know what Downtime is, Downtime is the time duration when your do not receive Internet connection. And hence you will not be able to connect to Internet for the given time.

BSNL Freedom Plan

BSNL Freedom Plan has been launched for all the Prepaid customers of bsnl. I will tell you how you can join and get the benefits of this Freedom Plan.

Benefits of Freedom Plan:

  • You will get call rate of 25 Paisa to any Network in India for first 30 days.
  • After 30 days, All calls i.e. STD and Local at just 1.3 Paisa per second for 700 days.
  • With Freedom Plan, Special call rates will valid for 730 days.
  • You will also get Free 1GB of 3G/4G Data for 30 days.
  • The cost of Local SMS will be 25 Paisa/SMS and STD will be 38 Paisa/SMS only.

How To Activate Freedom Plan:

  1. First of all, You need a BSNL Prepaid connection.
  2. Just Go to the Nearby Recharge shop & Recharge with Rs. 136.

That’s All for BSNL Freedom Plan 2017 and I hope you must have understood everything about this new bsnl plans.

More BSNL Broadband Plans

Their are some more Broadband BSNL plans offered by BSNL and you can choose anyone that suits your needs:

#Note: Each of the below plan give your 1MBPS speed after your given data usage limit. Only the First plan i.e. Rs.1199 plan gives you 2MBPS speed through usage.

Plan NameInitial Speed | Beyond Limit (Speed)Charges
BBG Combo ULD 1199Upto 2 Mbps FlatRs.1199
BBG ULD 4992Mbps upto 2GBRs.499
BBG ULD 545*2Mbps upto 3GBRs.545
BBG ULD 675**2Mbps upto 3GBRs.675
BBG ULD 795#2Mbps upto 10GBRs.795
BBG ULD 845**2Mbps upto 10GBRs.845
BBG ULD 945**2Mbps upto 10GBRs.945
BBG ULD 990**2Mbps upto 10GBRs.990
BBG ULD 1445**4Mbps upto 30GBRs.1445
BBG ULD 14912Mbps upto 40GBRs.1491
BBO ULD 7992Mbps upto 10GBRs.799
BBO ULD 9492Mbps upto 20GBRs.949
BBO ULD 11994Mbps upto 30GBRs.1199
BBO ULD 14998Mbps upto 40GBRs.1499

In the Above Table:

(#) BBG ULD 795 Plans: It will cost Rs.825/- in Bijnore SSA of UP west circle.
BBG ULD 1445: This will cost Rs 1600 in Selected SSAs of UP West circle

(*) BB Home UL 545 plan: This plan is for Rs.645 in the Odisha circle, Selected SSAs of UP(West) circle.

(**) BB UL 675, BB ULD 845 & BBG ULD 945 plans: The Prices for each plan is Rs.775, Rs.899, (* Rs.1000 respectively in the Odisha circle, Selected SSAs of UP(West) circle respectively.

BSNL Unlimited Calling Offer

Rs 99 Plan

BSNL has launched a really new plan where they are giving unlimited calling just for Rs.99. This plan allows you to make unlimited calling from BSNL to BSNL calling both Local and STD. This BSNL plans will be valid for 28 days. Moreover, This same plan was priced for Rs. 249 previously.

My Verdict For Broadband Plans:

According to me you must go for the very first plan i.e. BBG Combo ULD 1199 which will cost you only Rs.1199. The benefit of this plan is that you will get 2MPBS full month and you do not have to worry about its end.

Also, The speed of 2MBPS seemes good to me if you just want to do some basic internet work and watch Vlog videos on youtube channels.

Thanks for reading this post about all the BSNL 4G plans and Broadband plans. I will keep this post update with the new information about upcoming BSNL plans and offers.