Bollywood Breakups That Took All Of Us Aback


Every time there’s a big movie being released in Bollywood (even Hollywood for that matter), there are gazillion rumors surrounding the movie. And out of all, people are most interested in shipping the actor and the actress of the movie. And why not? With an amazing on-screen chemistry, we can only guess what’s happening. While not every Bollywood actor and actress acting together are actually together or end up being together, some of them really fall for each other and make it known to the paparazzi. And then we can’t help being interested. It slowly becomes more than mere gossip. We love the whole act of two people falling in love and being out and about together. We check their pictures and love to see them being interviewed together. All is amazing only till we witness a heartbreak or a breakup. Just as disappointing it is to deal with a friend’s breakup, we can’t help feeling bad about Bollywood breakups either. The reason is quite straight- we’ve invested a lot of interest, emotions, and time in their relationship. And after keeping up with the intricacies of their relationship, a breakup is the last thing we’d anticipate (unless we hate the fact of them being together). So, here are some of the Bollywood breakups that shocked and disappointed most of us.


bollywood breakups

Kareena and Shahid were one of those sweetheart couples we all thought would definitely end up together. The fact that both of them never kept it as a secret made fans get involved much more. Remember that episode from Koffee with Karan where both of them shared the same couch and talked so much about their relationship? That and other such interviews made us feel connected to them in ways that we never wanted them to break up. The reason why they (or any Bollywood couple) broke up isn’t as clear as the relationship has been. So rumors say that Shahid had always been way too possessive about Kareena and started controlling her decisions. Kareena’s mom Babita wasn’t exactly impressed with what was happening. Constant fights, arguments, and feuds made them distant gradually to the point where they could only part their ways.

Ranbir- Deepika

bollywood breakups

We started shipping Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone when we saw them together in “Bachna ae Haseeno”. It’s no secret they were already dating while shooting for the movie. Ranbir and Deepika had been in controversies right from the time both of them made a debut with their movies releasing the same day. Ranbir’s flirtatious nature is what caused differences. We know the rest of the story- Ranbir broke up with Deepika and settle down with Katrina. However, a couple of movies, like Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Tamasha had Deepika and Ranbir sharing the screen which made us all nostalgic and wouldn’t have wished harder to see them back together.


bollywood breakups

We’ve forgiven Ranbir for moving on from Deepika to Katrina Kaif. We accepted the fact and almost thought they’d last together long enough, if not forever just to know their relationship lasted a sneeze. What makes it even worse is- it wasn’t worth Ranbir breaking up with Deepika or Katrina breaking up with Salman Khan. It just happened to for the sake of happening. We noticed an amazing bond and saw forever together happening- said no one ever.


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If Katrina ever thought she could make it to this list with Salman Khan, well never mind. One of the best relationships we saw in the history of Bollywood was Salman and Aishwarya. Their amazing chemistry in the movie “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” made it happen and we soon saw both of them dating for real. We soon wished for them to get married and live together forever. But their relationship had major issues, with Salman acting crazy and scaring the hell out of Aishwarya. Salman had blackmailed Aishwarya and the audio was leaked. We could all make out from that why Aishwarya and Salman broke up.


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Bipasha Basu and John Abraham haven’t had an acting career that could be called really successful. In ways, they were more popular for being in an amazing relationship for about 7 years more than acting. So many people called them the hottest couple of Bollywood. So, quite apparently, this was one of the worst Bollywood breakups that made a lot of controversies. After they broke up, they moved on with different people which even seemed like they were trying to fill the crevices in their lives that they left.


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Hrithik and Sussanne had been married for 14 years before they decided to separate in 2014. Post-divorce, there were many controversies as to why they decided to call it quits. While some believe it was because of Hrithik being close to Kareena and Barbara, other say it was because of Sussanne’s closeness with Arjun Rampal. Whatever that was, it shocking for Hrithik’s fans.


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While we can’t really say we were disappointed about their breakup, the breakup has been one of the most controversial affairs in Bollywood. The reason is clear- while people try to make separations sound as clean as they can, this one got really dirty. To begin with, their relationship becoming public was a blow for Hrithik since he was married to Sussanne at that time. After they broke up, they both had a lot to say about each other. And trust me when I say nothing they talked about was like honoring the other person. They actually entered a fight where both insulted each other on social media. If you’ve watched “App ki Adalat” when Kangana was in the show, you know what I am talking about. So, this definitely was one of those shocking Bollywood breakups where the aftermath was what we call shocking.

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