Bhim App Not Working: Get Quick Solution for All The Errors [Updated]

Bhim App Not Working

: Hey Guys, Indian Government has recently launched a New Digital Payment App called BHIM App (Bharat Interface for Money). As the app is newly launched, getting Errors and issues is a common thing. So, Today I will tell you all the common errors and problems that you must be experiencing while using BHIM App. In this post you will get the solution for the technical glitch due to which BHIM App not working.

BHIM App Not Working

BHIM app by PM Narendra Modi is Undoubtedly an amazing and useful App for those who wants to send or get money through Smartphone. BHIM App is running very smoothly on mostly all mobile phones. But still users are experiencing few issues while using the app and it is very common as no app works without minor Faults and nor BHIM App. Download BHIM App Android.

Since, Their was a lot of Financial Disturbance in the Indian Economy after Demonetization and arrival of New Rs.2000 note. BHIM app will surely help to encourage a cashless society and help PM Modi Aim to be accomplished. PM Modi previously urged people to give their feedback on Demonetization at Modi Survey official App.

Here I will tell you all the fixes and Solution for problems like BHIM App Error Message, OTP not receiving Error in BHIM App, Device Binding Failed Error in BHIM, Transaction Limit Error, Did not get the Notification from the Bank and a lot more like below:

Bhim App Not Working Solutions:


I will tell you solution for all the errors that you must be receiving on using BHIM App:

  • Flight Mode Error
  • Device Binding Failed Error in Bhim App
  • Account Does Not Exist Error
  • OTP Error in BHIM App
  • Error Message in BHIM App
  • Mobile Number Verification Error
  • Mobile Number Verification Problem
  • Error Fetching Bank Account
  • Space Error
  • SMS send Failed
  • Bhim App Play Store Error
  • Android Verification below 5.1 Problem
  • Transaction Declined error
  • Mobile Number Verification Problem
  • Bhim App Not Working Problem
  • Dual SIM Error
  • Transaction Limit

bhim app not working

Flight Mode Error


First of all I would like to tell you that BHIM App can not be used on Flight Mode. Also, If you do not have to the SIM card in your Mobile Phone that is registered with your Bank Account. Then also BHIM app will not work.

So make sure that Airplane Mode is OFF and you have registered SIM in your Mobile Phone. And you must have Internet Connection to use BHIM App seamlessly.

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BHIM App Device Binding Failed Error Solution


I had personally tried three different ways to fix Binding Error in Bhim App. You must surely try these solutions one by one and you would definitely fix Biding error in your phone.

Method 1: Most of the users with Dual Sim Card phone are experiencing Binding Failed Error. To fix this issue all you need to do is, just place the SIM that you are using to Register on Bhim App to “Slot 1“. Now, Uninstall the BHIM App and Download it again. This will probably resolve your Biding OTP error problem.

Method 2: Another reason for Binding error can be low memory storage on Phone. To resolve this issue you can Uninstall the unused Apps and then Install Bhim App in your phone.

Method 3: You can also try to Uninstall Any Screen locker App or App Lock app that you have in your phone.

Account Does Not Exist Error


Many users have reported Account Does not exist error and it is one of the most common error due to which you would think that your Bhim app is not working. You can easily resolve this issue by following the below steps.

Restart You Mobile –> Clear Cache –> Open Bhim App

You can clear the Cache by using below steps:

  1. Go to Mobile Settings
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Select BHIM App
  4. Now, Tap on Clear Cache.

Since BHIM App cache is cleared, you can now open the app and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Not Receiving OTP Error in BHIM App


Many users complained that they are not receiving OTP for their BHIM App. Similarly, If you didn’t receive OTP for your transactions, then I will tell the probable cause for this issue and its solution.

High Server Loads: The most common reason for not receiving OTP is high load on Servers due to which your OTP is queued. You can however, do nothing to resolve this issue. But one way to resolve this is, Using BHIM App in Non-Peak hours i.e. in Early Morning or late Night.

Android Version: Bhim App is not working on all Android versions. As per my experience, Android Version Marshmallow is mostly experiencing this BHIM App OTP issue.

Low Sim Balance: To Register or verify your account with OTP, you need to some balance in your sim. You can however get through the below points inorder to resolve BHIM App not working issue.

  • Make sure you have Rs 1.50 in your main account balance in your SIM for OTP.
  • Before continuing with the Registration Process, first Recharge your mobile with a minimum balance.
  • And then Check the OTP And enter into the app to continue with the OTP process.
  • If your OTP process is Successful, you will get a text message “Last SMS Charges Rs 1.50
  • You Can Get Free Recharge of Rs.33 instantly.

Fix Mobile Number Verification Problem


If you are still facing Mobile Number Verification issue even after the above solution, then you just have to wait for some time to download the New Version of BHIM App. I Believe the Team would be working to resolve this error for Bhim App Not Working.

Transaction Declined Error in Bhim App


This is another common error, that people are Almost all Users Getting Transaction Declined Error. If you experienced ‘Declined Transaction’ error, then closing and reopening the app will fix the issue.

If the issue is not fixed by reopening the Bhim app, then you must Free RAM by closing the other apps running in the background. Now, Open the BHIM App and login by entering Password and choosing your Bank Name. That’s All! Your transaction will be completed easily without any issue now.

Transaction Limit Exceeded


As per the BHIM App rules and terms, you only transfer a limited amount of money everyday. There is a limit of Rs. 10,000 per transaction and a Maximum of Rs. 20,000 per day.

Moreover, I believe that I has covered almost all the questions regarding Bhim App Not Working problems. If you still have any issue or errors, you can comment below and I will surely reply you with the required solution. Also, I will keep on adding more issues along with Bhim App fixes in this same post.

Do share the post and help other to use BHIM App without any issues. 🙂

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