Best War Movies in Bollywood Which Every Indian Must Watch


War movies are the perfect blend of action and patriotism. Even though bollywood doesn’t produce a lot of war movies, there are a few movies that will get your chin up and eyes filled. Yes, we are talking about some of the best war movies in bollywood that can stir up your patriotism. Even though many of these movies are based on real life wars and incidences, almost all of them involve a lot of fiction in their plots.

The best war movies in bollywood are mostly based on India’s issues with its neighboring countries like Pakistan and China. However, a few good movies like Chakravyuh and Airlift deal with issues different from the rest of the movies in this list.

So, here’s our list of the best war movies every Indian must watch.

Border (1997)

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Border was the highest grossing film of 1997 in India and was based on the Battle of Longewala. Battle of Longewala took place during the Indo-Pak war in 1971. The movie includes prominent actors like Sunny Deol, Sunil Shetty, Akshay Khanna, Tabu, Jackie Shroff, and Pooja Bhatt.

Lakshya (2004)

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Lakshya is one among the best war movies in bollywood and is based on Operation Vijay during the Kargil War. Karan, an aimless young man decides to join the army because his friend was about to join the army. He realizes that the army life is too rough and tough for him which makes him run away from there, back home. However, he decides to re-join the army when he realizes that everyone including his father and his girlfriend lost respect for him because of his aimless character. Karan finally finds his aim when he’s posted in Kargil as a part of Operation Vijay.

1971 (2007)

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1971 is one among the most underrated bollywood war movies. That’s probably because it did not have any stardom holding actor in the cast. However, 1971 won the National Film Award for the best feature film in Hindi. The plot of the movie is about six Indian prisoners of the 1971 war, who try to escape from a Pakistani camp.

LOC Kargil (2003)

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LOC Kargil is yet another movie based on Operation Vijay during the Kargil War. The movie narrates the stories of Indian soldiers like Captain Vikram Batra, Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav and Major Deepak Rampal who sacrificed their lives protecting our country during the Kargil war.

Haqeeqat (1964)

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Even though Haqeeqat is an old movie, it’s worth watching. The movie is based on Sino-Indian war that took place in 1962. The movie stars Dharmendra, Balraj Sahni, Sanjay Khan, Vijay Anand, and Priya Rajvansh. The plot of the movie is about a group of soldiers who gets stuck in the hilly terrain of Ladakh and how they are saved by Capt. Bahadur Singh (Dharmendra).

Tango Charlie (2005)

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Tango Charlie is a purely fictional movie which narrates the story of army men in India. The movie includes an impressive cast of Bobby Deol, Ajay Devgan, Sunil Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, and Nandana Sen. Tarun Chauhan, a young police recruit, strives through immense difficulties to become a strong soldier after he joins the Indian Border Security Force.

Mission Kashmir (2000)

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Mission Kashmir is the tragic story of a young boy, Altaaf whose parents are accidentally killed by the police. The Chief of the police adopts Altaaf but Altaaf flees away when he learns the truth about the death of his family. He joins a terrorist group and returns after years to kill the police chief and seek revenge. Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Sanjay Dutt, and Jackie Shroff play the major characters in this film.

Madras Cafe (2013)

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Madras Cafe is one among the best war movies in bollywood and is directed by Shoojit Sircar. The plot of the film revolves around Indian intervention in the Sri Lankan Civil War and the assassination of Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. The protagonist is an Indian Army special officer who goes to Sri Lanka under the orders of the intelligence agency RAW. The movie stars John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri in the lead roles.

Rangoon (2017)

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Rangoon is a story set in the World War II period. It revolves around the life of Mary Ann Evans (Fearless Nadia). The cast includes Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan, and Shahid Kapoor. The movie is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, one of bollywood’s most talented directors.

Chakravyuh (2012)

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Chakravyuh is one of the best war movies to watch when it comes to war within the country. The movie throws light on naxalism and how the police force is influenced by politicians to work in favor of them. Adil, a police officer is helped by his friend Kabir to get information from the naxals. Kabir pretends to join the naxal group in order to help Kabir but ends up sympathizing for them and fighting against the police. The movie stars Abhay Deol and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles.

Airlift (2016)

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The movie is based on real life incidents that happened during the Kuwait invasion by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Ranjit Katyal, a successful businessman in Kuwait helps evacuate Indians who are stuck in Kuwait during the war. Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur play the major characters in Airlift.

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore (2014)

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The movie is set in 1948, around the time of the partition of India and Pakistan. In a cross fire along the border, only two soldiers survive. One of them is an Indian soldier of Pakistani origin and the other one is a Pakistani soldier of Indian origin. Both the soldiers fight for their survival and end up in a human connection that transcends borders. The movie stars Vijay Raaz, Manu Rishi, Raj Zutshi, and Sandesh Shandilya.

If you like our list of the best war movies in bollywood, let us know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share about your favorite war movies.

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