Best Tracker Apps: Keeping Time and your Business in check


Whether you run a huge multinational corporation, run a small business, recently joined as an employee in either company or at home working as a freelancer from home, time is of the essence.

There’s an old saying that time is money, but the newer saying is that time is even more valuable than money.

The speed at which the world is rapidly progressing has put everyone in a strategic position where we cannot afford to waste time, but rather track apps it carefully so that no time is actually lost.

Benefits of Time Tracking in Businesses

Businesses also operate in a similar manner, where they spend ample amount of time in
planning before beginning the execution. In businesses and in corporation, time is of utmost importance.

Some of the benefits of time tracking are:

  • When you are hyper aware of the way you use time, you can also finish more amount of
    work in the given time.
  • It is also possible to complete tasks on time.
  • The amount of time spent on unproductive tasks would also drastically reduce.
  • It gives you an opportunity to contribute towards the achievement of goals.

The way that you are in your personal life affects your professional life. This is why you
must not waste time on unproductive tasks, both personally and professionally.

To ensure that all these benefits are felt by the organization or business, managers and the
members of the board recommend the use of time tracking software and applications.

Best Time Trackers for Businesses 


Reasonable pricing, customer service and functionality are the best
features of AccountSight. Timesheets can be sent in bulk using excel and they can even
track time online. The timesheets can be accepted or rejected by the managers directly
from the app. There are also messages that the app sends to remind you to track time
by turning the clock on. Using the app, apart from time, it can also be used to manage
payables and receivables as well as company cash. It can be integrated with the
Desktop and Online versions of QuickBooks. The app is free when it has only one user,
two projects and two clients. It also has unlimited voicing a T&E. However, when a more
robust version of the same is required, it is better to opt for an upgrade. Groups under
five members can use the upgrade that you get for $10 per person. As the group size
increases, discounts can be availed.

Found in 2015, this is a fairly new tool. Rather than focusing on one task at a
time like other time trackers, it has no limitations, allowing users to work on several
projects. It runs in the background. The idea that only one task can be done at a
particular task is an old-school idea. The information that that the users want are only
available on the invoices, by a filtering process. The tool allows the user to customize
estimates, quotes and invoices which can be sent through email. Some features that are
the same as accounting features found in this app includes customizing quotes and

estimates and invoices. The application does not have a fixed annual or monthly fee.
Rather it is 2.8% of the payment processing fee. It can be integrated with Basecamp.


The rating that this software as online is nearly perfect and the reviews also
support the rating. The feature to screenshot progress shows the managers and the
clients that work is being done when it is supposed to be done. It also has a time clock
system and features for reporting. The application is also an accurate desktop timer and
keeps up to its reputation as the best desktop timer. When a single user uses it, it is
free. It provides transparency when several stakeholders are involved. Even small teams
can make use of its features for free. As the team gets bigger and the team gets
unwieldy, it must be upgraded. For upgraded users, more than 30 free integrations can
be done. The difference between Hubstaff and other applications is the templates that
are available along with the reporting features that are very task specific. Some of the
accounting features that it also has include advanced reporting with integrations,
payroll and timesheets. Upgrades for this tool starts from $5 per month. Integrations
can be done with Zoho, Zendesk, Quickbooks, Salesforce, PayPal, etc.


This is a must-have for small businesses, lawyers, contractors and consultants. It
works best when one person is involved. It is also possible to use it along with a person,
making it a customer-client deal. To give access to more staff, the free version must be
upgraded. It costs only $15 a month and it also includes inclusion of more staff and
client as well as customer domains and payment integration. There are several
accounting features found in the application such as expenses, estimates, invoices and
recurring invoices as well as multiple currencies.


It is mainly used in management of big projects. It is inexpensive to use and works
in a way similar to a timer. It updates the users about the change in the budget in every
time card automatically. This makes it easy to keep track of both the budget and time
effectively. It can also be freely integrated with other apps like Trello, QuickBooks,
basecamp, etc. It costs a wholesome $19 every month and can monitor 10 projects in
that time.

These are time trackers used by businesses everywhere and rated to be wonderful by users
around the globe. There are also other tools that are used by small teams, project managers, freelancers and entrepreneurs that offer the same features and are free of cost.

Deciding the right tool requires in-depth analysis and study. This discussion here can only provide a base on which you can build your future study and analysis.

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