Best Party Themes for this New Year’s: Let’s Welcome 2018 with a blast

For some of us, this year may have been great and you might not even remember how fast it got to December. And for some others, the year may not have been the best. Whatever it may be, let’s just say that we all deserve a good celebration for being through this year successfully. That’s why we’ve got you a list of the best party themes for this New Year’s eve.

If you’re organizing a party and especially a new year’s eve party, things can get really overwhelming. Well, that’s because you know that your guests are going to expect a lot from your party and you don’t want them to get bored. Yes, it definitely would be a horrible thing if people told each other that your party totally blew.

best party themes

Organizing a party? you need to make sure that you do things right in all these stages:

  1. Planning- This includes the selection of the theme, making a list of the guests to be invited, choosing the location of the party and getting prior permissions for playing loud music and other things.
  2. Budget management- Set a budget for the party and estimate what would cost how much. Make a list of the stuff you will need for the party and their price. Stick to the budget.
  3. Execution- Invite your guests at least a few weeks prior to new year’s eve. We don’t want them to make other plans before we invite them. Do we? Get your friends or some others to help you with food, drinks, decoration and music; you can’t do it all alone.

Well, now you know what the whole process looks like and the theme comes on top of the thing. That means, having an interesting theme is one of the basic elements of a great party.

Here is a list of the best party themes you can choose from for this New Year’s eve party!

Karaoke Party With Best of 2017’s Songs

best party themes

Karaoke is always fun but singing the best of the year that’s gonna get over is better than best. Getting your friends turn into Sia or Adam Levine for a few minutes is surely fun. If they sing good, fine, but there’s nothing like laughing at a friend so sings horrible! I know it sounds a bit evil, but what’s a party without a little evil.

Costume Party With Famous Characters of 2017

best party themes

Everyone loves costume parties, but how can we make it relevant to new year’s eve? Just dress up like Pennywise, Thor, Or any other character that was popular in the 2017!

Masquerade Party

best party themes

A mystique masquerade party with a bit of eerie decorations would be a great theme for your New year’s party. The best thing about masquerade parties is that they are eerie, but classy! You can play some classy songs for the party and dance through the night with your partner. Hm….romantic, isn’t it?

Backyard Carnival

best party themes

Decorate your backyard with fun games like poker stations and chess boards and whatever you can get! Decorate the place with colorful lights and fun music. This kind of a party is great when you have kids in the party too. You can get stalls with ice cones, cotton candies, and pop corns.

Campfire and Barbecue Party

best party themes

Campfire, barbecue and singing along with an acoustic guitar playing in the background. That’s a totally different way to enjoy new year’s eve. Get some drinks, sit around the warm fire and get cozy under the same blanket. Great party for couples! And if you hate loud music and just wanna chill with your close friends recounting old memories, this is the type of party you should organize.

Treasure Hunt Party

best party themes

This is again a fun party if you’re inviting uncles, aunties, and your neighbors. They are the ones who actually go nuts with games like treasure hunt. You can make clues and hide them all over your place and hide a gift for the winner who solves all the clues and comes first.

Well, if the party is just for your friends, you can still use this theme as long as the clues are fun and the prize is a bottle of chilled beer.

Game of Thrones Party

best party themes

One of the best things that happened in 2017 was Game of Thrones- Season 7. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and your friends love it too, the perfect theme for a New year’s party would be this. You can ask people to dress up like characters from GoT, can make quizzes and find out who is the biggest fan of Game of Thrones!

Cartoon Theme (Best Party Themes)

best party themes

This theme doesn’t have much connection with 2017, but it is going to be fun to see kids and adults dress up like their favorite cartoon characters. It would be great to see them dress up like power puff girls, Dexter, Ben 10 or any other cartoon.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see Pikachu drunk? You can actually make the cartoon characters fight with each other and see who is stronger! When I say fight, I don’t mean tooth breaking and blood shedding, arm wrestling and thumb fight would do.

Superhero Theme Party

best party themes

Superhero theme is not very different from the cartoon theme and it would make a great theme! Watching your friends wear and underwear outside their costume and making fun of them is beyond total satisfaction. Bring out the batmans, supermans, and catwomans of your team. Also, it would be great to see some Harley quinns and Jokers around as well.

Disney Theme (Best party themes)

You can dress up like Cinderella and can have your girl friends dress up like their favorite Disney princesses or characters. This theme is one of the best party themes if your party is a family party with kids. They are gonna enjoy a lot and you get a chance to dress up like a prince or a princess!

best party themes

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