Best Mic For YouTube in India: Top 10 Cheap Mics for Jan 2018

Best Mic For YouTube in India: When it comes to Video recordings, people generally work hard to make their video look better. But have you ever noticed another thing that plays a very crucial role in Youtube Videos? Yes, You got it right, its the sound quality. So to help you out in getting famous, I will tell you about the Best Mic for Youtube in India and also try to give you Best Mic for YouTube under 1000.

Most of the people record video professionally or like rookies generally forget about the other half equation of the videos. People shoot their videos in full HD or 4K but what about the Sound quality? But do not worry, I’m here to help you out in selecting the best and affordable Mic for recording vocals of YouTube videos in India.Best Mic for Youtube in India

Since I’m also a YouTuber and a mic expert, So just wanted to uncover all the best quality yet cheap mics available in India to improve the Sound Quality for your videos. Let’s quickly hop on our list of Top Mic for Recording Vocals, Mic for DSLR, Best Mic for YouTube Videos in India etc.

Why Buy a Standalone Mic for Recording?

You must be wondering what is the need to buy a Microphone when your camera or phone also a built-in mic. This would save you some bucks, right? Nope. If you use a built in mic of your DSLR or a Phone, the voice quality will be really poor.First of all the Quality of the mic is not that good and hence they capture all the sounds around you including Noise, Hiss, and even air. So, the overall Sound in the video will feel noisy and users won’t be able to discriminate between the sounds.

The reason for such low-quality sound of Built-in mics is, they are omnidirectional. Hence, they capture all the sounds around you by giving less attention to your voice. And when people watch videos with such sound quality, they will definitely lose interest in the video.

How To Select Best Mic for YouTube?

So, I hope by now you must have understood the need for a good Mic for recording your YouTube videos in India. But now the question arises what type of a mic you should go for? There are different types of Mics available in the market depending on the use and what type of Videos you would be filming.

Below are the types of Microphones Available online in India for recording Youtube videos.

USB Microphones: These are one of the most used Microphones for recording voice for YouTube videos in India. These are generally used indoors when connected to a computer or a laptop.

Mobile Microphones: Mobile Mics are the ones that can be mounted in your 3.5 MM jack of your iPhone or any Android Device. Most of the vloggers in India use this Mic only because of its accessibility and good quality. Not only this, these Mics are really cheap and affordable for beginners in YouTube.

Lavalier Microphones:  You must have seen Judges, Anchors, Interviews and many people wearing mics on their clothes attached to a clip. These are one of the best mics that can be used for Prank videos and are not so common within YouTubers in India.

DSLR Camera Microphones: These are the big mics which are mostly used for video recording using DSLR. These are mounted above the DSLR and gives really great quality sound even under noisy environment.  You must surely go for them if you want to buy the best mic for DSLR in India.

I hope by now you must have understood what kind of mic will fulfill your requirements. So, Now I will enlist some of the best and affordable mics available online in India for YouTube videos. Also, I will categories these Mics that you can use for YouTube videos in India in three categories which are USB Mics, DSLR Mic and Lavalier Mic.

Best Mic for Youtube in India

The mics have been divided into 3 categories and each has 3 variety of Mics.

USB MicroPhones

Samson Go Mic

This is one of the most sold USB Mics in India. Samson produces really nice quality products and is generally used by a lot of YouTubers to record sound.

Samson Go Mic is one of the cutest and smallest Mic among all the USB mics present in this list. It has a metal body and measures just 70.5 x 43.5 x 23mm.
Samson Go Mic Review India

Buy @ Amazon for  Rs.5,390

This Samson Go Mic comes with a clip mount which helps you adjust the Angle of Mic according to you. And when not in use the Mic folds back into the Clip, thus protecting it. Also, the mount has a normal thread, so that it can be screwed onto a mic stand when required.

You can use this mic for various purposes like recording music, podcasting, and field recording.

Magideal USB Mic

Magideal is not a big brand but this mic is good according to its price. If you are looking for Best Mic for Youtube under 1000 in India, then you can go for this just by adding a few more bucks. Then Magideal USB Mic can be a great pick for you.

This mic has some really good reviews on Amazon from which you can get an insight into the quality. You will also get a Mini Desktop Tripod along with the mic.magideal usb mic review india

Buy @ Amaon for Rs.1,330

The sound quality of the recording with this mic is good as per the price point at which you get this mic. Also, note that this mic is made of Plastic and does not have a Metal body.

Blue Yeti

So Here comes the best and really amazing USB mic. Blue Yeti creates unparalleled recordings with your computer, thanks to Blue’s proprietary tri-capsule technology. Yeti produces crystal clear recording thus it suits best for recording vocals, podcasts, audio for video, instrumental music or interviews.

Whether you use it at home, on the road, or in the Himalayas, Yeti will help you produce studio-quality recordings every

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 8,668

Another good part is, it comes equipped with a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and allows you to listen to your recording in real-time. You can also adjust the volume of your headphones using the control on the front of the microphone.

It is a bit pricey but if you can afford it then do go for it as this is one of the best Mic for Youtube videos in India as it can be used for Recording, Gaming, Tabla, Vocals and what not. Also, Most of the YouTubers in India including CarryMinati use Blue Yeti.

Moreover, I could have added dirt cheap mics as well but trust me you will regret after buying them. So, I tried to add only value for money products.

DSLR Mic in India

Rode VideoMicro GO

Rode VMGO Video Mic GO is Lightweight On-Camera Microphone Super-Cardio is one of the most sold and value for Money Microphone currently available in India. As you would be familiar with the name, Rode is like Apple of Microphones.

The sound quality of this mic is literally very amazing when you talk about its looks and ease of carrying. Another good thing about this mic is that it has a 3.5mm Jack and hence can be used on a Mobile Phone as well as DSLR Camera. This would help you to shoot videos with amazing sound quality and can be called as the Best Mic for YouTube in India. Also to mention, Rode VideoMicro Go does not require an external battery as it runs on 3v supplied by the camera itself. Rode VMGO Video Mic GO in India

Buy @ Amazon for Rs.5,699

This Rode VMGO Mic does an excellent job cutting out the ancillary noise and echoes like a charm. In a use case where the mic is put about 2-3 feet from the subject, it gave an exactly the same results as expected.

I would also like to tell you a few put pro’s of this camera that it’s Super lightweight, Compact
and gives Consistent quality.

On the contrary, Some things that could be improved in this Mic includes The sound quality gets thinner when placed beyond 3 feet and also the battery power could be improved.

But overall this Mic is one of the best Mic for YouTube Video in India currently available online. That too at an affordable price point.

SGC-598 Shotgun

This is a bit cheaper than the above Rode Mic but really compete it when we talk about it sound clarity. This microphone requires an AA battery to run and is widely used in India because of its price range.

SGC-598 Shotgun Microphone has a Plastic body and looks pretty cool when mounted on the DSLR. It also has a 3.5mm jack plug which can be attached to a DSLR as well as a Mobile Phone. The only drawback with this cables is that it is permanently attached. Thus, there is no possibility attach a longer cable or to replace the cable if the provided one break.

SGC-598 in india

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 3,938

On ordering this affordable Mic in India you will get a Microphone, Windscreen, Carrying Pouch and a documentation kit.

Some things that I liked about this Mic is its Portability and low price. On the contrary, the Build Quality is not as good as Rode Microphones and also the cable is not detachable.

Rode VideoMicro

So, Here comes another Rode Microphone. This Mic is a bit different than the former as it is less pricey than Rode VMGO mic.

This Camera looks pretty sleek and has a full metal body. Not only this, Rode VideoMicro does not even require a battery and runs swiftly on a 3V DSLR battery.

Rode VideoMicro in india

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 4,749

And Lyre shoe-mount minimizes unwanted vibrations, handling, and cable-borne noises with a foam inner cell. This helps to use this amazing Mic in outdoor situations where wind and other noises can disrupt the recordings.

Lavalier Mic

Technotech Mic

Talking about the Lavalier Mics, These are a good mic for mostly indoor purposes are these are quite sensitive. You can use Technotech Collar Mic if you want to plug it into your Phone or Computer but into in very noisy place.

This is really cheap when compared to the above DSLR Microphones but they will surely fulfill your basic requirements. Technotech Collar Mic in IndiaSome of the benefits of this Mic for YouTube in India is that it has a 3.5mm jack which can be attached easily in mostly all the devices. This mic comes with a 1.5 Meter cable, hence using it won’t be an issue.

But the worst part is that it will not get connected with DSLR. You make sure that you do not buy it for DSLR Camera.

Ahuja Collar Mic

You must have surely heard about Ahuja Sounds, this is one the most recognized Indian brand in speakers and Mics. There are two Collar Mics from Ahuja for different DSLRs.

Both the Mics are really affordable and has good quality as per their price point. These are MONO Mic For Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR and can also be used for Mobile phones as well.

Ahuja mic in india

These are some of the Best Mic for YouTube in India as they have 6 Meter wire along with a 3.5mm jack. You will also get a pouch along with it to keep it safe when not in use.

But I would not recommend you to buy this Mic if you are going to use it in very noisy place. Although its a Mono directional mic, it would not be a great fit for the noisy environment. Moreover, If you are using it in the home or moderate conditions then you can surely go for one of them.


This Collar Mic works best with Canon EOS DSLR 600D, 6D, 7D, 650D, 700D, 60D, 5D.

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 920

For Nikon

This Ahuja Sound recording mic will be a great fit for Nikon DSLR D3100, D5200, D7100, D5300, D3200.

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 920

Moreover, Both the above Collar mics look exactly similar and same sensitivity to sound.

I hope this Article helped you to choose the Best Mic for YouTune in India for Video Recording, DSLR, Gaming etc. Trust me, Once you start using an external mic the overall quality of your video will surely improve.