Best Laptop Under 30000 with i5 Processor for Sept 2017


Hey Guys, Are you looking for an amazing Laptop? Do you want to buy the Best Laptop under 30000 but Confused? Are you searching for the Best laptops under 30000 with high configuration? Do you want the Best Laptop under 30000 with i5 Processor? If Yes, then congrats! You are at the best place mate.

I know how confusing it feels to select the best laptop for yourself and specially when its your first laptop. But now you do not have to worry as I’m here to solve your problem and share the latest list of the Best and Top laptop that you can buy under 30000 in India.

I will add only the most reliable and genuine laptops under Rs 30000 which you will surely love while using. Moreover, Being a partner with Flipkart and Amazon, I will add only genuine products And many of them would be with i5 Processor and i3 processor laptop.

Best Laptop Under 30000

Moreover, I will keep this article updated with new and latest technology laptops. So, Let’s hop on the list.

Best Laptop Under 30000

These are the Best Laptops under 30000 that you can buy in India:

HP 15-AC650TUCore i5 4th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, DOSRs. 32,220
HP 15-ay019tuCore i3 5th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, DOSRs. 28,378
Lenovo G50-80Core i3 5th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, DOSRs. 28,999
Dell 15 3568Core i3 6th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, UbuntuRs. 28,299
Acer Aspire E5-573Core i3 4th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, LinuxRs. 29,990

Now lets checkout all the Laptops one by one and I will give you all the details including benefits as well as drawbacks of each laptop under 30k.

HP 15-AC650TU: i5 4th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, DOS

HP 15-AC650TU under 30000

Presenting you the Best Core i5 Processor laptop that you can buy around 30000 in India. This HP laptop comes with a 4th Generation i5 Processor with 4 GB DDR3 RAM and 1 TB hard drive. This combination of hardware is good enough to be called the best gaming laptop under 30000.

This laptop comes with DOS means, you will not get pre-installed Windows in it. If you want to install windows then you have to spend some money to buy a genuine or even Free Windows.

It has a lithium ion battery which gives a good backup of around 4-5 hours once fully charged. The overall weight of this laptop is 2Best Laptop Under 40000 for more laptops with i5 processor.

ProcessorCore i5 4th Gen
Hard disk1 TB
Weight2.19 KG

Why you should go for this laptop?

  • This laptop has i5 Processor which you would rarely get at this price
  • Quality of the laptop is really good, thanks to HP
  • RAM and Hard Disk are good enough for normal uses

What you should keep in mind before buying it?

  • It does not have pre-installed Windows in it
  • Their is no extra RAM slot

HP 15-ay019tu: i3 5th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, DOS

HP 15-ay019tu under 30000

Coming to an amazing HP gaming laptop under 30000 rs in India, here comes HP 15-AY019TU (W6T33PA) Laptop. This amazing device runs on 

For those, who like to store alot on their laptops, it has 1 TB hard drive. Moreover, this i3 laptop under 30000 has a 

It comes with an inbuilt web cam and a microphone so that you can make video calls and chat. It also has 3 USB slots, Card Reader slot and a headphone jack.

I would say that this is one of the best laptops under 30000 because the specifications and hardware is justified as per the price.

ProcessorCore i3 5th Gen
Hard disk1 TB
Weight2.1 KG

Why you should buy this laptop under 30000?

  • Its light weight and good looking
  • Great hp laptop under 30k price point
  • Great for normal home and office use
  • Storage is also good even if you want to do video editing

Why you should not go for this laptop?

  • It does not have a pre installed operating system, but if you need a pre-installed OS, then the price will go up around 3-4k.
  • No graphics card

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Lenovo G50-80: Core i3 5th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, DOS

Lenovo G50-80 laptop under 30000 rs

Lenovo has set its market as one of the best and the most reliable as well as durable laptops. So here comes Lenovo G50-80 which you can buy just below 30000 rs in India.

This laptop comes with Core i3 5th Generation combined with 4 GB RAM and 1 TB hard disk. This combination of hardware makes this laptop a top notch product for Home and office uses. You can easily use Photoshop in it and use it for editing.

Being a 

But the reliability and durability of Lenovo requires no words. As per the price of just under 30000, this is a great pick for those who want to for normal uses.

ProcessorCore i3 5th Gen
Hard disk1 TB
Weight2.5 KG

What’s good about this Lenovo i3 laptop?

  • Affordable and Reliable Laptop
  • High Configuration for regular use

What’s not so good about his laptop?

  • It’s quite heavy
  • No dedicated Graphics Card
  • No pre-installed operating system

Dell 15 3568: Core i3 6th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, Ubuntu

Dell 15 3568 laptop under 30000 in india

If you are a Dell Laptops Lover, then here comes the best laptop under 30000 in India. Dell Vostro 15 3568 comes with Core i3-6100U 6th generation processor with 2.3Ghz clock speed which makes this laptop ultra fast. Though it is not i5 processor laptop under 30000, but the speed is literally more than an average i5 processor lappy.

This amazing laptop by Dell comes with a 4 GB RAM and 1 TB hard drive which makes this comes good enough for gamers. You can do multitasking, thanks to its 6th generation processor. This Dell Vostro 15 3568 comes with a 15.6-inch LED Anti Glare Display which gives a high resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels.

This Core i3 processor laptop which is good enough for someone who want to use it for home or normal office purposes. Moreover, This laptop comes with a web camera for video calling, clicking pictures etc.

The Dell Vostro comes with a 4 cell li-ion battery which is good enough to have a usage time of around 4-5 hours. On the connectivity front, it supports Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, one USB 2.0 slot, two USB 3.0 slots, an HDMI port, SD Card reader, a Headphone Jack and a Microphone Jack.

A downside of this is same as most of the laptops in this list i.e. it does not have a pre-installed operating system hence you will need to buy after market.

ProcessorCore i3 6th Gen
Hard disk1 TB
Weight2.1 KG

Why you should go for this laptop?

  • Affordable and Branded
  • Latest i3 with 6th Generation
  • Highest Clock Speed i.e. 2.3 Ghz, thus the laptop will have very fast processing

Why not to go for this laptop?

  • Ubuntu Operating system, you need to get paid Windows in it.

Acer Aspire E5-573: Core i3 4th Gen, 4 GB, 1 TB, Linux

Acer Aspire E5-573 best laptop under 30000 in India

Another well-known brand in laptops is Acer. These laptops are know some simple designs but powerful output. However, this Acer Aspire E5-573 comes is one of the most powerful laptops under 30000 for gaming.

This laptop comes with core i3 4th Generation with 4 GB RAM which is expandable up to 16 GB making it more powerful. It has a 15.6 inch display screen with LED Backlit TFT LCD display. Thus it produces very resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which generates crystal clear and sharp images.

The design of this Acer i3 laptop is sturdy and it looks classy in Black colour. It features a 15.6-inch Full HD Matrix TFT Color LCD IPS display with an amazing resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel.

For those who like to do video chatting or take pictures, this laptop is a great pick under 30000 rs as it has 1.3MP web camera.

ProcessorCore i3 4th Gen
Hard disk1 TB
Weight2.15 KG

What are the benefits of buying this laptop?

  • This laptop has expandable RAM thus you can improve the processing speed by adding one more RAM to it
  • The amount of Storage is good enough for normal uses like playing games, video editing, browsing etc
  • The battery back of Acer is quite decent
  • It has an integrated graphics card which is great.

Why not to buy this laptop under 30000 rs?

  • Their is not CD or DVD drive
  • As most of the laptops, this one does not have Pre-installed OS in it.

So, These were the best laptop under 30000 rs in India which you can buy. Though most of them were i3 processor laptops but the first one was i5 processor laptop under 30000 which you can buy.

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Also, If you choose a DOS laptop then i will not have windows installed in it, you need to purchase a legal windows or you can also use the unpaid version aswell. You would also get the Windows version of most of the above laptops and that would cost you around 3000 to 4000 more.


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