Best Indian Stand Up Comedians Who will Force you to Roll On the Floor Laughing!

When life throws bitter lemons at you, don’t worry because you’ve got stand up comedians all around you to turn them into lemonades. Stand up comedians are comedians who perform in front of a live audience, speaking directly to them. Here’s a list of the best Indian stand up comedians whom you should know about, if you’re a fan of the best medicine known till date- laughter.

In India, we may not have a George Carlin or a Richard Pryor, but we still have people like Kenny Sabastian, Vir Das, and Tanmay Bhat! If you really haven’t watched any of their performances, you have no idea what you’re missing in life.

Well, no more watching saas-bahu serials and crying your eyes out. Watch some sensible comedy folks! Here’s a list of the best Indian stand up comedians you should listen to.

Kenny Sebastian

best Indian stand up comedians

Kenneth Sebastian is one of the best Indian stand up comedians of India since he can make even the stiffest face muscles relax for a while. Kenny, who was brought up in different cities of India, is also a musician and film maker.

Even before his undergrad in Chitrakala Parishad, Karnataka, Kenny started his own YouTube channel dedicated to short films, which he says would possibly be one among the oldest Indian Youtube channels.

Tanmay Bhat

best Indian stand up comedians

Tanmay Bhat is one among the first four Indians to get to the prestigious comic events worldwide, comedy Store. He is the co-founder of All India Backchod (AIB) which most of us would know because either we love them or through the controversies they’ve been into.

Apart from being a stand up comedian, Tanmay is also a script writer and producer. Tanmay has been involved in a lot of controversies because of the social media posts and contents of their comedy shows.

Tanmay and his team, along with many other popular faces like Karan Johar, ArjunKapoor, and Ranveer Singh got into trouble when an FIR was filed against them during a roast show. He was recently made to delete an AIB post which had pictures of Sachin Tendulkar and LataMangeshkar with funny Snapchat filters, even though Sachin and LataJi never reacted towards the issue. Come on people! Have some sense of humor.

Zakir Khan

best Indian stand up comedians

Zakir Khan was the winner of India’s Best Stand Up Comedian which was organized by Comedy Central in 2012. His journey towards making people laugh, started there. He was one of the mentors in the television comedy show, The Great Indian Challenge along with Mallika Dua and Hussain Dalal.

He has more than 1 million followers on Youtube and why not? People just love Zakir.  He also has his own Amazon Prime video series, Haq se single which is really cool! Well, if you haven’t seen Zakir’s performance, please do it and then let us know how hard you laughed.

Mallika Dua

best Indian stand up comedians

Mallika Dua is the daughter of Vinod Dua, who is a popular Indian journalist. Mallika, who was a full time copy writer, became a comedian over the night. All of this happened when her funny video Shit People Say: Sarojini Nagar Edition went viral. She is most popular for the timings of her punch lines that no one can resist.

She was involved in a major controversy when she was working with none other than Akshay Kumar in a television reality show. Mallika said that Akshay passed sexist comments on her and that she was shocked. Well, that’s not funny.

Vir Das

best Indian stand up comedians

Even though Vir Das was born in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, he was raised in Africa. Most of his student life was spent abroad and he has a degree in Economics and Theatre. His stand up comedy career was born abroad too when he debuted in Harbach Theatre in Knox, Illinois.

You might know Vir Das from a few movies in Bollywood because he takes keen interest in acting as well. Das was trained as a method actor in Harvard and he performed many plays at the Moscow Arts Theatre.

Abish Mathew

best Indian stand up comedians

Abish Mathew is another integral part of All India Bakchod (AIB). He is one of those stand up comedians who has their own style. He is popular for his show Son of Abish. He has performed for comedy companies all around the world  like Weirdass Comedy, The Papa CJ Comedy Company, East India Comedy, and Schitzengiggles.

Abish Mathew writes his own funny songs which is one of the best parts of his comedy shows. He is  a Malayali and he’s married to Archana Kavi, who’s a Malayali actress. Abish has also acted in recent bollywood movies like Meri Pyari Bindu.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

best Indian stand up comedians


Who knew that a person who once worked in the field of software and advertising, would some day become one of India’s favorite stand up comedians. Biwa Kalyan Rath took a different path to his career after he met Kanan Gill at an open mic event in Bangalore.

Biswa, who is a graduate in Biotechnology from IIT, shot up to fame after he started reviewing bollywood films with Kanan.  The funny reviews went viral really quickly and people loved the whole concept. Biswa started with stand up comedy in 2015 and he released his own web series, Laakhon Mein Ek on Amazon Prime in October, this year.

Aditi Mittal

best Indian stand up comedians

Aditi Mittal is one of the first few women stand up comedians and one of the best Indian stand up comedians who rose up to fame. She is a writer and has published many articles in Grazia Men Magazine,, DNA, and the Financial Times (UK). She was among the first 5 Indian who were a part of the UK based comedy group, The Comedy Store and has performed all over the world including UK and Los Angeles.

Aditi was invited by BBC for 100 women, which is a presteigious conference. She performs often at the Canvas Laugh Factory, Comedy Store in Mumbai and was also a part of AIB’s roast panel in 2014.

Kanan Gill (Best Indian stand up comedians)

best Indian stand up comedians

Kanan Gill hails from Bengaluru and is one of the best Indian stand up comedians we have today. He rose up to fame along with Biswa Kalyan Rath when their Pretentious movie reviews (YouTube series) went viral.

Kanan started writing funny songs when he was in a band as the lead singer. Well, guess what? some people just make everything funny. They truly have it in them and we love those people, right? Kanan was a software engineer before he became a stand up comedian, so all the funny soft ware engineers out there should probably give it a try too!

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