Best Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween (2017)

Watch behind your back if you’re taking an evening walk alone today. It’s Halloween, the creepiest time of the year and you don’t wanna mess with the dead, do you? Get your friends home after you hit that Halloween party and watch the best horror movies to spice things up.

If you’re going to stay up all night worrying about the demons, why don’t you watch some of them on your laptop screen? you can also check your ability to not freak out and compare it with you friends’. Doesn’t that sounds like fun? We’ve got you a whole bunch of movies that are the best horror movies of all time.

A strong script and an awesome director can possible turn even the cutest things like clowns into the worst creatures you’ve known. Movies that leaves you frightened for days after you’ve watched them are the best horror movies. Even though there are many movies that gets you jump scared, their affect doesn’t really last for a long time.

A good horror movie must contain moments that jump scares you as well as a terrifying story line that will sink into your mind. It’s the perfect blend that makes the best horror movies both commercially and critically successful.

Now, don’t change your mind¬†without going through the list because you’re already too scared. Here are some of the best horror movies of all time, that will force you to sleep with the lights on.

Best Horror Movies- Hollywood

The Ring (2002)

best horror movies

Rachel, a journalist tries to investigate the mysterious death of her niece to find out a series of creepy events. She finds a video tape, which would get you killed exactly 7 days after you watch it. Unfortunately her son watches the video and Rachel has got no choice but to face the evil to save her child.

The Exorcist (1973)

best horror movies

A 12 year girl is possessed by an unknown entity that is evil. Her mother seeks help from two young priests and the story from there can take you on a roller coaster ride through horror.

The Conjuring (2013)

best horror movies

This is one among James Wan’s best horror movies. The story is based on real life events. A happy family moves in to an old house in the countryside where they are tortured by spirits. Ed and Lorraine Warren, two popular demonologists of the time comes to the family’s aid.

Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

best horror movies

A reverend performs exorcism of Emily Rose, who was believed by have multiple spirits residing her body. She dies as an aftermath of everything that was going on and the reverend is convicted of her death. However, the defense lawyer of the reverend tries to explain that Emily was not suffering from schizophrenia, but something dark.

The Grudge (2004)

best horror movies

Karen Davis encounters unnatural things in her new house in Tokyo. She tries to learn about the house and its past that hit her like a boulder.

The Shining (1980)

best horror movies

Jack and his family goes through the hardest time of their lives as they move in to an isolated hotel. Jack loses his senses and starts hurting his own family. The movie is a psychological thriller that would creep you out bad.

Insidious 1 & 2 (2010, 2013)

best horror movies

After watching a lot of movies that were inspired by or remade from foreign language movies, Insidious came in as a fresh idea. A totally different concept of a person’s ability to sleep walk into the dead world is the center theme of the story.

If your soul had the ability to get up from your body and walk around in the world of other souls, what do you think is going to get inside your body?

Mirrors (2008)

best horror movies

Ben, a night guard in a partially destroyed building finds himself around weird noises and presence. When his sister gets murdered under inexplicable circumstances, he confirms that the dead are out for him and his family. Stay away from the scary mirrors guys!

Lights Out (2016)

best horror movies

Rebecca, a young woman tries to find out the mysterious relationship between her mother and an unknown entity. The unknown entity is later discovered as her mother’s friend Diana who had to go through a painful death. The movie tightens when Rebecca’s step dad gets killed under weird circumstances.

Paranormal Activity (2007)

best horror movies

Katie and her boyfriend Micah goes to an old house in the suburbs to have fun and little did they know that there were some other forces who wanted have some fun on their own.

Once they started experiencing an unnatural presence, they set up video cameras all over the house and recorded things that will scare the hell out of you.

Sinister (2012)

best horror movies

Ellison Oswalt, a true crime writer who is in search of a big fish to catch is desperate to research on a house which was known to be attacked by supernatural forces.

To experience the place by himself, he moves to the house along with his family. His family, not knowing any of the truth were walking into the open mouth of danger. By the time Oswalt realizes that his little experiment can cost his and his family’s lives, it was too late.

It (2017)

best horror movies

It is a horror movie probably all you would know because it was remade in 2017 and was released last month. The story, which is based on a 1986 novel by Stephen King was first shot and screened as mini TV series in 1990.

The story is about a bunch of pre-teenagers who fight a monster clown who moves around the drainage and targets kids. The clown whose name is Pennywise, scares his victims based on their worst fears. So better clear your minds off all the fears before Pennywise finds about them.

Amityville- The Awakening (2017)

best horror movies

The movie which was released earlier this year revolves around the lives of a single mother and her three children. The single mother, who is desperate to get her comatose son back, persuades the other kids too to move to real-life Amityville house.

The mother who tries to use the dark power’s presence to cure her son gets it all wrong and things go out of her hands.

Evil Dead (2013)

best horror movies

Evil dead is a soft reboot of the 1981 original film named “The Evil Dead.” A group of youngsters go camping into a forest where they end up staying in a haunted cabin. They discover a cell where a possessed girl was killed by her own father, years ago.

The group finds a book called Naturom Demonto which had incantations of witchcraft. Despite the warnings, Eric dares to read out the content of the book aloud, unleashing an unknown evil force.

Now, I know I haven’t added a lot of scary pictures and most of them are the official posters. That’s because I didn’t wanna give away all the fun! If you liked this list and the movies, let me know in the comments section!

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