10 Best Earphones Under 500 in India for Jan 2018


If you are looking for amazing headphones under 500 and you want to know about the best earphones under 500? If yes, then you are at the right place.

As here, I will tell you the best earphones under 500 in India. These days with the rise of Smartphone era, everyone needs an Earphones or Headphones to listen to their favorite music.

Although, Buying earphones might make a hole in your pocket there are a lot of earphones that you can easily buy without spending much. Yes, You read it right. Here in this post, I will summarize all the cheap and best earphones that you can buy in India under Rs 500. I will include all the branded earphones like Phillips, JBL, Skull Candy, Sony, Sennheiser etc.

best earphones under 500

So Let’s hop onto the list of the best headphones currently available Online in India. Also, Some of these earphones might have a mic in them and some might not. And the best earphones under 500 in India will have really amazing sound quality along with looks.

Though most of the people are not a big fan of stock Earphones, so this place is purely for the music lover who wants value for every penny paid.

Hence without wasting more time…Here are the Top 8 Best earphones under 500 rs to blow your mind. Let’s get started!

Shall we?

Also, I could have added really cheap and waste earphones as well but I didn’t. This list has only some of the best earphones/headphones so that if you buy them you will get a feel to keep listening to the music for hours.

Best Earphones Under 500 in India

Heave a quick look at all the earphones in this list and then I will give you a detailed explanation about each one of them.

Motorola LumineerRs. 4494.5
boAt BassHeads 220Rs.4994.5
Sound One 616Rs.4494.2
AmazonBasics In-EarRs.4493.8
Skullcandy 385 JibRs.4994
Skullcandy X4GVCZRs. 5994
Philips Action FitRs. 5003.8
Philips SHE3590BKRs. 3843.6
House of Marley Little BirdRs. 4994

Motorola Lumineer: Rs. 449

Motorola Lumineer earphones india

Motorola is one of the most trustworthy Mobile brand currently in India. They have already mastered the manufacturing of various hardware mobile products including earphones. Recently, Motorola had launched their amazing new Motorola Lumineer In-Ear Earbuds which cost under Rs 500 only.

Being Motorola, its quality cannot be questioned and hence, it is one of my favorite affordable earphones.

Moreover, These earbuds fit nicely and stay in ears in most situations. Thus it can be efficiently be used for running, gymming and even regular purposes. The build quality of this earbud is better than expected when compared to the price of under 500 earphones.

DesignIn ear
Sensitivity104 dB/mw
Warranty1 Year

What are the Benefits of this earphone?

  • It gives you In-built mic which is great
  • Huge sound in a small design
  • Great comfort in ears
  • The Sound comes without sacrifice

boAt BassHeads 220: Rs.499

boat headphones 200 in india

You might not have heard about boAt brand but trust me guys, this is one of the best Earphones available under 500 in India. The best part of this earphone is the metal body it has. Moreover, this is the only earphone which has the metal body under this compilation of headphones under 500 in India.

These earbuds are really user-friendly as it gives you the controls to play, pause or change songs and to answer or hang-up calls.

boAt Bassheads 220 Wired Headset With Mic produces amazingly good for the price and creating great sound quality.

DesignIn ear
Sensitivity104 dB/mw
Warranty1 Year

Why should you buy this earphone?

  • It comes with bass-driven stereo sound with good quality
  • Smooth grip for an extra secure which comfortably fits in your ear
  • It has inbuilt mic which is good you can easily receive calls
  • The body of this earphone made of metal
  • You can easily Change your tracks and Ans/end your calls

Sound One 616: Rs.449

Sound One 616 india

No wonders, If you are hearing the brand name of Sound One for the very first time. Sound One 616 is one of the best earphones under 500 rupees.

This earphone has a sensitivity of 110 db/mw which makes it one of the best earphone available on this list. Not only this, due to high Noise Cancellation ability of this earphone it produces crystal clear sound.

Moreover, You will get a pouch and extra buds along with the earphones. Another good part is, it has a 5.5 mm jack which is gold plated and hence the quality of sound will be even better.

An amazing earphone came in gadgets market with its own affordable price under 500 for music lovers. It doesn’t cause pain to our ears after using a long term too. This quality of this earphone made it very unique in comparison to other ones.

The material which is used to make it is very different from others. This material is so soft which helps us to keep it in our pocket without any fear to be stretching it.

DesignIn Ear
Sensitivity110 dB/mW
Warranty1 Year

What are the benefits of this earphones?

  • It comes with inbuilt mic with remote
  • It has powerful & Bass-driven Stereo Sound
  • The design if this earphone is superb which is Vertical in-ear
  • Carry case included pouch

Must checkout:

AmazonBasics In-Ear: Rs.449

amazon basics in ear headphones

You must already know about Amazonbasics, where Amazon sell products under their brand name. So, Here is a stylish yet powerful earphones which you can use for listening music and calling purpose.

These earphones are a great fit for our list of earphones under Rs 500 as we get good quality along with brand reliability. This earphone can be used with Android as well as Apple Mobiles which supports 5.5mm Jack.

So, If you are looking for earphones that can deliver dynamic, crystal-clear sound and deep powerful bass! Then you must surely go for Amazon in-ear headphones without giving a second thought.

DesignIn ear
Warranty1 Year

Why should you buy this earphone?

  • It has crystal-clear sound and deep powerful bass
  • It comes with really cool in ear design
  • Silver-plated 3.5 mm audio jack creates optimal sound 
  • The comfort and the quality is superb

Skullcandy 385 Jib: Rs.499

Skullcandy SCS2DUFZ-385 in india

From the old days, Skullcandy has been the first choice of most of the youngsters in India. Skullcandy has set themselves apart by bringing up some of the best earphones under 500. This Skullcandy article does not have a mic in it but it is not such a big issue if you are buying the earphones just to listen to quality music.

As per my experience, if you are buying an earphone mainly to listen to music then mic is not even in the criteria. I had already used these earphones myself and believe me it looks and feels really amazing

If you are looking to buy a really cool looking earphones with amazing sound quality at a low cost. Then just click on the Buy now button and buy this right away without giving a second thought.

DesignIn ear
Warranty1 Year

What are the benefits of this earphone?

  • This earphone Equipped with a neodymium magnet
  • The sound quality is amazing
  • It comes with an innovative design
  • You feel comfortable when you insert it in your ears

Why should you not buy this earphone?

  • It does not gives you inbuilt microphone

Must Check:

Skullcandy X4GVCZ: Rs. 599

Skullcandy X4GVCZ in India

If you are looking to buy a Sports earphones under 500, these Skullcandy earphones will do the deed for you. Skullcandy has a variety of earphones and they had literally pioneered in providing value for money products at really cheap prices.

As these are fit technology headphones, which impact isolation, sound, and comfort, these are one of the better earbuds for most of the purposes.

But I prefer these kinds of Earphones only while Running or while any physical activity. The reason behind is simple because it holds on to the ears quite well. Apart from this the noise cancellation and Sensitivity is high which gives you better sound quality.

DesignIn ear
Warranty1 Year

What are the benefits of this earphone?

  • It gives you powerful & great bass-driven stereo sound
  • It comes with superb design
  • Comfortably fits in your ears

Why should you not buy this earphone?

  • It does not give you inbuilt microphone

Philips Action Fit

SHQ1200 Earphone under 500

If you guys are looking for brand new earphones for growing great experience in your musical entertainment so guys I am bringing a new Philips SHQ1200 for your entertainment. You will be wondering to know about the price of this unique gadget. This a good earphone below under 500.

It gives you a new sound quality without any trouble for your ears. It is made under all type of surveillance to your ears.

What are the Benefits of this earphone?

  • It gives you In-built mic which is great
  • Huge sound in a small design
  • Great comfort in ears
  • The Sound comes without sacrifice

Philips SHE3590BK: Rs.416

SHE3590/98 Earphone Under 500

If you haven’t taken any experience of this SHE3590/98 then you must have to do it. These earphones are the new amazing wonder of gadget world for the music lovers. It is completely comfortable for all types of ears having peoples because its capability to be fit in ears is so cool in all type ways.

It is made to keep remembering the things to be not harming our ears on full volume too except kids.

Also Check It

House of Marley Little Bird: Rs. 499

House of Marley Little Bird india

If you have not heard about House of Marley brand, then make sure to have a look as they produce some of the superior quality headphones. Since Amazon is running a discount offer on these earphones, you can get them at just Rs.499.

The best part is that these earphones have a microphone which lets you use it as hands free while talking on the phone. Not only this, it has a L-shaped jack which protects it from being easily destroyed, unlike other earphones.

The sound quality of little bird is really crystal clear due to high Noise Cancelling ability. Since these are made up of plastic, They are very light and can easily fit in your ears. Also to mention, House of Marley produce eco-friendly products and these earphones have Blended eco-plastic housing.

Some other best headphones in India under 500

Philips SHE1405BK/94

This is one of the best headphones under 500 available in India. It’s from Phillips, a brand that you can always trust to deliver high-quality products. The headphone has a sturdy build quality and also has an inbuilt mic with buttons. It’s available at all the major e-commerce websites at a price less than even 400 bucks.

SoundMagic ES11S

A rugged headphone that’s very comfortable to fit in your ears, the SoundMagic ES11S is a great headphone to use while you are exercising or working out. The design of the headphone is one of the best headphones under 500.


This headphone provides great bass quality at a very low price. The build quality and the design of this headphone is quite simple and it provides good value for the money you pay for.

What is Sensitivity of an earphone?

After having a look at the above-given tables, you might be thinking what is Sensitivity in an earphone or what is its effect. Actually, High-sensitivity headphones require less power to produce the same sound volume as their low-sensitivity counterparts. Which means Sensitivity and volume are inversely proportional. In short, High sensitivity earphones produce better quality.

I hope you like my post about the best earphones under 500 rs in India. Do let me know if you have any other suggestion for the earphones or headphones that can be put in this list.



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