Best Earphones under 1000: Latest Earphone for Sept 2017

If you like to listen music on your phone But you do not have to good earphones. Then don’t worry as today I will share a list of some of the best earphones under 1000 rs in India. These earphones will be of high quality and would be affordable also.

Moreover, The earphones that we get with our smartphones are not upto the mark and thus we have to look for some after market earphones. To be very frank, choosing a good as well as a budget earphone can be a pain in a**. But you do not have to worry as I had already done the hectic work and selected some of the best and top earphones that you can buy just under 1000.

Best Earphones Under 1000

Also to mention, Some earphones will have a mic, some would be in ear earphones while other would be headphones style. There are various brands that we would cover in our list which includes JBL, Sennheiser, Skull Candy, Phillips etc. So, Their would be a huge variety of earphones that you can easily choose from as per your requirements.

So without wasting any more, let’s get started.

Shall we?

Moreover, I has only added high quality earphones which you could buy under Rs 1000 and not any local earphone. Also, I will regularly update this post with new earphones available in the market.

Sennheiser CX 180Rs.8274.3
JBL C100SIRs.7204.1
Skullcandy S2DULRs.6194.1
Sony MDRRs.8993.9
Rock ZirconRs.12004.5
1MORE Piston FitRs.9993.8
Philips SHQ3200 earphoneRs.6993.5
Sony MDR-AS210Rs.7393.8

Best Earphones Under 1000

Sennheiser CX 180: Rs.827

 Sennheiser CX 180 under 1000

Sennheiser CX 180 is one of the most famous in ear earphones under 1000 rs. The quality of this earphone is outstanding as per the price it comes for.

This earphone gives a very clear crystal sound and almost cancels outside noise. This allows you to take the full pleasure of the song that you are listening. Even on increasing the volume the quality of the sound remains very clear and you would not get any distortions.

I have personally used this earphone and trust me these are one of the best earphones I had ever used. These gives amazing output when connected to a music player or any smartphone.

Why go for this Earphone?

  • This earphone has amazing noise cancellation, you would not even hear a single noise when your volume if full. Just be aware of not using it on Railway Tracks ūüėÄ
  • Unique design which allows to set them in the ears quite easily
  • Unlike most of the earphones, these earphones does not cause any pain in ears while using them
  • Powerful Bass
  • The wire is of very good quality,which is must if you are going to use it while riding bike or travelling.
DesignIn ear
Impedance16 Ohms
Warranty1 Year

JBL C100SI: Rs.720

jbl earphone under 1000

You must be already familiar with the name of JBL. This company has a track record of providing high quality earphones at a reasonable price. These earphones are compatible with both iOS and Android and has really nice output.

If you are going to use this in ear earphone to calling purposes aswell, then this could be a great pick for you. As JBL C100SI comes with One-Button universal remote with mic.

So you can enjoy the music as well as use this phone to talk on phone whenever required.

Advantages of this Earphone:

  • It has a mic which captures sound very clearly.
  • This earphones has very powerful bass
  • With a Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20kHz, you will get very clear sound quality on low and high nodes.
DesignIn ear
Impedance16¬Ī3.2 ohms
Warranty1 Year

Skullcandy S2DUL: Rs.619

Skullcandy S2DUL under 1000

If you are a Skullcandy fan, then you would surely love this earbud. Skullcandly S2DUL has a very impressive design and great sound quality at the same time.

The tiny in-ear buds dug deep in your ear, hence giving you a very surrounded sound quality. This earphone have a mic which you can use for conversation. But it does not have any button change songs/Receive or disconnect calls.

Why You should go for this Earphone?

  • First of all, Skullcandy is a very popular brand in India
  • The design of this earphone is very attractive, specially the grey and black color
  • You will get a value for money product

Why not to go for this Earbuds?

  • As per my personal experience, The wire of this earphone is not as good as the Sennheiser CX 180.
DesignIn ear
Impedance16¬Ī3.2 ohms
Warranty1 Year

Sony MDR: Rs.899

Sony MDR earphones under 1000

This earphone by Sony comes with a in-line mic which allows you to make hands free calling. The sound quality of this earphone is really amazing. The reason for such great quality is the frequency which is 5Hz to 24kHz.

If looks matter to you, then you should definitely go for this best earphone under 1000 as it has metallic body. Moreover, even though earbuds are made up of Metal body they weight just 3 grams without cable.

Why this is great pick for you?

  • First of all, the original price of this earphone is around Rs.1100 but currently both amazon and Flipkart are selling them at lower price
  • You can easily pick or disconnect calls or change songs on your phones, using the button on this earphone.
DesignIn ear
Warranty1 Year

#You Would Love:

Rock Zircon: Rs.1200

Rock Zircon under 1000

This earphone is a bit pricier than Rs.1000 but trust me its worthied. This stunning earphone has a very amazing sound quality because it is built with great physics to give clear cut sound quality.

First of all the looks of this earphones are different than other conventional earphones. It also has a button which allows you to pick/disconnect calls as well as change songs on the go. Not only this it also has a very high quality mic so that you can carry on with your conversation hands free. Moreover, If you find it a bit pricey then you must check a list of Best Earphones Under Rs.500.

Why to Choose this Earphone for Rs.1200?

  • If you want to buy an earphone for long term and could spend a bit more than Rs.1000. Then I would suggest you to just straight away Buy this Earphones without any second thought.
DesignIn ear
MicYes (With Button)
Warranty1 Year

1MORE Piston Fit: Rs.999

1MORE Piston Fit under 1000

This is a very aesthetic earphone which comes just under Rs.1000. This is a metal body earphone which looks very elegant and at the same time resist noises.

This earphone is less expensive than the other earphones of the same quality, which surely makes it a value for money product. It has a 45 degree in-ear design which allows the ear piece to fit in like a charm.

Why to choose this Earphone?

  • It is a metal body earphone which makes it look very classy
  • Most of the people require a good earphones with mic under 1000, and this exactly fulfill the needs
  • If you wish to connect this earphone with heavy output amplifiers, then their would be no issue. Instead you will get super high quality of sound since it has 32 ohm Impedance.
DesignIn ear (45 Degree)
MicYes (With Button)
Warranty1 Year

Check Out

Philips SHQ3200 Rs.699

Have you ever heard about the earphone with having quality without rubber on headphones.if no then you will be glad to know that I took a wonder gadget in form of Philips SHQ3200 at an affordable price for all of you. The sound clarity of this earphone is  so pretty lovable for music lover at all time.

This Earphone is made for in the sense of musical voice to keep the maintenance according to song quality. There is not need to adjust the song by setting in your mobile phones, this earphone maintain the voice quality according to song automatically. The design of this earphone is very unique from any other brands.


Sony MDR-AS210 Rs.739

These Earphones have come for those peoples who want to listen  music during their playing time and exercise time and running , during gym etc. These earphone helps to entertain the people without give any trouble during their selected works like  gym running etc.

The capability of this earphone to fit in our ears is so different in comparison of other one brands. So it would be a very good choice for you.


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I hope you liked this post about best earphones under 1000 to buy now you must be able to choose the best headphones under 1000 and best earphones under 1000 for you. If you feel that we should add any more earphones then feel free to comment below.