Best DSLR Camera Under 50000: New Camera for Jan 2018

Best DSLR Camera Under 50000: Thinking about which is the Best DSLR Camera Under 50000? Are you looking for the top DSLR camera under 50000? Are you planning to buy a DSLR camera under 50k?

Then you just googled on to the right place, because here I will be giving you a quick and best solution for your confusion on buying a budget DSLR camera in India. Though a point-and-shoot camera or a mobile camera works great for most of the purposes, nothing can beat the outstanding sharpness, zoom and detailing of a DSLR Camera.

Best DSLR camera Under 50000

Gone are the days, when you have to think a lot about buying a quality DSLR cameras as they were out of a common man’s reach. Now, You can own a mind blowing quality DSLR camera under 50k, that will click amazing pictures.

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So, here I have enlisted the best DSLR Camera Under 50000 in India for January 2018.

5 Best DSLR Camera Under 50000 for 2018

Nikon D5500: 24.2 MP, 18-55 mm, 800 Shots

Nikon D5500 under 50000

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 47,200

Buy @ Flipkart for Rs. 46,100

Maximum resolution24.2 MP
SensorCMOS, 23.2 x 15.4 mm
Display Size3.2 Inch LCD
Processor TypeExpeed 4 Processor
Auto Focus Points11
ISOAuto, 100-25600
Continuous Shooting5 fps
ConnectivityInbuilt Wifi, HDMI, USB
Battery800 shots
Weight470 grams
Included lens18-55 mm

Why you should go for this DSLR Camera?

  • Battery life of this camera is pretty good. Which means, you can shoot around 800 shots.
  • 5 fps shooting

Why not to go for this Camera?

  • This camera does not support GPS.

Canon 750D: 24.2 MP, 18-55mm, 180 Shots

Canon 750D in India

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 51,500

Buy @ Flipkart for Rs. 51,500

Buy @ Snapdeal for Rs. 47,883

Maximum resolution24.2 MP
SensorCMOS, 22.3 x 14.9 mm
Display Size3 Inch LCD
Processor TypeDIGIC 6
Auto Focus Points19
ISOAuto, 100-6400
Continuous Shooting5 fps
ConnectivityWifi, USB, HDMI
Battery180 Shots
Weight510 grams
Included lens18-55 mm

What’s good about this DSLR under 50000?

  • The processor of this camera is much better than other DSLRs in this list
  • This DSLR is light weight

What’s not good about this DSLR camera?

  • The battery life of this camera is not much when compared to other DSLRs.

Nikon D7000: 16.2MP, 18-55mm, 1080 Shots

Nokia 7000D in india

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 49,236

Buy @ Flipkart for Rs. 51,500

Maximum resolution16.2 MP
Display Size3 Inch LCD
Processor TypeExpeed 2
Auto Focus Points 39
ISO100 - 6400
Continuous Shooting6
Video1080p, 24 fps
ConnectivityUSB, HDMI, Pictbridge
Battery1050 Shots
Weight690 grams
Included lens18-105 mm

What is great about this DSLR Camera under 50000?

  • This camera has auto focus which is a great addition.
  • The battery back is quite good.

What is not so good about this DSLR?

  • It would have been great if this DSLR supported WiFi.

Canon 700D: 18MP, 18-55mm, 180 Shots

Canon 700d in india

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 36,999

Buy @ Flipkart for Rs. 36,999

Maximum resolution18 MP
SensorCMOS, 22.3 x 14.9 mm
Display Size3 Inch LCD
Processor TypeDIGIC 4
Auto Focus Points9
Continuous Shooting5fps
Video1080 30p
ConnectivityUSB, HDMI, Pictbridge
Battery440 Shots
Weight525 grams
Lens Included18-55mm + 55-200mm

Why you must go for this Camera?

  • It has a 3 inch touch screen which will play an important role while checking out pictures as well as setting the right mode for the shoot

Why not to go for this Camera?

  • It does not support WiFi

Nikon D3400: 24.1 MP, 1200 Shots

Nikon D3400 in India

Buy @ Amazon for Rs. 38,400

Buy @ Flipkart for Rs. 37,960

Maximum Resolution24.1 MP
SensorCMOS, 23.5 x 15.6 mm
Display Size3 TFT LCD
Processor TypeExpeed 4
Auto Focus Points11
Continuous Shooting5 fps
Video1080 60p
ConnectivityUSB, HDMI
Battery1200 Shots
Weight395 grams
Lens Included18-55mm + 70-300mm

Why you should by this DSLR Camera?

  • This camera has a good battery when compared to other cameras under this price range
  • You will get two lenses of focal length 18-55mm and 70-300mm
  • You can shoot videos at 60p

What’s not to good about this DSLR Camera under 50K?

  • Its display could have been bigger

Note: You will get a semi professional DSLR camera under 50000 and it will surely fulfill all you requirements. If you are a beginner then you will be more than happy after buying a camera from the above list.

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So, as you must have seen all the above DSLR cameras are best in the category. According to me the best DSLR in this list is Nikon D5000 as it is the best value for money product. It also suits all the needs for a semi-pro photographer.

Moreover, If you are going to use the DSLR for Video shooting, then don’t forget to buy a good mic along with it. We have complied some of the best Mic in India for Video/ vlogs and Vocal Recording. I hope you liked our list of the Best DSLR Camera under 50000 in India.