Best Cryptocurrency Wallets That You can Use in 2018

Best cryptocurrency wallets: If you watch the news regularly, then you might have come across the term cryptocurrencies.These are the digital form of currencies that are not governed by any central agency. You might be recently listening about these digital currencies more than ever. This is because of the sudden surge in their costs and the number of people investing in these cryptocurrencies. The growing popularity of these cryptocurrencies has led to the people getting more interested in buying and investing in them.

If you’re one of those people wanting to own digital currency, then perhaps this is the right time. It’s believed that the costs of these digital currencies are going to increase many folds in the future, which means that if you try to buy them in the future, you need to pay more than what you need to do now. If you want to buy a cryptocurrency and spend it right away, you can do it through an exchange.

However, if you want to buy a cryptocurrency and keep it with you for some time, you’ll need a safe and secure digital wallet to store your digital currency. There are many wallets available today for storing cryptocurrencies, but it’s important that you choose a wallet that’s secure and genuine. Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency wallets to store your digital currencies.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

Before learning about the best cryptocurrency wallets, it’s important to know what exactly a cryptocurrency wallet is. In simple terms, a cryptocurrency wallet is almost like a bank account that’s used to send, receive, and store your digital currencies. The wallets also help you to transfer the digital currencies and even can help you to pay when shopping. Remember, if you want to store any cryptocurrency or want to trade in cryptocurrencies, it’s mandatory to have a cryptocurrency wallet account.

Best cryptocurrency wallets in 2018

1. Exodus

best cryptocurrency wallets

Exodus is one of the best multicurrency cryptocurrency wallets or multiple currency wallets that can hold various types of cryptocurrencies. It’s a desktop wallet, which supports Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Exodus is easy to use digital currency wallet that has good graphics features, colorful interface, and a reporting system as well. The digital currency wallet lets you have complete control on all the private keys and even encrypts them for you if needed.

Once you add some cryptocurrencies to your Exodus digital wallet, the interface shows your assets as a pie-chart. Additionally, Exodus also supports exchanging the digital assets and cryptocurrencies using Shapeshift. It also lists the assets on the basis of their percentages as a part of your portfolio, which is great. It’s not an open-source wallet, which is also good in a way since it becomes difficult to find a loophole in the software. If you want to download Exodus for your desktop, all you need to do is click here and download the wallet.

2. Bitcoin Core

best cryptocurrency wallets

Bitcoin is arguably the most popular cryptocurrencies that you’ll find today. This is why most of the people want to get their hands on this digital currency. If you’re one of those who wants to own some Bitcoins, then you also need to find a wallet to save those coins. The best way to save Bitcoins is by using the digital wallet called Bitcoin Core. It’s the original BTC client that is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux as well. The best thing about this wallet is, it’s a full node Bitcoin client, which means that it will download the newest version of the blockchain by connecting to other nodes in its first run.

The major advantage of Bitcoin Core is, it isn’t easy to link a specific payment address to your identity. This is because of the fact that the wallet downloads data about all the Bitcoin transactions happening all across the globe. It also means that you stay safe from various online cryptocurrency frauds and your digital assets stay safe. Bitcoin Core also has this capacity to make your network anonymous making it difficult for anyone to link or know your IP. When you install and run the wallet for the first time, it will create a file containing all your private keys that you can encrypt with a password. If you wish to download the wallet, click here.

3. Jaxx

best cryptocurrency wallets

Jaxx is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets that you can find today. It not only serves as a great multi-coin wallet or multiple currency wallet, it’s also a multiplatform wallet. This means that you can install and use this cryptocurrency wallet across various platforms. First developed in the year 2014, the universal cryptocurrency wallet can store Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The wallet is supposed to start supporting Ripple very soon.

The wallet has a beautiful UI that’s very easy to use, sleek, and also has shapeshift integrated into it. This means that you can easily exchange your digital assets through the wallet very easily. Being a multi-platform wallet, it can be installed and used in all the major desktop operating systems, like Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can also find the mobile app for this app that’s supported both in Android and iOS devices. Jaxx might also get hardware support very soon, which means that it will have its presence on all the available platforms. If you wish to download the wallet all you need to do is just click here.

4. Ledger Nano S

best cryptocurrency wallets

If you thought that you can only store all your digital cryptocurrency assets in digital wallets, well, you might want to think again. Today, you can many find hardware wallets that are physical devices that act as a wallet for all your digital cryptocurrency wallets. Ledger Nano S is one of those hardware wallets and arguably one of the best hardware cryptocurrency wallets that you can find today. It looks like a basic USB device when you see it for the first time but it’s not a plug and play device.

To access the features of this device, you don’t need to connect to any computer or device. The device has its own display and buttons that let you access all the features very easily. You can store your owned cryptocurrencies, complete transactions, and even exchange your digital assets using this physical cryptocurrency wallet. All you need to do is just connect it to a device and connect it to the apps. The main advantage of having a physical cryptocurrency wallet is security. Once you have all your assets in the device, there’s no way for others to access it, unlike the digital wallets that can be breached sometimes.

You can buy this device by visiting its official website or by clicking here. Additionally, you can also buy the device on e-commerce websites, like Amazon. Click here to buy the best hardware cryptocurrency wallet from Amazon.

5. Ledger Blue

best cryptocurrency wallets

Manufactured by the same company that manufactures the Ledger Nano S, the Ledger Nano Blue is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet or physical cryptocurrency wallet that’s much advanced than the Ledger Nano S. This device is bigger in size and has many advanced features that you might not be able to find in any digital wallets as yet. The device is by far the most expensive cryptocurrency wallets that you can find today and features like Bluetooth support, touchscreen, and USB compatibility make the device even more useful.

One of the best cryptocurrency wallets to store your digital assets, the Ledger Blue is a multi-currency wallet that lets you store all kinds of digital currencies. Additionally, it also lets you transact and exchange your cryptocurrencies whenever you need it. The device is malware-proof and provides you great security when it comes to keeping your assets away from the hackers. If you want to buy the device you can do it directly from its official website or by clicking here. It’s also available in online E-commerce websites, like Amazon. If you want to buy the device from Amazon, you can click here.

These are some of the best cryptocurrency wallets that you can use to store and transact your digital currencies. The list contains both the best digital cryptocurrency wallets and even the best physical cryptocurrency wallets. All you need to do is choose any one of them and store your digital currencies in them. To read more articles like this visit Trickideas. Also, if you know about some other wallets that might be featured in this article write us in the comments.


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