Best Anime Sites To Stream Anime Online for Sept 2017

Best Anime Sites: Are you a Dragon Ball Z fan just like me? Then I bet that you really want to watch Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and many more online. But you must be really confused about which the Best Anime site and where you can easily watch Anime online.

So, To give a simple and easy solution for you issue, Today I will be giving you a detailed list of some of the Best Anime sites that allows you to watch anime online for Free. Yes, You heard it right. You do not have to spend even a penny to watch you favorite animation movie of Dragon Ball Z, Doremon or Naruto.

Best Anime Sites

Their are a lot of website sites that claim to be the best or top Anime Site in the market but this is not true. Most of the Anime websites does not provide complete data while other spam people by throwing hundreds of Pop-up ads. So, I will filter out some really cool online anime streaming sites where you can enjoy your favorite anime in English.

I will however filter out some Anime Sites on some basic points which will make you feel better to watch the Anime. So that you can choose your Anime site accordingly and stream movies online. Also, I would like to add their are some anime sites which provides English dubbed animes online. Thus, In this exclusive article I will also add them.

What are Anime?

Before moving directly towards the list of Best Anime Sites online lets have a quick look at what Anime actually is. Anime has derived its name from Animation as these movies use high quality animation and graphics to provides amazing effects. Anime movies are generally Japanese Movies which became widely famous all over the world due to their content and effects.

Animes are really very entertaining and mostly leave people with a great experience. Though Anime movies were in Japenese but now they are available in English and Hindi aswell. So, Their would be no issues of understanding the series and you can enjoy to the fullest.

How to Choose The Best Anime Site?

Their are a lot of criteria which I keep in mind whenever I want to watch a movie online.

Ads: I prefer sites which really show every less ads so that the user experience is not hindered. Their are alot of site whose only motive is to show ads and earn money online. They do not give a shit about user privacy and experience.

Thus, I will try to add only those sites which show only a small amount of ads and does not create any issue while streaming Anime cartoon online.

Content Collection: Other keypoint of any Anime Streaming website is the amount of cartoons or anime series they have. I always prefer an anime site which has an ample amount of Anime Database, so that I never face issue while finding my favorite episode of dragon ball z online.

Quality: Though Quantity is a key parameter, but watching your favorite Anime in 3Gp is never favorable. So, I look only for the sites which provide good picture quality anime movies. If the quality of the anime is good, then I will surely enjoy it alot more.

So, According to me Best Anime Sites should be good enough to fulfill all the above parameter and we enjoy to the utmost level.

Now, Keeping all the talks apart, Lets move towards my exclusively complied list of Best Anime Sites where we can watch good quality, English Dubbed anime movies online.

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Best Anime Sites To Watch Anime Online Free

These are the Top 10 Best Anime Sites for Streaming Anime Online:

9anime streaming site

For those who are looking for sites like kissanime, here I present you 9anime. 9Anime is one of the best Anime site currently available online. It has a huge collection of Anime series which you can watch for hours. The best part about 9Anime is the Video Quality, 9Anime provides videos an a very high quality which will catch your eyes soon. Another good thing about 9Anime is that their are alomost no ads. I was watching Doremon in the morning and I didn’t even saw a single ad. 😀 It’s that really cool because Ads are the most disturbing part of our lives.

9Anime has a very appealing dark theme which holds us while watching Anime. Also, Mostly all the Animes has English subtitles on them which makes it very easier to understand. But not all the Anime Movie has English dubbing which can be a sad part for some guys.

9Anime has segregated its content in various categories like Genre, Newest, Upcoming, Most Watched and much more. And if you do not find what you are looking for, you can also request for that Anime movie. Not only that, If you want to Download any Anime. Just click on the Download button and Anime will be instantly downloaded on your computer.

#TrickTip: Anime are mostly Japanese made, so its not easy to find all the Anime in English dubbing. But you can easily find Anime with English Sub-Title which is called Semi-dubbed.

kissanime online anime site

If you are an Anime Lover, then the first name that comes to your mind is “KissAnime“. Kissanime is one of the oldest and best anime sites that allows you to freely stream anime English dubbed. Being the first mover in this field, Kissanime has a very huge collection of Anime movie with Subtitle in English.

Kissanime also holds a large volume of watch anime online free English dubbed. Thus, you can freely enjoy Anime movies in English dubbing without any issue.

You might get some issues at times since Kissanime runs on Javascript and some browsers like UC does not support javascripts. Unlike 9anime, you can not download your favorite episode but on the other hand you can discuss about Anime on their Forum(community).

gogoanime site online

Presenting you another anime site like 9anime called Gogoanime. This is really a great site which is visited by millions of user everyday. This site has really got a huge database when compared to any other Anime streaming site online.

Gogoanime provides you an easy way to watch English Dubbed Anime online absolutely Free. You do not have to make any signup or download anything on order to watch movie anime for free. You might find the User Interface of this site quite old but it gives you a full Japanese feel. You can filter out anime by selection through Popular, Latest etc.

If you are a busy person and does not have much time to dedicatedly watch anime on pc. Then do not worry, as Gogoanime has its amazing Mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

If you want to Download Songs in Your Phone, Just check out Best Apps To Download Music for Free!

chiaanime online site

Chia-anime is just another site like kissanime where you can get a whole lot of Anime online. The good thing about Chia-anime website is that they updated the content very frequently. Which lets you watch all the latest anime movies online for Free.

If you are a music lover, then you can also access their special collection of Anime Soundtracks absolutely free. To listen the sound track, just look for a “SoundTrack” tab on the top of the website.

watch anime online

Watch-Anime is another Anime movies website where you can easily stream your favorite anime online. This site looks a bit neat & clean and has a different UI then the above given sites. You will get a good amount of collection of you favorite Naruto and other Anime series.

What I like the most about this site is that, it gives you all the episodes of the serial under one roof. You can easily start another episode after finishing one, its quite simple. But unlike 9anime you will find one or two pop-up ads whenever you stream anime episode online.

animeseaon online anime watch

You are surely going to love this one of the Best Anime sites because of it appealing design. Animeseason is a one stop destination for a lot of anime lovers and ads hater. They have a lot of high video quality content which you will surely love to watch everytime.

The other good thing about animeseason, that I personally like is the number of ads. Animeseason shows little to no ads thus does not intervene user experience. You must surely have a look at this site if you want to watch anime online free English subbed in Australia, Uk, Canada, US.

dragonballtime online anime watch

This site really iritates me by showing ads but when it comes to watching only Dragon Ball Z, no other site can compete it. Dragonballtime has a huge lot of content curated around Dragon Ball. If you are a Dragon Ball Anime lover, then site is surely for you.

You will surely love to stream dragon ball z in high quality with English Dubbing. A good part of this site is that, it has most of the anime episode dubbed in english. Thus this site really stands out in our list of best anime sites to watch movie online.

Though most of the Anime Sites are Illegal, Here are a Few sites where you can watch Anime movies legally.

crunchyroll streaming site is an awesome legal anime website that you must surely have a look on. If you want to enjoy your favorite anime movie without any ads or interruption,then I would recommend you to visit crunchyroll.  The quality of anime movies on mobile is alos very good, hence you will have no issue in watching it on your mobile phone.

Cruncyroll has a huge collection of legal anime movies that you can watch online by taking a monthly subscription. You will get a lot of English dubbed anime and English subbed anime.


daisuki online anime watch

Daisuki has set itself part from all the other website when it comes to watching rare classic anime movies online. This site offers you the premium content that you can stream anytime anywhere absolutely free. This is one of the legal anime sites where you can watch anime for free without paying any money.

You just have to signup as a user can you can watch unlimited anime online. Also, You can save your favorite anime in watch list, thus you can watch them anytime you want. Dausuki also runs a community that has millions of users who chat with each other about anime movies. Isn’t that cool!

hulu online anime watch

As you all now is one the biggest movie streaming site online. Here alot of anime content is available on Hulu which you can stream online. You will get a very high quality anime content on Hulu which you can enjoy for hours.

But the only worst part is, Hulu is a paid service. Thus you need to pay a subscription amount to watch your favorite Anime movie online. Moreover, Hulu provides 1 month Free Trial and hence you can try it for free and pay if you like it.

Wrapping Up!

I hope that you really like our article about Best Anime sites to watch Anime movies online. If you do not want to spend a penny and want amazing quality along with quantity, then go 9anime. These are also the sites like kissanime which provide high quality anime streaming sites free.

Moreover, If you ware willing to pay and do not want a single add to be shown. You must go Crunchyroll or Daisuki. Thus, I believe you must have selected the top and best anime streaming sites online.