Best Action Camera India: Cameras for Moto Vlogging | Jan 2018

These days Action cameras are becoming quite famous in India; thanks to YouTube and a new generation of adventure junkies.

Most of the people in India are buying action cameras for things like motovlogging, adventure sports, and dash cam recording. So, I thought why not share an extensive list of the best Action Camera India which will let you know about the models that are are value for money.

When I bought an action camera for myself, I went through a lot of research. So, I thought why not share that research with you as well. You can buy these amazing action cameras at and even Banggood.BEst action camera India

#TrickTip: Banggood has got some really cheap and cool action cameras and they ship in India as well. However, at times you might need to pay customs duty and this is generally about 40-50% of the product cost.

So, before you order any product at banggood, know that you might need to put in some extra effort to get it cleared from the customs department of India. Though it is not very difficult, I thought it’s better to tell you in advance.

Coming back to the topic, the first name that comes to anybody’s mind while thinking about action cameras is GoPro. Yes, GoPro is really an amazing action camera but there are many more cameras available in India which cost much less than GoPro.

So, I will be throwing some light over top action cameras available in India along with the GoPro series. This way you can get a crystal clear idea about which camera will be the best for you to buy online.

Action cameras are really cool gadgets to have and everyone want to buy them. But straight away going for a GoPro is not the right choice as we have some really cool and cheaper Action camera in India. And if you are a first-time buyer, I can understand how overwhelming it can be to find the perfect action camera that fits your needs.

So, First of all we will have a look at a few key points you need to know before buying your action camera.

What is an Action Camera?

An Action Camera is a small little Video Camera which produces high quality videos in almost every possible environment.

Action camera are very popular among adventure lovers, Biker, travelers and a lot of people who want to capture amazing shots in different environments. Either be it a silent room, a rainy day in Chennai, a windy evening in Kutch, a frightening Bungee jumping experience in Nepal or a scuba diving experience in the deep sea of Andaman. These cameras record high quality video, which you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Because they support a large number of mounts which enables them to be fixed on almost anything like a Helmet, Surfboard, Selfie Stick, Crane etc. For this reason, action cameras became widely famous for Bike Helmets, Dash Cams, sky-diving, trekking, under water activities. These are not like DSLR Cameras but better for more adventures things.

How To Choose an Action Camera?

Shape, Size and Weight

Action camera in India comes in various shapes and sizes which makes them convenient for certain applications. Most action cameras are box-shaped which makes them Ideal for Chest Mounting. While some people prefer bullet shaped design action camera’s for helmet mounting.
Moreover, Compact and Light weight action camera are most suitable for mostly all the purposes.

Frame Rate

Frame Rate is the frequency at which frames in the video sequence are displayed. It is measured in frames per second (fps). So, Higher frame rates allow you to shoot high-quality videos with better slow motion. But on contrary higher frame rates has a drawback that it results in the reduction in resolution as they require more data to be data to be written to the card.

On an average, Frame rates of 30-60fps are really great for mostly all the sports and action shooting. You can even go for higher frame rates like 120fps or 240fps which gives better quality in slow motion. But they will definitely cost much higher than the lower frame rate action cameras.


As action camera are meant to be used in different environments, waterproofing quality of the camera should be really good. Most of the cameras provide a clear waterproof housing that allows you to use them at depths of 30 meters or more. While some action cameras are also water-resistant upto some depths without using a housing.

Let’s say you are riding with a camera mounted in your helmet and suddenly it starts raining. So make sure that the camera has a good waterproofing.

Battery Life

Battery Life is one of the key points that you must surely look at before buying an action camera for helmet/motorcycle or anything else. Most of the action cameras have a battery life of about an hour of continuous shooting.

Moreover, Much more battery is consumed when you shoot a video on higher frame rates. So, It’s more advisable to shoot videos at lower frame rates of about 30fps. Furthermore, Action Cameras with longer battery life are much expensive than others, so the better option is to use a spare battery for your action cam in India

Tip: Using Action Cameras in very cold or very hot conditions will reduce battery life.

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Best Action Camera India January 2018

So, Now I’m going to list some of the best Action Camera that you can buy online in India. Also, I could have added some really cheap Action camera also but they are just like burning your Money. Hence, I had only listed a few action cameras which are value for money.

GoPro Hero5 Black

gopro hero5 black india

GoPro Hero5 Black is one of the Best Action Camera ever built in the world. This camera lets you Capture stunning 4K video and 12MP photos. You can use this action camera in various modes like single, burst and time lapse.

This tiny little action camera is best action camera for motovlogging if you are looking for spending good amount of money. The best feature it has is Voice Control, which allows you to select various functions of the camera just by giving vocal commands.

GoPro Hero5 Black Specs
Max Video Resolution4K/30fps
Max Photo Resolution12MP/30fps
Water Resistance33 Feet
Voice ControlYes
Video StabailzationYes
Battery Size1220 mAh
Continuous Video Shooting2.15 Hours @ 30fps

GoPro Hero 4 Black

gopro hero4 black india

Now, The next camera we have is a Go Pro Hero 4 Black, which is a older version of Hero5. Hero 4 is a bit bigger in size than Hero5 but it is a really great action camera for bikers. Alot of people use this 4k Action camera for YouTube in India.

GoPro Hero4 Black Specs
Max Video Resolution4K/30fps
Max Photo Resolution12MP/30fps
Water Resistance40m
Voice ControlNo
Video StabailzationYes
Battery Size1030 mAh
Continuous Video Shooting1:50 hr (720p, 120fps)

Sjcam 5000 Elite

sj5000+ wifi india

This is the best budget action camera India, according to me. If you really want to start Moto Vlogging or travelling or want the best action camera for helmet. I would suggest you to go with this SJcam 5000 Elite. SJcam 5000 Elite has a very good quality lens and its battery life is also good.

Its price makes it the Best Action Camera under 10000 in India and believe me it really is. If you are a beginner and can spend some money on the camera then you must go for it without any second thought. Even I have this one and it works like a charm. This action camera works really good for motorcycle helmets. The best part is you will also get a set of mounts absolutely free which makes it the best buy.

Moreover, I would recommend you to buy a Spare battery and a charger along with this camera if you are planning to do long rides. This is said to be a camera like gopro but cheaper.

Sjcam 5000 Elite Specs
Max Video Resolution4k/30fps
Max Photo Resolution12MP/30fps
Water Resistance30m
Voice ControlNo
Battery Size900 mAh
Continuous Video Shooting1:20 hr (720p, 120fps)
ExtraFull Mount Set

Xiaomi YI

Xiaomi Yi action camera

If you do not want to spend much on your action camera, here is a Budget action camera for you. Xiaomi YI is quite famous in India as it produces great camera quality and comes just under Rs.7000 in India.

It has a Bluetooth which connects the camera to your smartphones through a Mobile App. You can record 1080p videos and has 16MP camera for clicking pictures. With the image stabilization feature, videos and pictures become really amazing.

The only thing that do not like about this camera is that it does not support an external mic. If you want to record videos while riding a bike at higher speeds, you will get wind noise. So keep that in mind while purchasing any action camera. But if you want it for regular purposes, the internal mic of this camera is the best.

You will also get a water casing, YI selfie stick and a remote to click underwater pictures.

Sjcam 4000 Wifi

sj4000 wifi india


This is another action camera by Sjcam which was launched before Sjcam 5000. Sjcam is widely used by a lot of people as a action camera for YouTube in India. This camera is really cheap when compared to other action camera available in the market. Sjcam 4000 wifi is a great value for money product if you are not going to frequently use this.

Moreover, If you are a beginner and are really tight on pocket, then you can go with this action camera. You will also get a set of mounts with this which helps you save a lot of money. With discounts, This is nearly the best action camera under 5000 rs in India.

Sjcam 4000 Wifi Specs
Max Video Resolution1920 x 1080/30fps
Max Photo Resolution12MP/30fps
Water Resistance30m
Voice ControlNo
Battery Size900 mAh
Continuous Video Shooting1:10 hr (720p, 120fps)
ExtraFull Mount Set

I hope by now, you must have ordered your Action Camera and will soon start shooting some fabulous videos. Though we will this post updated with the new Best Action Camera India. Do comment if you want you to add any other camera in the list. If you need a mic along with the camera, do not hesitate to click the link.

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