Bad Actors in Bollywood Who Need To Rethink About Their Profession

If you ever feel bad about yourself for not knowing what you’d end up being in your future, at least you have all the doors open to pursuing what you are good at. Imagine some of the bad actors who have already made it to Bollywood and still aren’t worth it. Some of them are overrated for other factors. Others have just managed to make a debut and are stuck either being a flop flicks or quietly taking steps backward and disappearing into thin air. Let’s have a look at a list of bad actors (in no particular order) in Bollywood who are bad at what they do.

Bad Actors We All Wish Would’ve Had a Different Career

Tusshar Kapoor

bad actors

I know, recent movies, like Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3, and Golmaal 4 didn’t seem bad after all. Tusshar Kapoor pulled off the roles okay and has managed to keep us entertained. But, let’s not forget Tusshar stayed shut in all these relatively better movies. Maybe Tusshar is bad with dialogues and fails to match what he says with his expressions. Whatever it is, we all have tolerated more than we could and it’s for good that Tusshar doesn’t get to speak in these movies. If you have forgotten how bad of an actor he had been back when he had dialogues in movies, watch a scene from Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai and you’ll  be blessed with the realization.

Himesh Reshammiya

bad actors

Himesh Reshammiya is one of the self-claimed multi-talented actor/singer/music director/distributor/lyricist/producer/story-writer who spins everything together and magnificently fails at each. He’s tried really hard at singing and so did people at liking him. He tried sounding different from the conventional music style of Bollywood and ended up bringing music that’s hard to ears. To be honest, acting is clearly not his forte and he’s made us his lab rats for his unsuccessful acting attempts. We have an amazing example of his bad acting skills. The movie “The Xpose” that was supposed to be a thriller had the weirdest dialogues. To add to it, Himesh failed at delivering the weird dialogues, which made it weirder.

Salman Khan

bad actors

Sure Salman Khan is one of those blockbuster actors with most movies crossing a 100 crore. But, there’s no denying he’s left his acting skills in the past and moved on picking stories from Tollywood. We remember amazing movies, like Andaaz Apna Apna and Hum Saath Saath Hein where he knew how to limit his acting to a degree that’s nice. Recent movies have more of repetitive lines that a hero has to keep saying frequently just to remind us he’s the hero. Plus his exaggerated expressions are too much for the senses to take. I repeat myself, the old Salman Khan was amazing. But we miss him and aren’t a big fan of what he has to offer now.

Nargis Fakhri

bad actors

Nargis Fakhri made a debut with Rockstar and has bagged a number of movies after that. But sadly, her acting skills are as basic as ever. Maybe one of the biggest problems for her is her accent that doesn’t allow her to express herself properly. But her expressions fail to go with what she says and confuses the viewers. Remember the scene where Ranbir Kapoor proposes Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about.

Katrina Kaif

bad actors

A lot of people might get offended seeing her name in the list of bad actors, but it is true. People are generally impressed, since her nicely toned body shadows her bad acting skills. Pretty much like Nargis Fakhri, her accent is the catch for her. But that’s also her charm. Her flat facial expressions when she expresses love, sadness, joy, and almost everything has wooed so many fans. People have a mixed opinion about her dancing as well. While some find it really impressive, others just say she barely manages to shimmy shake her entire body. You know what I am talking about if you have watched Chikni Chameli.

Sonam Kapoor

bad actors

Sonam Kapoor has a great sense of fashion and is known as “fashion diva”. She’s established fashion as her forte so much that her acting skills don’t receive any appreciation. Also, her acting skills need a lot of polish and she has to work better. But we’ve not witnessed many movies being offered to her. Some of her movies, like Ranjhana, had better reviews but she ruined all the good impression by exaggerating her acting in Khoobsurat.

Bipasha Basu

bad actors

The fact that we don’t get to see Bipasha Basu in movies anymore is the proof and consequence of her bad acting skills. We still wonder how she even managed to get roles in movies that she did. name any of her movies and you would never have appreciated her acting. Most of her popularity stemmed from the fact that she and John Abraham were dating. She would have a better career as a model. One of the movies that display Bipasha’s bad acting skills is “Dum Maro Dum“.

Ameesha Patel

bad actors

Yes, Ameesha Patel is history but her name had to be on this list. While we all remember all the songs from the movie “Kaho NA Pyaar Hai” for being great, we also remember Ameesha Patel’s bad acting skills. While over-acting was a thing back in that decade, Ameesha took it to another level. After we moved to more realistic acting, most actors changed their way of acting to conform and adapt to the changes. One of the actors who failed to do so is Ameesha Patel and that’s why her acting career soon declined.

While the list of bad actors can go endless, we tried to bring 8 names to you who really need to consider changing their profession. This article educates you so that you are saved from spending money on theatres to watch these bad actors. If there’s any name that comes to your mind, share with us by commenting the name.

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