The Ultimate Phone Battle: Apple iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Apple iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most trending things to talk about. To begin with, both phones are packed with features that are new to us. Apple and Samsung have been two of the brands that have always been on top in the market for bringing newer features in phones. So, here’s a list of features that are similar and unique for both phones.


While Samsung had been making bezel-less phones, this is the first time for Apple, that it introduced bezel-less edge-to-edge design in iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8. The front and back of both phones are made of glass, with metal frame. The home button is absent for both phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a pressure sensitive panel and iPhone X has a normal panel that has the icons.

What makes them different is the fact that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is larger and heavier. While iPhone X measures 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 measures 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6mm and weighs about 20 grams more. What makes them different is the fact that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is larger and heavier. While iPhone X measures 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 measures 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6mm and weighs about 20 grams more.

Talking about security, you can secure Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using your face as well as a fingerprint (on the backside), whereas an iPhone X only uses face ID and no other means of a security system. Both the phones are resistant to water and dust and have a wireless charging system. The available colors for iPhone X are silver and space gray. Note 8 is available in maple gold, deepsea blue, midnight black, and orchid gray.


Both Note 8 and iPhone X have 12-megapixel dual-rear camera that gives pictures the “bokeh” effect. Bokeh effect lets you focus on the subject and get the background blurred. Both cameras offer a dual-tone flash, autofocus, and optical image stabilization. iPhone X makes it camera more efficient by giving the pictures a studio effect through a feature called “portrait lighting”.

The front camera of iPhone X is 7-megapixel, while Note 8 has an 8-megapixel front camera. Despite the fact that the iPhone X has a 7-megapixel camera, it is superior since it is a “TrueDepth” camera that maps the face using dot projector. Using this and other features, like flood illuminator and infrared camera, iPhone X can let you make Apple payments through face recognition.


Besides a little space at the top for speakers and camera, iPhone X has utilized all the space for the screen. In case of Note 8, there are bezels both at the top and bottom. Taking an extra moment to talk about this bezel-less design, while it gives edge-to-edge screen space it makes the phone really fragile. Both iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have OLED display. While Samsung has had a number of other of phones with an OLED display, it is the first time for Apple that a phone has OLED display. This gives Samsung an extra point in the iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 war.

Software And Operating System

As obvious as it is- iPhone X runs on iOS 11 which is the latest operating system for Apple. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 uses Android 7.1.1 and can be upgraded to the latest version of it, that is Android Oreo.

Battery Life

Both iPhone X and Note 8 have a wireless charging. though that is how the phone is built, you still need to buy the charging means separately as it does not come in the box. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a 3300 mAh battery, whereas battery life for iPhone X has not been exactly disclosed. It is said to last 2 hours longer than iPhone 7.


Apple iPhone X comes has variants- one comes with 64GB of internal storage while the other one comes with 256GB of internal storage space. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with 128GB or 256GB internal space. For Note 8, you can use a microSD card and expand its storage space up to 512GB. In the iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 war, iPhone X has a RAM of 3GB while Note 8 has a RAM of 6GB.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8- Special Features

when you talk about iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8, both have unique features and most of them are found in both. So, to find out which one you would want to buy, the best thing to do is- find out what special features both phones have to offer.

Pretty much like most Note series in Samsung, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with an S Pen stylus that lets you conveniently draw and write. This is a feature that lacks in an iPhone. In fact, certain features are designed such that you would definitely want to use your S Pen stylus. For example, using your S pen, if you highlight a part of the text, you get the translation of it right away. Also, using your S Pen, you get GIFs for hand-written texts on “live messages”.

One of the problems with iPhone X is, while it uses an amazing face recognition technology, ut has omitted finger-print authentication system. This leaves no choice for the user. Besides this, Apple iPhone X does not have a headphone jack, which means you will be forced to use AirPods- Apple’s new invention that operates without chords.

The face recognition technology also lets iPhone X create and customize emojis for yourself, which is called “animojis” by Apple. Though FaceID is the only authentication system in iPhone X, it is worth to note that this authentication system is highly accurate.

Final Thoughts

Both Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone X are high-end phones, and definitely costliest of all the previous ones. Making a comparison, Note 8 is relatively cheaper than iPhone X if money matters. When we take a look at the unique features, it implies that Note 8 is more flexible as compared to iPhone X. Though most features are same, just a couple of features make Note 8 a better buy for the amount of money you pay.

That being said, whether you would want to buy iPhone X or Galaxy Note 8 depends on factors, like if you prefer Siri and iOS better or Android. So, go ahead and choose for yourself what you find worth!


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