Android Developer Options Background Process Limit [Sept Exclusive]

Android Developer Options Background Process Limit: Are you looking something technical? Do you want to increase the performance of your phone? Are you irritated because of your Mobile hanging issues? If yes, then you are at the right place as here you will get solution for all the issues.

Alot of us generally face a lot of hanging/lagging issues with Android Mobile phone. So, We wonder how to resolve this issue without increasing the external memory card of the phone. I have a solution where we can Android Developer Options Background Process Limit.

Now, you must be wondering what is Background Process Limit actually? Don’t worry I will give you a full explanation of this issue in this article so that your phone starts working absolutely fine.

Android Developer Options Background Process Limit

First of all, Our Android Mobile phones either they are on Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat or Oreo. Have a function where you can change background process limit. This is the number of processes which work all the time in the backgroud without letting you know. So, higher the number of background process running on the phone, higher is the RAM and Battery consumption. Thus for the optimal usage of smartphone resources it is recommended to change the background process limits.

Furthermore, By default the background process limit of every device is set to standard process which is an ideal option. But if you really want to poke you phone and try something extra with your Android device, then their are 4 more options that you can choose. You get options like At most 1 process, At most 2 processes, At most 3 processes and At most 4 processes.

So, Now you must be thinking what is the exact difference between these various option and which one is better to use. If you got scared by these tech terms, then don’t be, we will make your phone awesome again 😀

Android Developer Options Background Process Limit

If you are using the default background process of your phone, then it will run all the apps that you used, simultaneously even if you are not using them. This will make your phone work slowly as the memory and CPU power has been distributed among all the apps running in the background. On the other hand, if you don’t set any Background process then the Apps will close automatically as soon as you exit from them.

At most 4 processes, your phone runs only last 4 apps in the background even if you had started and closed several apps simultaneously.

Let me give you an example, If you have set your phone at atmost 2 processes and simultaneously run 5-6 apps, then only 2 apps will be running on the background. Other apps will get automatically get closed.

android mobile fixed

I hope you must have understood what’s actually cooking in the Background processes of your Android Phone. So, lets see how you can set Developer Options Background Process Limit in your Android Smartphone. 

How to set developer options background process limit in Android

Before you start poking your android device, let me aware you that you might face some issues if you do not complete this process in the right way. So below are the steps for Android Developer Options Background Process Limit:

  1. Open your Mobile settings
  2. Tap on Developer’s option. For this click on About Device >> scroll down to “Build Number” >> Tap 7 times continuously on it and you will get access to the developer’s option.
  3. Turn on Developer’s option and tap on it.Developer option Android
  4. Now tap on “Limit background processesDeveloper option Android
  5. Tap on which ever Background Limit you want to set.
    Android Developer Options Background Process Limit

So just by following the above mentioned points you can easily go into Developer Options of your mobile and limit the background processes.

Note: Developer option is different for most of the Phone. You can check this guide to enable developer option for Limiting background processes for your phone.

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Feeling confused? You can check out the below embedded video so a quick snap about Android Developer Options Background Process Limit.

I hope now you can easily change the developer setting on your phone. And your issue regarding Android Developer Options Background Process Limit has been resolved by now. If not, then feel free to comment below with your query.