Airtel USSD Code for Airtel Net Balance Check, Airtel Balance Check

Airtel USSD Code & Airtel Net Balance: Hey Friends, Do you want to check your Airtel 4G Net Balance, Airtel Main Balance or your own Airtel Number or even Airtel net balance offers? Then you have landed on the best page for that.

As here I will be telling you about all the information regarding Airtel USSD Code list. You can use them to find various services offered by Airtel 3G or Airtel 4G on your Mobile Phone.

First of all, let me congrat you that finally Airtel has reduced their prices and its easier to addord Airtel now. Unlike previously when Airtel was charging for calls and Internet like anything. I beleive this is all because of Jio effect. ????

Gone are the days when you have to ask you friends regarding how to check Airtel data balance or Airtel net balance check in your Airtel Prepaid sim. Now i’m here to help you mate. I had compiled a whole list of Airtel USSD codes which can be used not only by Airtel Prepaid sim used but also by Airtel Postpaid users. 🙂

AIrtel USSD Code

Though, this post is about Airtel USSD codes list, in the past I had already given you various tricks. Those are the tricks to get Airtel Free Internet, BSNL Free Internet, Tata Docomo Free Internet, Reliance Jio Free Internet Tricks and even Dish TV Free Recharge. So, You can surely have a look at any of these and grab your self a Free Internet Recharge aswell.

Moreover, I have listed all the USSD Codes of Airtel in table form, so that it becomes easy for you to go through each of it and find what you are looking for. I had also given a few state wise Airtel USSD Codes which you can use especially for your city/state.

Thus, you can easily know about How to check Airtel Net Balance, How to check balance in Airtel, Airtel 4G balance check, Airtel Customer care, Airtel data balance check, Airtel Balance check, Airtel Balance check code and much more.

Have a look at Jio USSD Codes

So, Make sure to go through the full article of Airtel USSD Code list and find what you are looking for. Because I had listed each and every code for Airtel Postpaid and Airtel Prepaid users. And don’t hesitate to comment below if you think I missed any USSD Code. 😉

Important Airtel Code List:

Their are more than 100 Airtel USSD codes, so I had categorized them. So that you do not have any issue while finding the required Ussd code.

Have a look at some of the most important Airtel USSD Code:

Airtel ServiceCode
Check Airtel 4G Net Balance*121*8#
Check Airtel 3G Net Balance*121*8#
Check Airtel 2G Net Balance*121*8#
Check Airtel Night Data Balance*123*197#
Take Airtel Loan *141*10#
Check Airtel Main Account Balance*123#
Check Airtel SMS (Message) Balance*123*2#
Check Own Number Airtel*123*1#
Check Airtel Special offer*121*1#
Activate Airtel VAS SMS “START” to 121
Deactivate Airtel VAS SMS “STOP” to 121

So, The Airtel USSD codes that you saw above, were some of the most important USSD codes according to me. Now, I will list all the codes according to Airtel Data Check Codes, Value Added Service Codes etc.

Airtel Net Balance Check Code (Airtel 4G Data Balance )

As almost everyone is using Internet Data nowadays, so the need to check the Net balance has also increased. So, Here I will provide you only the Codes to check your Airtel Net Balance.

Airtel ServiceCode
Check Airtel 2G Net Balance *123*10#
Check Airtel 3G Net Balance *123*11#
Check Airtel 4G Net Balance *121*8#
Night Net Balance Check Airtel*123*197#

In the above tables, you got to see all the codes required to check Airtel Internet Data Balance. These codes were for Airtel 4G Net balance Check, Airtel 3G Net balance Check and even Airtel Night Net balance Check.

So, Now let’s move to other Airtel Ussd code list where you can check other Value Added Service (VAS).

Check My Airtel Number

Their are a lot of times when you buy a new sim and forget about its number. So, to your relief, their is a USSD code through which you can easily get to know own Airtel Number.

You just have to Dial the below given and your Own Airtel Number will be displayed on the Mobile Screen.

Check Your Own Number Airtel*121*1#

More Airtel USSD Code with Balance check:

Below are other Airtel USSD Code that you may require for different purposes. You just have to open your Mobile Phone keypad and Enter the given Code. That’s It! You will get the required information on your screen itself.

Airtel ServiceUSSD Code
Airtel Customer Care Number121
Airtel Complaint Number198
Airtel Main Account Balance Check*123#
Check Airtel Sim Validity*123#
Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Code*141#
Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance*123*6#
Airtel Night Net Balance Check*123*197#
Airtel Voice Pack Balance Check*121*2# and Press 2
Check Airtel SMS Balance*121*2# and Press to 3
Airtel Recharge by CouponDial *121*3# and Enter Coupon Code
Hello Tune Airtel Number*121*4#
Check Airtel Active Services*121*5#
Airtel Digital TV Details Number*121*6#
Airtel last 5 call details codeDial *121*7# and then Press 1
Airtel Value Added Service Check CodeDial *121*7# and then Press 2
Airtel last 5 call charges details codeDial *121*7# and then Press 3
Airtel Last 5 SMS Details CheckDial *121*7# and then Press 4
Airtel Last 5 Data Charges DetailDial *121*7# and then Press 5
Airtel Last 5 Recharge Details CodeDial *121*7# and then Press 6
My Airtel My Offer code (My Airtel Offer Code)
Airtel 3G Activation ussd CodeSMS 3G to 121
Airtel Missed Call Alert Service Activation Code*888#
Airtel Missed Call Alert Service Deactivate Code*888#
Airtel Talktime Gift Service(Send/Ask Talktime)*141#
Airtel GPRS Activation*567#
Airtel Loan USSD Code*141*10#
Airtel offers available on usageDial 12131
Airtel Twitter Service*515#
Airtel Facebook Service (Re.1 per Day)*325
Airtel Special 5 Offers*222#
Airtel Live Services*321#
Airtel Special Offers and Rewards*566#
Port Airtel NumberSMS PORT to 1909

Aaha! The list was long but I tried to cover all the important Airtel USSD Code that you would require time to time.

Must Read:

Do Not Disturb Airtel Service

I had kept this section of Airtel Do Not Disturb Service Code because people really get confused. Airtel allows used to allow or disallow DND service partially and completely. Which Means, You can start or stop the DND SMS on the basis of your preference.

Airtel ServiceSteps
Airtel Do not disturb ActivationSMS “START 0” to 1909
Do not disturb Airtel Deactivate NumberSMS “STOP 0” to 1909
Start Airtel Do Not Disturb for only Selected CategorySMS “START” to 1909
Stop Airtel Do Not Disturb for only Selected CategorySMS “STOP” to 1909

Preference Category:

  • Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards – 1
  • Real estate – 2
  • Education – 3
  • Health – 4
  • Consumer goods and Automobiles – 5
  • Airtel – 6
  • Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT – 7
  • Tourism and Leisure – 8

Just Enter the category Number in the SMS which you want to Allow or Stop.

If you want to completely stop DND SMS from Airtel then, use the above method to stop the DND Completely. And If you want to receive some category of SMS then use can use the other step that i had told.

Isn’t that really great as you can set your preference by just sending a SMS to Airtel.

Airtel Pack Activation Codes

Their are lot of times when you want to acitvate some specific plan and have Main account balance in your Airtel sim. But you feel consfued of how do use that main balance for specific plan activation. Is that so, with you too? Then do not worry my friend, Because below I will list some of the most widely used Packs and its Code to activate.

Airtel PackActivation Process
Airtel 2G Cyber Cafe,1 Hour Pack @ Rs.9*121*8# then Press 1 for Activation
Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details*121*8# then Press 2
Airtel 4G Internet Pack Details*121*8# then Press 3
Airtel Internet Data Loan Code*121*8# then Press 4
Airtel 50 SMS(L+N) Pack*121*10# then Press 3
Airtel 10 L+ N Minutes*121*10# then Press 4
Airtel 50 A2A Night Minute Pack*121*10# then Press 5
Airtel (20MB/day) Data @ Rs.7*121*10# then Press 6
Airtel Roaming Pack Details*121*10# then Press 7
Airtel SMS Pack Details*121*10# then Press 8
Airtel Special Exclusive Packs*121*30# and Enter 44
Airtel Voice Packs Details*121*30# and Enter 44, then Press 1
Airtel Data Pack Details*121*30# and Enter 44, then Press 2
Airtel SMS Pack Details*121*30# and Enter 44, then Press 3
Check your Airtel Voice Pack Detail*121*10# then Press 0, then type 10 and select 3
Check your Airtel Pack Details*121*10# then Press 0
Check your Airtel 2G Data Pack Details*121*10# then Press 0, then type 10 and select 1
Check your Airtel SMS Pack Details*121*10# then Press 0, then type 10 and select 2
Airtel Voice Pack Details*121*10# then Press 9

Explanations for Airtel Packs:

Airtel 50 SMS(L+N) Pack: Get 50 Local + STD SMS for 1 day at just Rs 5.

Airtel 10 L+ N Minutes: Get 10 Local + STD minutes at just Rs 5. These minutes will be Valid till today midnight.

Airtel 50 A2A Night Minute Pack: Get 50 A2A Local Night Calls 11PM-6am at just Rs 5 which will be Valid for 1day only.

I Hope the above mentioned Airtel Pack Activation USSD codes will surely help you in the times when you need them.

Do You Know?

Chargeable Services

So Till Now you have seen the services and USSD Codes of Airtel where you do not have to spend any money. But their are some Premium services that Airtel provides to it users. But they charge a bit of money. So, Below i’m listing some of the Airtel Services where you can be charged a bit on using the code.

Airtel ServiceCode
Hello Tunes Service543211
Airtel Live Services543212
Airtel Music Station543213
Background Music During Call543214
Song Catcher543215
Chat With Friends543216

What is USSD Code?

You must have heard alot about using USSD Codes but most of the people do not know what actually USSD Codes are. Or How USSD Codes work to give your Mobile Sim information. So, If you have ever thought so, then do not worry here I will give you a quick information about what actually USSD Codes are.

First of all, USSD Codes stand for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. Confused even more? USSD is a Protocol that works upon pre defined rules and regulations. These protocols has been set by your Network operation and whenever you enter a predefined value, a protocol runs and you get the information directly from your operator.

You can do a lot of stuff that I had already discussed about. It is all an automatic process which has been already made by humans. Moreover, Most of the USSD Codes are different for every Network provider.

How To use Airtel USSD Codes?

Since you have completely understand what USSD codes actually are. Now lets see how you can use them. First of all Using USSD codes is damn easy. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Open Dailer Keypad of your Phone
  2. Enter the desired USSD code
  3. You will get the Results on the screen.

See, I told your it’s dam easy mate! Now you can easy check your Airtel Net Balance, airtel 4g data balance check, airtel 4g balance check ussd etc.

Why Do You Need Airtel USSD Codes?

Alot of people actually ask me why do we need USSD codes. So the straight forward reason is that their are alot of queries that we have from our operator. Thus, inspite of calling our operator again and again, we can just enter the predefined Airtel USSD Code and get the required information.

So, This allow to lower the burden of ourselves as well as the company’s.

I hope you really liked my post about Airtel USSD Code List where you got to know about How to check you own number, Airtel Balance Check, Net Balance Check, Activate various services instantly and lots more.