Airtel New Offers: Airtel Revamps Rs.349 Offer and Introduces New Plans

As the telco-war among the network providers in India intensifies, the largest telecom services provider in India, Airtel has launched some new offers to standout in the competition. These Airtel new offers are focussed on providing more data to its prepaid customers and in addition to that the telecom giant has also revamped some of its older prepaid plans as well.

Airtel new offers: Revamped Rs.349 plan

After announcing 100 percent cash back on recharge of the Rs.349 plan, Airtel has again revamped the plan. The Airtel 349 plan is a part of Airtel unlimited plan that offers the users 1.5GB 4G data per day for 28 days instead of 1GB data per day. Additionally, the plan also includes 3000 free SMSes and unlimited calling to all the local and STD numbers across the country. The revamped plan now also allows free outgoing calls while you’re on roaming network, which is an added bonus. However, this Airtel prepaid plan has its limitations since you only can have 250 minutes of free calls every day and 1000 minutes of free calls a week. Exceeding this limit would make you call chargeable with Airtel number at 10p per minute and 30p per minute for other networks.

This new and revamped Rs.349 plan now stands head to head against the Reliance Dhan Dhana Dhan offer that offers 70GB data for 70 Days and unlimited calling at Rs.399. Not only this Airtel has also announced the launch of some new plans that will take on Reliance Jio’s unlimited plans.

Airtel new offers: Rs.448 plan launched

One of the best Airtel new offers to launch recently, this prepaid plan provides 1GB 4G data daily along with unlimited calls capped at 250 minutes per day and 1000 minutes per week. Exceeding this cap will lead to you being charged 10p for calls to Airtel and 30p for calls to other networks. This plan is a rival to Reliance Jio’s 399 plan that offers 70 GB data for a period of 70 days. Airtel’s 448 plan also provides 70GB data for 70 days to its subscribers.

Airtel new offers: Other new plans launched

The telecom giant has launched four new prepaid plans for its customers valuing Rs.799, Rs.999, Rs.1999, and Rs.3999, which are valid for 28 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days respectively. Here are the details of all the newly launched Airtel prepaid data plans. 

Airtel 799 plan

This new Rs.799 Airtel prepaid plan is basically an extension of the unlimited calls and internet plan. Recharging this will allow the subscribers to enjoy unlimited calls across all the local and STD networks without any daily, weekly, and monthly capping including outgoing calls on national roaming. Apart from the unlimited calls, the plan is also bundled with 3.5GB of 4G data every day and 100 SMSes free every day. The plan is valid for 28 days and is great for people who consume a lot of data every day.

Airtel 999 plan

Subscribers recharging with the Rs.999 plan will be entitled to get unlimited local and STD calls that include national roaming and 100 SMSes every day. Additionally, the plan also offers 60GB 4G data which can be used for the entire duration of the plan, unlike other plans that limit the internet usage per day. This plan is valid for a duration of 90 days.

Airtel 1999 plan

Like the other Airtel new offers, this also provides unlimited local and STD calls that also include national roaming and 100 SMSes every day. Additionally, the plan comes with 125GB of 4G data which can be used for the entire duration. This plan is valid for a duration of 180 days.

Airtel 3999 plan

This is probably the most expensive prepaid plan of Airtel and it provides users with unlimited local and STD calls that also include national roaming and 100 SMSes every day. Additionally, the subscribers also get 300GB of 4G data free with this plan which is valid for a duration of 360 days or roughly a year.

Airtel bundled offers

To take on Reliance Jio, Airtel on Nov 17th launched some bundled offers. Airtel launched two low-cost Android based 4G smartphones with Karbonn Mobiles named the A1 Indian and A41 Power. These smartphones are priced aggressively and only cost equal to the feature phones. Airtel said that the devices will be available available at an “effective price” of Rs 1,799 (against MRP of Rs 4,390) and Rs 1,849 (against MRP of Rs 4,290) after taking into account the cash refunds on the offer.

Outlining the details of the latest bundled offers, Airtel said  that the downpayment for ‘A1 Indian’ smartphone is Rs 3,299 and for the ‘A41 Power’ smartphone it is Rs 3,349. The offer though will require you to do 36 continuous monthly recharges of Rs 169 pack. Airtel also said that the customer availing the bundled plan will also get a cash refund of Rs 500 after 18 months and another Rs 1,000 after 36 months. Which means that the customers receive a total benefit of Rs 1,500. In case customers do not wish to opt for the Rs 169 bundled plan as well. If you wish to buy these devices you can easily do so through

These are all the new and revamped Airtel plans. What do you think about them please let us know in the comments below.


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