Airtel 4G- Prepaid Plans, Postpaid Plans, and Unlimited Data Offers

Airtel is one of the best telecommunication company in India in terms of the number of subscribers and the availability of network across the country. In fact, Airtel India the largest mobile telephony provider in India and is the second largest fixed telephony provider in India next to BSNL. Bharti Airtel is also one of the first telecommunication companies to start its 4G services in the country and at present, it has 4G coverage in more than 400 major cities across India and it’s expanding at a very rapid pace by providing good Airtel 4G prepaid postpaid plans.

As per TRAI, Airtel provides the second fastest 4G speeds in India after Reliance Jio and its customer base is more than 250 million users across the country. Bharti Airtel has partnered with Huawei, Nokia, and ZTE to build and distribute the 4G network in India, which makes them so effective. The company has also started providing VoLTE in Mumbai and aims to spread it all across India by March next year.

With average 4G speeds of 9.27Mbps Airtel is still improving and trying to bring in innovation into the telecom market. The 4G data plans of Airtel varies from state to state across India. So, if you’re already an Airtel user or want to switch to Airtel from your existing telecom provider you might want to know the Airtel 4G prepaid postpaid plans before proceeding.

Airtel 4G postpaid data offers and plans

Airtel has exciting 4G plans and offers for its customers, which may differ according to their home state. The image below shows the best-selling Airtel 4G postpaid plans that are popular among people.

airtel 4g prepaid postpaid plans

The image clearly shows that Airtel 4G postpaid plans start from a mere Rs. 299 and go up to Rs. 1199 and above. You can see that the Rs. 299 and the Rs. 499 plans have roaming charges and the plans above Rs. 499 have no roaming charges. The amount of data provided by Airtel in its postpaid plans is very good, especially when compared with the price of the plan. Additionally, Airtel is also providing Monsoon Surprise Offer to its customers in which the postpaid users get 30GB of data for 3 months. This means that if you have or opt for an Airtel 4G postpaid connection, you’ll get 10GB data free every month for 3 months.

If you want to know about the other Airtel 4G postpaid plans, you can click on here to get more details.

Airtel 4G prepaid data offers and plans

Just like the postpaid plans the prepaid plans also have some difference when it comes to different states. Here are some of the best Airtel 4G prepaid plans for some selected states.

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

Name PriceValidityBenefits
100 MB 3G/4G packRs. 192 days100 MB at LTE speeds
275 MB 3G / 4G PackRs. 487 days275 MB data at LTE speeds
1GB 3G/4G packRs. 491 day1 GB data at LTE speeds
2 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 962 days2 GB data at LTE speeds
1 GB 3G / 4G PackRs. 17528 days1 GB data at LTE speeds
2 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 29528 days2 GB data at LTE speeds

Delhi and NCR

100 MB 3G/4G packRs. 231 day100 MB at LTE speeds
250MB 3G / 4G PackRs. 497 days250 MB at LTE speeds
1GB 3G/4G packRs. 511 day1 GB data at LTE speeds
1GB 3G/4G packRs. 17928 days1 GB data at LTE speeds
2 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 25928 days2 GB data at LTE speeds and extra 2 GB on 4G handsets with 4G SIM
5 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 49728 days5 GB data at LTE speeds and extra 5 GB on 4G handsets with 4G SIM


100 MB 3G/4G packRs. 241 day100 MB at LTE speeds
250MB 3G / 4G PackRs. 547 days250 MB at LTE speeds
1GB 3G/4G packRs. 934 days1 GB data at LTE speeds
2 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 1466 days2 GB data at LTE speeds
1GB 3G/4G packRs. 17527 days1 GB data at LTE speeds
2 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 29927 days2 GB data at LTE speeds


Maharashtra & Goa

150 MB 3G/4G packRs. 235 days150 MB at LTE speeds
1GB 3G/4G packRs. 431 day1 GB data at LTE speeds
2 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 975 days2 GB data at LTE speeds
2 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 17528 days2 GB data at LTE speeds
3 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 24828 days3 GB data at LTE speeds
5 GB 3G / 4G packRs. 39828 days5 GB data at LTE speeds


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Airtel free 4g data offers

With Reliance Jio providing cheap unlimited 4G data packs to lure the customers, the battle between the telecom providers has intensified many folds. To keep up with the trend almost all the telecom providers are now launching exciting unlimited data offers to gain and retain their customers. Airtel too is not far behind as it has newly launched unlimited 4G plans for its users that not only provide unlimited data but also provide free calls as well.

Airtel Rs. 399 plan

After the launch of Reliance Jio’s 399 plan, which provides the users with 84GB data with free calls and SMS, Airtel has responded with its own 399 plan. This offer is available for all the Airtel prepaid customers across India. The offer includes 84GB data with a validity of 84 days. Furthermore, it also provides unlimited calls and SMS as well to any telecom provider in the country.

Like the Jio’s 399 offer, Airtel’s 399 offer also doesn’t provide you 84GB in one go instead it provides you 1GB per day. Once you complete your daily quota of 1GB You don’t get any FUP which is the only disadvantage that this plan has when compared to Jio.

Airtel Rs. 244 offer

This plan is almost similar to the Airtel 4G Rs. 399 plan but offering lesser benefits. This plan doesn’t provide free calls to all the telecom providers but instead, Beit provides free calls to Airtel subscribers only. Besides that, unlike the 399 plan which has a validity of 84 days the 244 plan has a validity of just 70 days.

However, the plan includes 70GB data for the validity of 70 days, which means you’ll get 1 Gb data every day for more than 2 months at a very affordable price.

You can find about the other Airtel 4G prepaid postpaid plans by visiting Airtel’s official website or by just clicking here.

Steps for upgrading to free airtel 4g sim

If you’re already an existing Airtel user but haven’t upgraded to its 4G services yet, here are the steps how you can do it.

  • The first step would be to visit the Airtel 4G official page. You can do it directly by clicking here.
  • Once you visit the page look for the 4G upgrade content present in the page.
  • Then enter your existing Airtel number that you want to upgrade and check if it’s suitable for the upgrade or not.
  • If suitable you’ll need to fill up a form with the necessary details.
  • After completing the filling of the form you’ll receive your new 4G SIM card within 4 hours or the next day depending on the availability.
  • Once you receive the SIM inset it into your 4G compatible phone and start using high-speed data on it.

Steps for activating Airtel 4G in your mobile

Once you follow the aforementioned steps to upgrade from 3G to 4G, you’ll receive a new SIM from Airtel which wouldn’t be active initially. You will have to follow some steps to activate the SIM and start using the 4G services, here are the steps.

  • Insert the new Airtel 4G SIM card in your 4G compatible device.
  • Open messages and type “SIM (SPACE) (NEW SIM NUMBER)” and send it to 121.
  • After sending the text you’ll get SMS from Airtel and you have to reply 1 to confirm.
  • Type 1 in the text and send it to 121
  • Once you do it you’ll receive a text from Airtel stating “Dear Customer, We have received your request for new SIM activation on AIRTEL mobile and will be processed shortly. Your Old SIM will work till the new SIM gets activated.”
  • After some time you’ll get another message stating “Your new SIM number has been activated for your mobile number”
  • At the end, you get another SMS stating “the new SIM will be activated within 5 minutes”, which means you can start using the SIM after 5 minutes.

Once you’re done with the whole process, you’ll be able to use the 4G services of Airtel. However, it’s recommended that you go through the Airtel 4G prepaid postpaid plans and recharge a plan in your number before accessing the data services.

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