Afofee Review: Latest Update | Not Get Pending Money Back

Afofee Review: Hey Guys, Today I will tell you about Afofee Company which is giving a easy way to earn money online. They are giving  an awesome way to Earn 2.5 times of your invested money just by commenting on links. Afofee is a huge Brazilian company which was established in 2013 in Brazil.

Recently a lot of users in India has joined Afoffe plan and are earning huge money. So, In this article you will get to know everything about Afofee Plan, How to earn with Afofee, Afofee Review, if it is Scam, fake or not and Afofee Payment proof.

Afofee Review

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For Joining Afofee, Call:

Afofee Plan Starting: Rs. 6500

Afofee products: Link Commenting

Payment Status: Not Paying Currently (Last Payment 16th February)

Refund Policy: 30 Days

Update: Do not make NEFT or Only Bitcoin Now!

Latest Update:

  • Currently Afofee is Not Paying.
  • They are saying to give Money on 5th March
  • Do not Join Afofee Now
  • Plans of Afofee has changed

Afofee Plans Changed: Click Here for New Afofee Plans & Information

What is Afofee?

Afofee is one of the best ways to earn money online in the recent times. Moreover, Afofee is a Digitial Marketing company where brands get to increase ROI. They promote brands digitally in front of millions of users everyday. Afofee is a really big brand world wide and has their own shopping portal called “Zuvoki“. It also gives 252.5% return on your income in just 165 days even if you do not make a chain by adding people below you.

With Afofee Plans users have to comment on various links and gets money inreturn. So, Once you purchase a afofee review plan then you will get task everyday and on completing those tasks you will get money daily.

Moreover, This company has was started in 2013 and is headquartered at Brazil. Afofee India company also has a branch office in Vashi, Maharashtra and has presence in 7 countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, India, Bangladesh & Brazil.

Not only this, Afofee has a unparalleled competitive edge over Frihub Social Trade, WebPagelike, WebWork Adscash, DivineAds etc. as you do not have to add two members below you to activate the booster. Also, the earning from afofee ad company is higher when compared to any other Earn Money Online website of current times.

Benefits of Joining Afofee:

  • Earn Daily (All 7 Days)
  • No Booster Required
  • 8% Direct Referral Income
  • 8% Binary Promotional Income
  • ID gets Activated in 2 Hours
  • No Holidays
  • Triple your Amount in just 5 Months
  • Daily Income Guaranteed

Requirements for Joining Afofee:

To join afofee you need to have a few basic documents, make sure you have them before sign

  1. Bank Account
  2. Pancard Card
  3. Email Id
  4. Zebpay or Any Bitcoin Wallet

Earning Details of Afofee Plan:

You can earn money online with afofee login in 4 different ways. I will tell you about each earning way step by step so that you get a wide picture about the company.

  1. Daily Work Income (0.5% of selected plan)
  2. Session Income (4.25% for 40 sessions)
  3. Direct Referral Income (8% direct)
  4. Binary Promotional Income (8% of 1 : 1 ratio)

So, if you join Afofee login plan then you will have to work for 165 days regularly. If you work in Afofee without referring anybody below you, then your Income will be:

  • Daily Task Income (0.5% of your Plan) × 165 = 82.5 %
  • Session Income (4.25% Sessions) x 40 = 170%
  • Total Income = 170%+ 82.5%=> 252.5 %

Hence, at the end of 165 days or 5.5 months, you will have 252.5% of your invested money in your Bank account.

Afofee Plans & Packages:

Afofee Review plans 5 Packages from which you can select anyone, according to your pocket. Each Afofee plan will be valid for 5.5 months (165 Daysand you need to renew it once expired.

Afofee PlansPrice
Starter PackageRs. 3,250 (Currently Closed)
Professional PackageRs.7,500
Enterprise PackageRs.18,250
Premium PackageRs.37,500
Super Premium PackageRs.75,000

Moreover, Each Plan has a maximum capping of Rs.19,500 per Day. However, a person can have multiple Id’s on his name.

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Afofee Earning Details:

Earning with Afofee login depends upon the package, so lets see how much you can earn with each afofee product.

Rs. 7500 – Professional Plan 

  • Daily Income – Rs. 115
  • Total Income – Rs. 18,937
  • Comments – 5

Rs. 18750 – Enterprise Package

  • Daily Income – Rs. 287
  • Total Income – Rs. 47,344
  • Comments – 5

Rs. 37,500 – Premium Package

  • Daily Income – Rs. 574
  • Total Income – Rs. 94687
  • Comments – 5

Rs. 75,000 – Super Premium Package

  • Daily Income – Rs. 1147
  • Total Income – Rs. 1,89,375
  • Comments – 5

#TrickTip: You will get tasks daily. If you miss any task it will be gone forever. And Each Plan will be valid for 165 days only! And with Reliance Jio their is No tension of Internet. 😛

Afofee Direct Referral Income:

Another thing that makes afofee better than Social Trade is that here you can earn huge money with direct referral. “Once you refer someone, You will get flat 8% of the package amount they purchase”.

Referral amount will be added in your account directly. Moreover, To earn the referral amount the new person has to make the account using your account referral link and pay the amount.

Afofee Binary Promotional Income:

Here is the other way of earning Freebies through company. Once, you have joined a few people below you then you will automatically get money when they add further more people below them. Hence, Promotional Income becomes an easy way to grab some money apart for daily tasks.

You will get 8% as Binary Promotional Income. Binary work on 1:1 Ratio of your below team & you will get it every week on Friday.

How is Binary Measured:

Binary will be calculated by taking the common of your Left and Right Members Package Amount.  For example: If your Left & Right person takes Rs. 50,000 plan each, then your Binary Income will be 8% of Rs. 50,000 i.e. Rs. 4,000. And this amount keeps on growing when more people join below them.

How To Join Afofee?

As you must have understood all the plans and working of afofee review till Now. It time to see how you can easily Register & Join Afofee Plan:

Step 1: Go to for Signup. (Use this link if you want to Earn More Binary Income)

Step 2: Enter all details like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pan Card ID & Press SUBMIT.afofee signup

Step 3: You will get a Verification Email, along with your Username & Password. Login to Afofee again.

Step 4: Once Logged in, Click on Dashboard on Mid-Right >> Now click on Purchase E- Points dashboard e point

Step 5: Select your E-Code and Enter No. 1 in the Box & click on Add E-Code Button.

Afofee plan

Step 6: On clicking the Add E-Code Button, a popup will appear stating E-Code Successfully Added. Then Click on Click Here Blue link to Check out. afofee-final

Step 7: On the next page you will see Depostiable Amount & Selected E-Point. Cick on Now Check Out for Payment.

selected e point afofee

Step 8:  After clicking Checkout, Select Any Indian Bank option(For Indian Users) & Bitcoin for Non-Indian users. Select the Admin Bank, you will get the Account No. of the bank. OR

Step 9:  Once you paid the amount of the package. Fill in all the details in Indian Bank SectionAfofee Payment final

  • Payment Type: Select payment type NEFT/RTGS
  • Deposit Branch Name: Type your Bank Branch name with which you have made the payment.
  • Cheque/NEFT/Trans No.: Enter your Transaction Number.
  • Deposit Amount: Enter amount of your selected plan in “$”.
  • Comment: Type comment that you have made payment.
  • Receipt: You can also upload the receipt of your transaction as a proof.

Step 10: That’s All! Just click on Finish Now!

Step 11: Just Wait for 3-4 Hours till everything is Approved. You will get an SMS when activated.

How To Activate Afofee ID After Payment:

After making the payment and filling transaction information. You need to activate the ID by entering the E-Code.

Step 1: Click on Dashboard and then Click on View E-Code Now, Enter your password to show E-CodeAfofee View E Code

Step 2: Under Dashboard, Click on Upgrade Account. Now, Fill the Member ID, E-Code, Selected Plan and Password. Click Upgrade.Activate Afofee Account

Thats All! Your Id will be soon activate within 3 hours of filling all the details.


How To Complete Task in Afofee?

Completing tasks in Afofee is very easy. You just have to make 5 comments on the links that you will receive daily. Below is a video that can help you more to understand how the whole process of task completion works in afofee reviews.

Afofee Payment Proof:

I had already recovered my investment, its your time to earn money now. Have a look at Afofee Payment proof.

afofee payment proof

Afofee Legal Documents:

Below are all the Legal Documents of Afofee company.


afofee pancard

Brazilian COI

afofee legal brazil document

Afofee Alexa Rank

afofee alexa rank

The Alexa Rank of shows that the site is mostly opened from Brazil. And this gives a clear indication that the company is being operated from Brazil. Also, the alexa rank of afofee in the world is 47,720 (28/01/2017) which is really good.

Afofee Address Customer Care:

Head Office Afoffe Address: 

10th Floor, Top Center
Building Paulista Avenue
Bela Vista Sao Paulo ,854, Brazil.

Afofee Customer Care Number:


Email Contact

Afofee Review, Is Afofee Scam?

A lot of people must have this question in their mind. So let me try to help you out with the really big question. Actually Till now each and everyone is getting money at time. Also, the work everyday and hence you can recover your money really fast unlike other companies like Wepagelike, PayNut Digital, Pesa Marketing etc. If you work regularly then you can earn 2.5 times the amount within just 165 days.

But still I would recommend you to Invest that much that you can afford to loose. So, Choose your Afofee review plan wisely under No one’s influence.

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