Afofee Plan: Latest Afofee Review | Details About Your Money?

Afofee Plan: Hey Guys, You must have already heard about ways of earning money online. So, Today I’m going to share a very amazing way to earn 2.5X money of your investment without doing much hard work. Here is an awesome company known as Afofee plan, which is a big link exchange company of Brazil just like Social Trade.

So, In this post I will tell you everything about How to earn with Afofee, Afofee Plan , Afofee Reviews, Afofee Scam, if it is fake or not, How to use bit coin for Afofee and also Afofee Payment proof.

Work Type: Earn Money Online with Multi Level Marketing

Minimum Investment: Rs.7500

Refund Policy: Yes, 30 Day Refund Policy

Does it Pay Money: NOLast Payement was done on 16th Feb

Payment Deposit: Bitcoin

Payment Way: Bitcoin (Payments on Hold)

Is Fake: The company is gone. So don’t invest now.


  • Afofee Plans has been Changed
  • The Transactions are done only through Bitcoins
  • Currently Afofee is Not Paying.
  • Company is saying to wait till 5th March
  • Do not Join Afofee Now

Quick Benefits of

  • No Booster Required
  • 5% Direct Referral Income
  • 8% Binary Promotional Income
  • Triple your Amount Income in 5 Months
  • ID gets Activated in 2 Hours
  • No Holidays
  • Earn Daily (All 7 Days)
  • Daily Income Guaranteed

What is ? is a big advertising company, which help big brands to advertise at low cost. Afofee is one of the most renowned brand in Digital Marketing field and also has a Shopping portal.

Afofee Business Model

Afofee is a really big brand world wide and has their own shopping portal called “Zuvoki“. It also give 252.5%return on your income in just 165 days even if you do not make a chain by adding people below you.

Afofee has been in operations since 2011 and was started by Jorge safra & Douglas Flinto. Afofee is headquartered at Brazil and has presence in 7 countries including India, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia, Indonesia & Bangladesh. Moreover, Afofee has made some changes in their payment process. From now onwards, Afofee will take and give money in Bitcoin. So, I will tell you how you can use Bitcoin to give and get your Payout from Afofee.

The Best part of Afofee plan is that, You do not have to add two members below you to activate the booster like StarTouchMedia or WebPagelike. Also, the Earning in Afofee is far more than any other platform like adscash, Frihub Social Trade, DivineAds, WebWork  etc.

Afofee Vs Social Trade:

Alot of users have this question in mind about how, afofee is different than Social Trade or Web-Work or adscash. So I though to give a brief difference between both the companies as per my personal thinking. Do have a look at the difference between all the companies and invest accordingly:

CompanySocial TradeWeb-WorkAfofee
StatusScammedNot WorkingWorking Regularly
Validity12 Months11 Months5.5 Months
BoosterRequired(20 Days)Required(30 Days)Not Required
ProfitIncome StruckIncome Struck2.5X

Requirements for Joining Afofee:

In afofee you require a few important documents for verification & joining which includes:

  1. Bank Account
  2. Pancard Card
  3. Email Id

Ways of Earning with Afofee:

You can earn money online with afofee login in 4 different ways. I will tell you about each earning way step by step so that you get a wide picture about the company.

  1. Daily Work Income
  2. Session Income
  3. Direct Referral Income
  4. Binary Promotional Income

Afofee Plans & Packages:

Afofee Review plans 5 Packages from which you can select anyone, according to your pocket. Each Afofee plan will be valid for 5.5 months (165 Days) and you need to renew it once expired.

Afofee PlansPrice
Starter PackageRs. 3,250 (Currently Closed)
Professional PackageRs.7,500
Enterprise PackageRs.18,250
Premium PackageRs.37,500
Super Premium PackageRs.75,000

Moreover, Each Plan has a maximum capping of Rs.19,500 per Day. However, a person can have multiple Id’s on his name in afofee login.

Hot Picks:

How much You Can Earn Daily with Plan:

Have a look at all the Daily Earning of every plan:

Professional Package – Rs. 7500

  • Daily Income – Rs. 115
  • Total Income – Rs. 18,937
  • Plan Validity – 5.5 Months
  • Direct Income – 8%
  • Binary Income – 8%

Enterprise Package – Rs. 18750

  • Daily Income – Rs. 287
  • Total Income – Rs. 47,344
  • Plan Validity – 5.5 Months
  • Direct Income – 8%
  • Binary Income – 8%

Premium Package – Rs. 37,500

  • Daily Income – Rs. 574
  • Total Income – Rs. 94687
  • Plan Validity – 5.5 Months
  • Direct Income – 8%
  • Binary Income – 8%

Super Premium Package – Rs. 75,000

  • Daily Income – Rs. 1147
  • Total Income – Rs. 1,89,375
  • Plan Validity – 5.5 Months
  • Direct Income – 8%
  • Binary Income – 8%

#TrickTip: You will get tasks daily. If you miss any task it will be gone forever.

How To Join Afofee?

Till, Now you must have understood afofee plans and different ways of earning though it. So first of all, to start earning you have to make an account on afofee login.  Steps to join Afofee:

  1. Go to for Registration/Signup.
  2. Enter all details like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pan Card ID & Click Submit.afofee register
  3. Once the Payment is Done! Login to Afofee using your Username & Password.
  4. Now click on Purchase E- Points ( Just Below Dashboard Menu)
  5. Select your E-Code and Enter “1” in the Box & click on Add E-Code Button.afofee plan
  6. On clicking the Add E-Code Button, a popup will appear saying E-Code Successfully Added. Then Click on Click Here Blue link to Check out.afofee-final
  7. Now, select Bitcoin and then “Pay With Bitcoin“.afofee bitcoin payment
  8. On the next page, You can See the Amount & Bitcoin Address for making Payment.
    Now Pay the amount using your Bitcoin App(ZebPay). [Click on “+” >> Send/Receive Bitcoins >> B >> icon >> B icon >> Enter Afofee Name, Afofee Bitcoin Address (same as afofee site) & Amount and Tap “Send“.
    #Note: Don not close Bitcoin Window, while making Payment on ZebPay.afofee bitcoin
  9. Just Wait for 3-4 Hours till everything is Approved. You will get an SMS when activated.
  10. Click on Dashboard and then Click on View E-Code.  Now, Enter your password to show E-Code.Afofee View E Code
  11. Under Dashboard, Click on Upgrade Account. Now, Fill the Member ID, E-Code, Selected Plan and Password. Click Upgrade.Activate Afofee Account

That it! Your Id will be activate within 3 hours.

Session Income with Afofee Plan:

Below are the Session Income that you will get for Each package. You will get 40 sessions in total of 5.5 Months.

Professional Package (Rs. 7,500)

1 Session Income – Rs. 318

Total Session Income = 276×40= Rs. 12,740

Enterprise Package (Rs. 18,750)

1 Session Income – Rs. 796

Total Session income = 796×40= Rs.31,840

Premium Package (Rs. 37,500)

1 Session Income – Rs. 1,592

Total Session income = 1,592×40= Rs.63,692

Super Premium Package (Rs. 75,000)

1 Session Income – Rs. 3,186 (Best Plan)

Total Session Income = 3,186×40= Rs.1,27,476

#TrickTip: You will get Session Income 2 times a week. Session Income will start after 15 days of Joining & you will get 40 session income in the time frame of 165 days.

Exact Income Figures with Afofee Plan:

See All the Plans along with the Session Income and Daily Task Income for Each Afofee Plan you take.

Plan AmountRs. 7,500Rs. 18,750Rs. 37,500Rs. 75,000
Task IncomeRs. 37.50Rs. 93.25Rs. 187.50Rs. 375
Direct Income8%8%8%8%
Binary Income8%8%8%8%
Session IncomeRs. 318Rs. 796Rs. 1,592Rs. 3,186
Total Task Income37.50×165= Rs.6,187.593.25×165= Rs.15,468.5187.50×165= Rs.30,937.5375×165= Rs.61,875
Total Session income318×40= Rs.12,740796×40= Rs.31,8401,592×40= Rs.63,6923,186x40=Rs.1,27,476
Total IncomeTotal= Rs. 18,937Total= Rs.47,344Total= Rs. 94,687Total= Rs.1,89,375

Afofee Direct Referral Income:

Their is another amazing and most beneficial way to earn huge money online with afofee i.e. Direct Income. Direct Referral Income is “When you join any person below you then you will get 8% of the package amount they purchase”.

Referral amount will be added in your account directly after afofee account login . Moreover, To earn the referral amount the new person has to make the account using your account referral link. And the amount will directly show up once the person pays the package amount.

Afofee Binary Income:

Binary Income is the most easiest way to earn money with afofee. Once you join few people below you, then you will surely earn much more more with even doing any hard work.

You will get 8%as Binary income. Binary Income is the one which you will get every week. Binary will be calculated by taking the common of your Left and Right Member package amount.  For example: If your Left & Right person takes Rs. 50,000 plan each, then your Binary Income will be 8% of Rs. 50,000 i.e. Rs. 4,000.

How To Get Payout from Afofee?

Afofee has started a new way to giving you the Payout for the work. Due to Government regulations, afofee has sopped transferring money through NEFT. You have to make an account of ZebPay app, to receive your Payment via Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, which is used for peer to peer transactions. Their is no government authority to keep a check on bitcoin and hence it becomes easy to make transactions.

How To Use ZebPay for Afofee Payout

Below are all the steps if you are existing member of Afofee and Want to receive money from Afofee. 

Step 1. First Download Zebpay app from Here.

Step 2. Verify your Zebpay Account by Uploading your Pan Card and Bank Details.

Step 3. Deposit Rs. 1000 in Zebpay Account.

Step 4. Copy your Zebpay address.

Step 5. Now Open your Afofee account.

Step 6. Go on Profile, Under accounts section.

Step 7. Paste your Zebpay Bitcoin address.

Step 8. Verify the OTP, that You will receive on your Registered Mobile Number.

Step 9. Now You will see, Amount and Bitcoin Address.

Step 10. Copy Afoffe company Bitcoin address shown on that window (Don’t close Window)

Step 11. Now Open your Zebpay Account again.

Step 12. Send Bitcoin on Afofee Address. And Open Afofee window and wait for 5 min.

Note: After sending bitcoin to company if your account not validate after 5 min than logout your account. Automatically your address successfully uploaded in half hr.

Completing Tasks in

Completing tasks in Afofee is very easy and it will only take about 10 minutes of yours. You can however complete the tasks on Computer as well as Mobile. You just have to make 5 comments on the links that you will receive daily.

For your information, You do not have to add your facebook account details and you just have to write a few words.

Steps To Complete Daily Tasks:

  1. Login to your Afofee Account.
  2. Now click on Dashboard.
  3. Under dashboard click on Task.
  4. Now, Click on Today’s Task.
  5. Just write the comment and Click Submit.
  6. That’s All! Complete all the 5 comments to get your tasks income.

Video Description: The above video shows how you can complete daily task afofee login.

How To Get Referral Link in Afofee:

Once you have done the above steps for I.D activation. You can now earn even more money by sharing your referral link to your friends and family. You instantly get 8% of the package amount the person buys. Just follow the below steps to get your referral link:

  1. Firstly, Login to your Afofee Account.
  2. Now scroll down and You will see Referral Link Section.
  3. Just Click on Either “Left”, “Right” or “Weaker Leg” and Copy the link.
  4. Now, Share this link with your friends to earn free money.

#TrickTip: Make sure to signup using a PC or Laptop for easy registration process.

Afofee Payment Proof:

Have a look at Afofee Payment proof. I had recovered my investment, its your time to earn money now.

Latest Payment 15/02/2017 in Bitcoin

afofee payemnt proof

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Legal Documents of Afofee:

Below are all the Legal Documents of Afofee company taken from afofee website.

afofee legal brazil document

afofee legal document

Afofee Review, Is Afofee Scam or Fake?

So, I hope by now you must have understood everything about You can easily earn alot of money within just 165 days just by working online. Till now everyone is getting their earning regularly on time. I have not heard even a single case where they did not receive the money on time.

But still I would recommend you to Invest that much that you can afford to loose. It would be better not to come anybody’s influence and select your afofee plan wisely.