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Adwazo Business Plan: Hey Guys, Today I will tell you about an amazing new platform  to Earn Money Online. Adwazo Business Plan gives you and once in a life time opportunity to pursue your dream of earning money by working online.

So, lets have a close look on all the Adwazo Plan, Adwazo App, Adwazo Reviews and everything you need to know. adwazo business Plan

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Quick Facts about Adwazo Business Plans:

Type of Work: Online Work Earning

Minimum Investment: Rs. 3500

Withdrawal Amount: No Minimum Amount

Refund Policy: Yes, 10 Day Refund Policy

Risk Factor: High Risk Investment

Paying Status: Pays Money Regularly

Payment Way: Bitcoin & Bank Transfer

What is Adwazo?

Adwazo is an Influencer Marketing Portal where users have to do various tasks like Page likes, Comment, Watching Videos etc. All these tasks are done on their high-end Mobile App, which you can download from Goggle Playstore for Free.

Adwazo released its Android app internationally in September 2016 and since then it has acquired lakhs of users worldwide. A user has to become a member by paying some amount and then earn money by doing daily tasks.

The company had already delivered billion ad views to their influencers through their strong marketing network. Adwazo has some great features which includes detailed statistics and tracking, wallet system, and geo targeting, dedicated Support etc.

The company is really fast paced and works just for 22 weeks i.e.154 days just like Afofee which works for 165 days and gives amazing returns.

Some Benefits of Joining Adwazo:

  • Earn Daily (All 7 Days)
  • 10%Direct Referral Income
  • 50%Binary Promotional Income
  • Earn Fast in just 22 Weeks
  • Daily Income

Requirements To Join Adwazo:

You just need some basic documents to join Adwazo.  Just have a look belowL

  1. Bank Account
  2. Pancard Card
  3. Email Id

Adwazo Business Plan & Earning Details:

Below you see the earning details with each Adwazo Plan.

PackagesWeekly EarningValidity
$50 (Rs.3500)$522 Weeks
$100 (Rs.7000)$1022 Weeks
$200 (Rs.14000)$1522 Weeks
$400 (Rs.28000)$2022 Weeks

Rs. 3500 or $50 Adwazo Plan 

  • Weekly Task Income – $5
  • Total Task Income – $110
  • Validity – 22 Weeks

Rs. 7000 or $100 Adwazo Plan 

  • Weekly Task Income – $10
  • Total Task Income – $220
  • Validity – 22 Weeks

Rs. 14000 or $200 Adwazo Plan 

  • Weekly Task Income – $20
  • Total Task Income – $440
  • Validity – 22 Weeks

Rs. 28000 or $400 Adwazo Plan 

  • Weekly Task Income – $40
  • Total Task Income – $880
  • Validity – 22 Weeks

Direct Income in Adwazo:

When you directly refer someone or when somebody uses your Sponsor id to Signup on Adwazo, You will get 10% of the package they purchase. This is a very easy and best way to earn money with Adwazo.

It is similar to what afofee plan and Paynut Digital plans give you on referring someone through you. So, If you work hard to add more people directly below you, then you can really earn huge money with adwazo business plan. Hence, Adwazo offers 10% direct income.

Adwazo Binary Income:

Adwazo App give you an unmatched opportunity to earn 50%binary income though their plans. No other company gives such a huge binary income as this may cause issue in the company working procedure. So nin adwazo influence marketing company, we need to think twice about its Binary income functionality.

How You Can Join Adwazo Plan:

  1. Download Adwazo App From Playstore
  2. Now SignUp as a New Account
  3. Enter the Sponsor Id.
  4. Now, You will have to make the payment and you will start getting the task to earn money regularly.

Adwazo Legal Documents:

Below are the two legal documents provided by Adwazo on their website. You can also have a look at legal documents at their website.

adwazo legal

adwazo legal 2

Adwazo Review, is Adwazo Scam?

Till now everyone has got their money but I find Adwazo highly Risky. First of all the existence of the company is not known and it offers such a huge Binary income. If they will give so much of money to others, then the company might not survive for long time.

So in my Adwazo review, I would recommend you not to invest huge money. if you really want to give it a try, then just invest in the minimum plan or invest in some other better option. If you are confused in which plan you should invest, then call Now.

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