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Adscash Plan: Hey Friends, Today I’m going to share about and this has been requested by one of our beloved reader. Adscash is an online money earning website which has a similar working model as Social Trade and Web-Work. Currently both the companies has been scammed and their founders are in Jail. Many people  must have told you about Ads through which you can earn money daily.

So, In this post I will tell you everything about Adscash Pending Payment details, Adscash Customer care number, Adscash plan, How to use, What are Adcash Reviews, Adscash Trade Payment Proof and everything else regarding login.

AdsCash Plan

First of all ads is an online advertising network which brings advertisers, online advertising agencies and publishers together, to boost their return on Investment. In other words it is a link exchange company just like Social Trade and where people have to click on the links inorder to earn money sitting at home. Moreover, I would like to clear all your confusions about Ads Trade plans reviews, if it is scam or not, if is fake or not?

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Some Quick Facts about Adscash Login Plans:

Type of Work: Earn Money Online with Multi Level Marketing | Scammed

Minimum Investment: Rs.3450

Minimum Withdrawal: Any Amount (No Minimum Redemption)

Pays Money or Not: No

Payment Way: Bank Transfer i.e. NEFT

Is Web Work Trade Fake: Yes Fake. not Paying

As per the Latest Adscash News the company has stopped working.

Reliability Score: 0/10
As per the latest update from the company and fellow Asdash members. We have got to know that:
  • Adscash is Scam
  • Their is no one in the Office
  • No one is Picking Calls
  • The Founder (Mr. Garg) is Underground

What is

First of all I would like to tell you about what is Adscash actually. is an online advertising network which helps advertisers, online advertising agencies and publishers to maximize their digital return on Investment by bringing them together. Adscash Plan increase the bottom line through powerful ad technologies. By doing this Adscash delivers great quality traffic to the ad campaigns. You must have already heard about from your friends or family as a great option to earning money from the comfort of your home.

Adscash office is in Ghaziabad and the company has been growing steadily because of their Unique approach and benefits to the users. Furthermore, Adscash was started in July 2016 and they also own a shopping portal.

In simple words, Adscash plan is a Digital Marketing Company which works on Social Media Exchange Plan that helps you Earn Money by Working Online.

What are Requirements for Adscash Plan Registration?

To register with you just require a few documents as your address and identity proof. Below is the list of required Documents:

  1. Pancard
  2. Identity Proof like Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card
  3. Bank Account and Passbook
  4. Email Id

How to Join Plans?

Joining is very simple and Easy. You just need to do some necessary steps and you will be good to earn money.

  1. Signup on Adscash from here. 
  2. Enter the Sponsor ID and Select the position as Left.
  3. Now Enter your Name, Email id, Mobile Number, Pancard Number and City.adcash signup
  4. Click on Agree and then SUBMIT.
  5. Now, You will see your User ID & Password.

Payment Deposit in

  1. Login to with User ID and Password.
  2. Click on Make Payment Online Tab.adcash payment
  3. Now, Select the desired Package.adcash payment select
  4. Again Click on Online Payment.adcash payment make
  5. Hurray! You account will be activated Now.adcash dashboard

How To Update KYC Details in Login Account?

You can easily update your KYC details and it will not take more than 10 minutes. Just follow the below process to Update your KYP in Adscash account.

  1. Firstly, login to your Adscash Account & Click on Update Profile.
  2. Now, Update your Bank Details, Pancard, ID Proof.
  3. That’s All. Now you can start earning money easily.

TrickTip: Kindly Update the KYC and then only your task will come next day.

Adscash Plans and Packages:

Adscash offers 6 different plans and packages with different benefits. The validity of each plan is 12 months from the date of activation.

  1. Ads 01 – Rs. 3,450
  2. Ads 02 – Rs. 6,900
  3. Ads 03 – Rs. 13,800
  4. Ads 04 – Rs. 27,600
  5. Ads 05 – Rs. 55,200
  6. Ads 06 – Rs. 1,10,400
    adcash plan

How Much You Can Earn With Adscash Plan?

You can earn a huge amount of money by joining in Adscash. You will get different income per click according to your selected package. Have a look at the below packages to earn online as per your wish.

Ads 01 – Rs. 3450 Package

  • Daily Links: 5
  • Income Per Click: Rs. 6
  • Daily Income: Rs. 30
  • Links After Booster: 10

Ads 02 – Rs. 6900 Package

  • Daily Links: 10
  • Income Per Click: Rs. 6
  • Daily Income: Rs. 60
  • Links After Booster: 20

Ads 03 – Rs. 13800 Package

  • Daily Links: 30
  • Income Per Click: Rs. 9
  • Daily Income: Rs. 270
  • Links After Booster: 60

Ads 04 – Rs. 27600 Package

  • Daily Links: 30
  • Income Per Click: Rs. 9
  • Daily Income: Rs. 270
  • Links After Booster: 60

Ads 05 – Rs. 55200 Package

  • Daily Links: 30
  • Income Per Click: Rs. 19.8
  • Daily Income: Rs. 594
  • Links After Booster: 60

Ads 06 – Rs. 110400 Package

  • Daily Links: 30
  • Income Per Click: Rs. 41.6
  • Daily Income: Rs. 1248
  • Links After Booster: 60

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Get Free Adscash Booster:

So, You can earn even more money when your booster is activated. You can double your daily earning once the booster is activated on your ID. The Booster is activated once you join Two members below you.

You will 30 days to activate your Booster or else you can not double your daily earning. You can however, earn with binary income though.

Adscash Rewards:

You can earn huge rewards with Adscash Plan. You have to manage your Left and Right sides and you can get various free rewards like Power Bank, Mobile and even Renault Pulse Car.

Left BusinessRight BusinessReward
7000070000POWER BANK
300000300000JIM CORBETT TOUR (2 DAYS)
500000500000ADSCASH LAPTOP
15000001500000BANGKOK TOUR( 3 DAYS-4 NIGHT)
25000002500000Royal Enfield BULLET

Adscash Office Address:

Adscash Head Office:

C-25 RDC,Rajnagar

Customer Care Number:

(10:00AM TO 6:00 PM)

Admin No.

(10:00am To 6:00 pm)

adcash office address

Adscash Plan Legal Documents:

Adcash has all the Legal Documents on their site as well. Moreover, Below are some legal documents of Adscash company.

Adscash COI

 adcash coi.

Pancard of Ads cash

adcash pancard

Adscash Payment Proof:

Below you can see the payment of Adcash Income.


Adcash Review, If Adscash is Fake, Scam or Not?

Till now everyone has got their money and the site is working just fine. My suggestion will be, If you want to invest then only invest that much you can afford to loose. Moreover, Just try to get the booster as soon as possible and complete the task inorder to earn money.

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  1. Hi,
    I have few questions… as I want to start with 55,200 package with 7ID(3 of my own,3 IDs of my wife and 1 ID of my mother). Please answer me to the below so that I can take decisions to join you soon:

    1. What is the scope of its existence in future? I mean I just want to know whether it will be in existence for at least 2 years o not?

    2. I read its T&C, they say “the package is valid for 1 year only”!! What does it mean???
    3. I heard, company stopped paying to one of the Individual representative who took higher risk in this business in order to make fast money(actually, he too took 11 IDs in his own family name and initially he was getting money after after 3-4 months he stopped getting money!!) Please give good explanation on this to why he didn’t get money??

    4. Is it possible that I get myself registered under you without making payment and start earning and once I feel like I got my investment amount back..I would make payment to company?( I mean to say, for example, today I take the 7 IDs but do not make payment to company, will the company starts giving the daily task of 30links?(because I heard of this from company only where they pay you Rs7 but not in your bank account but in their portal only) and suppose I make the payment after,say,60 working days, the payment of Rs3,86400/- for 7 IDs to the company so that my all the IDs now gets activated, will the company pay me my task amount which I did in past 60 working days??? If yes, then in how many days? is it the next day? next week? or the two payment cycle day which they have?? PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION ON PRIORITY!)

    5. See, I have decided to take risk on this business opportunity, that is why I decided to invest on 7 IDs(55,200×7=Rs 3,86,400/-)….so all in all I will have to bring 8 boosters below me so as to earn 1008 daily income on each ID(which total to Rs7056 for all 7 IDs). HOW MANY BOOSERS CAN YOU HELP ME BELOW ME SO THAT MY BOOSTER GETS ACTIVATED ASAP??

    you can call me on my number 9654446141

    • Looks like you have taken it too seriously. My personal advice to you. Rather than investing 55000, invest these money in Champcoin the new cryptocurrecy of India. ask me if you want and details.

    • Hey Devashish here is more better plan than adcash which is SOCIAL TRADE (a social media exchange platform) and gives you more earning beyond your expectation.

      For further information you can call me on 9812366851

      Social Trade
      Sponsor ID

  2. I have bought three ids but having some issues about payment and site, Everyday having issues with site, it’s not working propery also payment nt coming day to day there always some issues. If ADSCash wants to grow thier business they have to improve theire management. Also they wrost customer service they never respond.

  3. Why the payment option is not available in adscash website after registration. I want to pay using my credit card and it not available now in website.

  4. My left and right has to do payment for ADS05 using credit card, currently there is no option available for payment in website. Suggest some solution for credit card payment

  5. The customer service of Ads cash is pathetic, their contact no are always busy or switch off..i must say they have to improve their Customer service first before coming in to this kind of business.

    • Hi Abhishek , Ads Cash is a great Co. and We are giving attractive offer for new joinees.
      Plz call on +91 – 8178-965-106 for more details.
      Full Support Available.

  6. They are having very poor call support with unskilled staffs.
    Asking Rewards are not available at the time of reception. How many Time one can visit over there?
    Boosters are getting expired only because of not activation of successive Ids.
    They are not having proper plan for expanding business, so candidates are facing lots of issues.

  7. Very pathetic customer service. now bonus deducted by 25% without any prior information, social trade is better than this.Without any information holiday declare. so don’t go with this

  8. Hello,
    Can u pls clear the package 13800 & 27600. Both package daily income is same. Pls clear.
    Awaiting your reply……
    I m trying to custmer care no. But always show busy……

  9. Trying to get in touch with someone from this company … All the contact numbers mentioned on their site are switched off….

  10. I myself and my friends have created almost 15 ids in adscash
    We have invested around 3 lacs .i got the worst experience is about their customer care service.i have tried hundreds of time but never successful to talk with them.most of the time their busy or switch off.
    Another issue is they r taking more time in activation. i paid on11/01/2017 but id is still not activated. what kind of service is it mr.rishabh.
    If u can help me .plz help me.

  11. adscash pkg no 4- investment of 28500 get an assured mini laptop within 60 days and daily amount of 270 rs including the TDS and admin charges.Your amount will get doubled to 440rs and a booster of 4100 rs will be credited to your bank account.No minimum transaction amount the amount is directly paid to your bank account. if you get 2 people to join under you.If interested you will be required the sponserID.SO for sponserID you need to watsapp us your name, primary gmail id, phone number and location to 8368474472

  12. Hi,
    adscash pkg no 4- investment of 28500 get an assured mini laptop within 60 days and daily amount of 230 rs excluding the TDS and admin charges.Your amount will get doubled to 460rs excluding the TDS and admin charges and a booster of 4100 rs will be credited to your bank account.No minimum transaction amount the amount is directly paid to your bank account. if you get 2 people to join under you.If interested you will be required the sponserID.SO for sponserID you need to watsapp us your name, primary gmail id, phone number and location to 8368474472

  13. Suddenly 1300 hiked on the package of 55200. One of my friend had taken 2 id’s and have made the payment of 55200. After that when he checked on the page of packege it’s shown 56500. Pls let me the pocedure of this as he has to pay again 1300 for each

  14. what special for me if i start plan 13800/- i can start 3 id and after 2 days 3 again and after 2 day 3 again and after 2 days 2 again means total 9 port in a week. so what is special for me. because i am a networker in past RMP infotech pvt ltd company. if you know that company.

  15. Hie Everyone,
    I you can invest one id under my id…..i will give you cash back of ₹18500+laptop(Worth 20000)….Offer valid for 56500 id only…Which means you will get approx 38500₹(Cash+Laptop)
    Contact me:

  16. Hi Friends , Any one who wants to join under package rs 56500 can whatsapp on 9949128013. I will explain in detail about the package .

    • Dude i think you are right because i didnt get the payment of last week yet … and adscash also did’nt gave us anytype of information about it that on which day they will payout are money….

    • ads shifts their office in bombay and will payout are money in the first week of march .. i am not sure about this news because ads itself didnt gave us any type of information about it …it may be fake or true… but from the my point of view this company is so dumb.. every second their number going busy or switched off… and from the last 2 week they did’nt gave us any noitce of not paying the money like they do before ….. 8439462878

  17. ADSCASH puri tarah se band ho chuki hai ye lok galat new bata rahe hai ki mumbai sipt kar rahe hai aap abhi ka paisa ab nahi milne wala hai

  18. All brother & and Sister ,Adscash ka Md Sandeep Garg bhi Chor h sabko lut raha h jitne log h sb ek Whatup ID p aa Jao koi bhi group Id Bana lo Aur sare Ek group m Aa kr 1 hi date ko FIR file karo yahi tarika h ese chor logo tak pahuchne ka

  19. Adscash bhag gayi lagta h, social trade and web work pe karwahi k chalte Sandeep garg moka dekh k bhag gya..Please Sabhi Bhai bahan is company k khilaaf karwahi karo.. last 3 week se payout nahi kiya sare number off h office band h aur last 3 days se site b open nahi ho rahi..

  20. I am going to do FIR against sandeep garg today in Ghazibad . If any body want to join me than contact me @ 8130555688 and 9718281110

  21. Pls add me in wats app group if there is any, my number is 09887166021. Got registered on this ads cash on 17Jan 17 and till now did not get any single penny , morever its website is also not working now. No one pics up phone in their office..Looks like it’s a bogus company

  22. Hi i have invested 7000 in about 20 days ago..but my id is not working…pls tell me what to do bcause it is hard for me to go adscash office and even their phon no. is not working…. my number is 9781502089 pls add me also in whatsapp grup…

    • Adscash is a fake company, who is cheated us. I’ve referred my 45 friends into this one. No one earned their investment back. Hence we’ve filed a fir against Adscash’s Owner Sandeep Garg. Please don’t invest any money into ADSCash and similar like companies including Social Trade, Web Works, Adswork, Adskart andTrademandra.

    • Hi I m Varun Pratap Singh. Plz add my mobile no. 9015365121 in Whatsapp group if any. I have also invested money in ads cash.i m too much worried about my money.

  23. We should wait till March 2nd week( till feb 8th we got money). Before doing any FIR we should wait. If we are so much concerned about our money and our reference money, i hope the person who has taken our money must be more worried. We will not get back our money if we’ll have no trust. Lets hope for the best. It’s easy to tell but very difficult to do.

  24. Plz add my no.9015365121 in Whatsapp group.plz inform me if u have any information regarding the payment.i have invested Rs.1,56000 in ads in the month of January 2017.

  25. DeAr all please add my no your gruap whatsapp if any lagta hai adscash ja md hamlogo ko chutia bana raha hai plz tel me if any news my no 9871400396

  26. Hi all,
    I also invested 55k in Jan 1st week, but as it happened with all, no payments in my account from second week of Feb. I also got information that I shud wait till second week of March. Off course I don’t hv any options so I am gonna wait. But if this company is fake , we shud definitely take action against this.
    Pls add my number to the WhatsApp group for any further updates.
    It’s 7558308197.

    • Hello friends
      I think sandeep garg has gone far away.there is no balance in company’s bank what you really thinking I don’t know.any fir has been put against him or not????

  27. Any one has any idea about ads cash office address in Mumbai we can trace out there.
    Kindly add me I’d their is any what’s app group
    My no is 9868362321

  28. bhaiyo koi latest news h k ads cash ki……………………………………………………?????????????????????????????

  29. Hai friends Iam also invest money in ads cash this is my number 9176026488 kindly add my number in wats app group

  30. today i m going to see where is the adscash office..exist or not..if any one have any information then pls share with me so that i can move back even on the half way..because i m coming from punjab..and i have to come back today again…

  31. dosto jo ho gya wo ho gya ab agey kya hoga ya kya krna h ye soccho ab hmare pass 1 behtrin choice h wo h BITCOIN jo january se lakar ab march tk iski kimat me 30000 ka uchaal aya h adhik jankari ke liye sampark kre- 8076706860

  32. showing HTTP error 503, i think server is under (down for maintenance). hope it’ll be back soon. According to Youtube video. It may work after 11th march. Lets hope for a positive result.

  33. hi friends im invest 2lakhs im getting only 8000 rupees only im worried about my self & others so this is my mobile number 9666542323 plz add #whats up group bros

  34. please add me adcash whatsapp group I am also invest 56200 but no received any amount in my account what’s the problem tell me .

  35. hi friends im invest 1,68,000 Lakhs im getting only 5000 rupees only please to help me brothers Pleas ad me in whatsapp group my # 9962994328

  36. Hi friends I am also invest money in ads cash. This is my number 9896430059 kindly add my number in wats app group and adscash group

  37. Hello Everyone,

    Me and my friends are also in big lose, so kindly add my contact no also in Whats app group: 9503389712

    thanks and hope for the best.


  38. Hii frinds im invest 1,13,000 Lakhs but iam getting only 12000 rupees only remaing balance not given
    plz add me in adscash group my No- 9940469194.

  39. Contact me on 9910073486 to invest in newly launched UK based MLM plan.
    Mode of payment- Bitcoin on daily basis



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