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  1. Devashish gupta says:

    I have few questions… as I want to start with 55,200 package with 7ID(3 of my own,3 IDs of my wife and 1 ID of my mother). Please answer me to the below so that I can take decisions to join you soon:

    1. What is the scope of its existence in future? I mean I just want to know whether it will be in existence for at least 2 years o not?

    2. I read its T&C, they say “the package is valid for 1 year only”!! What does it mean???
    3. I heard, company stopped paying to one of the Individual representative who took higher risk in this business in order to make fast money(actually, he too took 11 IDs in his own family name and initially he was getting money after after 3-4 months he stopped getting money!!) Please give good explanation on this to why he didn’t get money??

    4. Is it possible that I get myself registered under you without making payment and start earning and once I feel like I got my investment amount back..I would make payment to company?( I mean to say, for example, today I take the 7 IDs but do not make payment to company, will the company starts giving the daily task of 30links?(because I heard of this from company only where they pay you Rs7 but not in your bank account but in their portal only) and suppose I make the payment after,say,60 working days, the payment of Rs3,86400/- for 7 IDs to the company so that my all the IDs now gets activated, will the company pay me my task amount which I did in past 60 working days??? If yes, then in how many days? is it the next day? next week? or the two payment cycle day which they have?? PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION ON PRIORITY!)

    5. See, I have decided to take risk on this business opportunity, that is why I decided to invest on 7 IDs(55,200×7=Rs 3,86,400/-)….so all in all I will have to bring 8 boosters below me so as to earn 1008 daily income on each ID(which total to Rs7056 for all 7 IDs). HOW MANY BOOSERS CAN YOU HELP ME BELOW ME SO THAT MY BOOSTER GETS ACTIVATED ASAP??

    you can call me on my number 9654446141

    • Yogesh says:

      Looks like you have taken it too seriously. My personal advice to you. Rather than investing 55000, invest these money in Champcoin the new cryptocurrecy of India. ask me if you want and details.

  2. Deep Kumar says:

    I have bought three ids but having some issues about payment and site, Everyday having issues with site, it’s not working propery also payment nt coming day to day there always some issues. If ADSCash wants to grow thier business they have to improve theire management. Also they wrost customer service they never respond.

  3. Mani says:

    Why the payment option is not available in adscash website after registration. I want to pay using my credit card and it not available now in website.

  4. Mani says:

    My left and right has to do payment for ADS05 using credit card, currently there is no option available for payment in website. Suggest some solution for credit card payment

  5. Anshu says:

    The customer service of Ads cash is pathetic, their contact no are always busy or switch off..i must say they have to improve their Customer service first before coming in to this kind of business.

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