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Aadhar card has currently become one of the most important documents to have. It serves a number of purposes. Besides being a valid id proof of your citizenship, it also gives you access to the various government schemes. You can deal with tax-related matters with the help of your Aadhar card. We have all been receiving endless SMSs from our respective telecom networks to get our numbers linked to the Aadhar card. while Aadhar card in itself is an important document, there is a good reason why you get those messages for Aadhar card verification on a regular basis. Following are the reasons why Aadhar card verification is really purposeful.

  • Linking your Aadhar card to your number gives you the ability to e-verify your income tax return. This happens when you receive an OTP on your number that is linked to your Aadhar card.
  • Besides this, you can even make amends to your personal details in your Aadhar card using the OTP you receive.
  • When you decide to download e-Aadhar, you again need an OTP verification that you receive on your mobile number.

This makes it clear why you need to link your mobile number to your Aadhar card. There’s a recent news that implies that the act of linking your mobile number to your Aadhar card has become easier. The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has introduced three methods that can help you link your Aadhar card and your mobile number easily.

The Three Methods For Aadhar Card Verification

  • Using One Time Password (OTP)
  • Using the App
  • Using Interactive Voice Response (IVRS) facility

All of these methods have been introduced so that you won’t have to visit the telecom service center to get the work done. However, these three methods are new and that is why there is not a lot to talk about it. But from what we see, there is not much to talk about. The three methods are very clear to understand. Since these three new methods don’t need the user to visit the telecom service centers, telecom operators need to have an online mechanism to make the three above mentioned methods come into action.

These three methods specifically have been introduced for the convenience of the senior citizens of the country as well as people with disabilities. It is quite predictable that the introduction of these three new methods will drive more people to link their mobile number to their Aadhar card for Aadhar card verification. But, it is going to take some time to spread the news and make all the citizens aware of the new methods. This is why the deadline to link your mobile number to your Aadhaar card has been extended. As the news says it, the new deadline is March 31st, 2018. While these are the three new methods, the government is still working on making these three methods available for the people as soon as it is possible. The reason why it will take some time is these methods need to be worked on. There is an app being involved and the IVRS facility. All of these demands some time for execution.

Well, whatever that is, let us hope these three new methods make the Aadhar card verification process a lot easier. A lot of people have been facing so many troubles in the process of wanting to link their mobile number to their Aadhar card. This seems to be a good attempt of the government and the Department of telecommunication specifically to help people dodge off the trouble involved in the process.

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