5 Smart Phone Life Hacks that Will Change the Way You Use Your Phone

Smart phones are indeed very smart these days, but the only people who aren’t smart are those who don’t make use of their smart phones to their potential. Smart phones can do a lot more than you think they can. They can even do things that isn’t really mentioned in their users’ manual! That’s why we’ve come up with a list of smart phone life hacks that would make you say “wow!”

Your smartphone may have a lot of features that the company will let you know about. But unless you’re a tech geek who’s really interested in facts about phones, you won’t really read a lot about it. This will obviously keep you away from making use of your smart phone to its maximum potential.

Have you ever wondered how you would get back your phone if you’ve lost it in a particular place and it’s on silent mode? Obviously you won’t be able to make a call to it from another phone and search for it while it rings. Did you know that you can still reach to your phone with the hep of Google Maps? Now that’s a one among the best smart phone life hacks that would save you from losing a lot of money.

Even though iOS phones and android phones do differ a great deal, there are many phone life hacks common to both of them. You never know when these phone tricks will rescue you or your phone and that makes it essential for you know these smart tricks regardless of them being iphone tips or android tips. Here are a few phone life hacks you wish you knew earlier.

1. Disable those unwanted notifications that drain battery

While notifications from important apps like Gmail, Whatsapp, and Paytm are very important, notifications from social networking apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are not that essential.You can just press on the notification from a particular app and then touch on the settings button that appears on your android phone. You can disable notifications of that particular that easily.

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If you’re not a person who spends a lot of time on Facebook but you login only once in a while, there’s hardly any reason for you to let Facebook drain your device’s battery in the name of notifications. Also, apps of the games you play and your music streaming apps will also drain your battery with unwanted notifications.

2. Disable background data for unnecessary data eating apps

This is closely related to disabling unwanted notifications. Many apps run in the background and use up your valuable data to notify you the moment anything new comes up. You really don’t need that for all the apps, do you? if not you can just turn them off and save your data.

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For iOS phones: Settings>General>Background App Refresh, and select apps to turn off

For android phones: Settings>Data usage> Tap on the app> scroll to the bottom> disable background data.

3. Finding your lost phone when it’s on silent mode

Imagine you had kept your phone on silent mode and you misplaced it. That sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? You won’t be able to make out where your phone is by making a call to it from your friend’s phone. So what would you do in this situation if you’re somewhere at a party? would you just accept defeat and go back home? Well you don’t really have to.

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www.google.com/android/devicemanager and login with the Google ID which you are using on your phone. You can make your phone ring with just a click on your laptop. The ringing will be loud and can last up to 5 minutes until you touch it. Also if somebody had already stolen your phone away, you can see the location of your phone on Google Maps and trace the thief. In such cases, you can lock your phone with the help of device manager from your laptop.

4. Use Gmote to stream videos from your PC on your phone

Even if you have a micro SD card attached to your smartphone, expanding the storage space a lot will still not be enough for you to store all your images, videos, music, and huge files like movies. Most of the people transfer files from their phones to their PCs so that they can make room for new files. You can get over this problem with the help of Gmote, which is an app that will help you stream videos and music from your PC on your smartphone using WiFi.

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Isn’t it better to use your WiFi connection to directly watch that movie from your PC instead of spending a lot of time, patience, and energy to transfer it to your phone? You will have to this every now and then if you don’t have enough storage space on your phone and that’s just not good.

5. Click pictures with the help of your headphones

Tired clicking selfies in which your face fills the screen and you look like a pumpkin-head? It’s pretty sure that you cannot elongate your hands, and timers are not really very user-friendly. Let’s face it; it kills your patience. This doesn’t work for all the phones, but on a few phones you can click your pictures with the help of the volume control button on the headphones.

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You Google if your phone can click pictures with the help of headphone. Go to camera settings, scroll down to the volume key and click on take photo. This will assign the volume key on your headphone it’s new duty. This works for phones like Galaxy S5.

Now we know that there are so many more phone life hacks when it comes to both iOS as well as android. Even when it comes to android, the settings and features are different and not all hacks can work on all the phones. However, know well about your phone so that you can make the best use of it because your phone is now an integral part of your day to day life today.

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