1st Birthday Party Theme Ideas- Make Your Baby’s 1st Memorable


Themes have become the new trend. Whether it is a wedding, Halloween party, or whatever, your party stands out if you go for a theme. If you’re thinking it doesn’t matter much if it’s an ordinary kids party, beware, your baby might hold grudges when he/she grows up! So, if your baby’s birthday just around the corner, buckle up. You need to start planning for your little one’s birthday and think of an amazing 1st birthday party theme. To help you make the best choice for the best memories, we have come up with a list of themes. The below-mentioned themes are the most relevant and fun themes you could imagine. We have bifurcated the themes individually for baby girls and baby boys to make the task even easier.Also, there are cheap first birthday party supplies that have been listed!

1st Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Baby Girl

When your baby girl is about to turn 1, you can notice certain changes- like inclination towards princesses. If not, there are more chances of she going through the birthday album in the future and feeling super happy looking at her tiara and flowy dress. Girls like cute stuff better than anything. So, here’s a list of themes that’d make total sense.

#1 Frozen

1st birthday party theme

As a mum, you already know all the hype about this Disney movie. Children are going crazy about Elsa and, basically the movie. So, it’d be great to plan a frozen themed birthday party.

Things You Can Get for The Theme

Since frozen is depicted by blue color, it is really easy to base your decoration on this theme.

  • Starting off with the invitation, you can choose a faded background of princess Elsa. This will let the writing on the invitation be visible. There are plenty of pictures available on the internet which you can choose.
  • If you get cups, plates, and bowls with the frozen characters on it, it would be the best thing. But, if you can’t find, it doesn’t matter. You can simply get blue colored dishes to make sure the dishes match the theme.
  • The curtains and tablecloth can be a lighter shade of blue.
  • If you plan to get a sweet table, all you have to do is- tell the baker about your theme.
  • The cake can have a photograph of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Sven. If you don’t like cakes with photographs, you can even get a simple cake with a combination of blue and white icing.
  • Get hats with different frozen characters on them. This is quite easy to find in any store that sells birthday related things.
  • Blue and white balloons would further enhance the theme.
  • Finally, you can dress your baby girl in a light blue frock and a matching pair of ballerinas (bellies). While a tiara with a blue stone would seem perfect, you can even get a complete golden or silver one for the look.

#2 Snow White

1st birthday party theme

This theme is an easy 1st birthday party theme for a girl. The basic idea of this theme is lots of colors and tiny cute animals. While the theme can include vivid colors, base it more on yellow and red.

Things You Can Get for The Theme

  • The invitation to a snow white themed birthday party has to be a little more specific. It has to have Snow White and the seven dwarfs, with some animals as the background. Again, let the background be a little faded- to make what’s written be visible.
  • The dishes can either have Snow White, the dwarf and animals printed on them. If that isn’t possible, just keep it to yellow and red color.
  • The same color combination goes for curtains, tents, and tablecloth- red and yellow. It can be a bonus to have pictures of deer and little birds on the tent.
  • The hats are supposed to have pictures of the dwarfs and animals. All you have to do is- ask the storekeeper for Snow White hats.
  • The balloons can be red and yellow. Include both so that it doesn’t look monotonous with just one color.
  • For the costume- you can select a blue and red colored top and pair it with a yellow skirt. Also, select yellow shoes and a red hair band.

#3 Hello Kitty

1st birthday party theme

Hello kitty theme is the easiest out of all the themes. All you need is all pink things to make this birthday theme for 1st birthday party work.

Things You Can Get for The Theme

  • Hello kitty invitations are really easy to find. So you just have to hit some store with stationary or birthday related items. If you fail to find them (which is highly unlikely), you can use pink colored invitation cards.
  • Again, go to any store selling dishes, and you will definitely find hello kitty dishes. They are quite popular.
  • The curtains, tent, and tablecloth can be of a white and pink combination.
  • The hats need to have hello kitty pictures.
  • Keep a combination of white and pink for the balloons as well. The pink you select should be really light.
  • Get a light pink colored frock for your baby girl. A little frock would do more justice to the theme. Also, get a hairband with a pink bow. Little darker pink shoes will match perfectly with the outfit.

1st Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Baby Boy

Isn’t it too tricky to find unique 1st birthday party themes for boys? You can’t deny the fact that baby girl first birthday themes are a lot easier to decide on. So, to help you know about the best 1st birthday party theme for boys, we have listed top 3 out of which you can choose. These ideas can help you find cheap supplies for the party as well.

#1 Super Heroes

1st birthday party theme

We all know the obsession little boys hold for superheroes. This theme is one of the best, easiest, and budget-friendly ones. Let’s see what are the supplies you need to make the theme work out.

Things You Can Get for The Theme

  • The invitation can either have a background image of different superheroes. If you want to keep it really simple, just choose royal blue colored plain invitations.
  • The dishes can be of a variety of colors- royal blue, red, yellow. The best thing to do would be getting dishes of all three colors.
  • The tent, tablecloth, and curtains should be of royal blue color. The reason why we are choosing royal blue for everything is- most superheroes wear royal blue colored costumes.
  • A combination of royal blue and red will be perfect for balloons.
  • You might find superheroes birthday hats in a store that sells birthday supplies. If you don’t find them, choose red, yellow, and royal blue colored hats.
  • Dressing up your baby boy for the theme is really easy. You can get the costume. If you don’t want the exact costume, just find a Superman t-shirt and a pair of denim. You can choose any shoes. The only essential part is- use a royal blue colored cloth as the cape.

#2 Mickey Mouse Club House

1st birthday party theme

If you are looking for a theme that has easy-to-find supplies, this is it. This theme has been popular since ages. The three signature colors of the theme are- black, red, and white. And the mickey mouse symbol is quite easy to make.

Things You Can Get for The Theme

  • Just like it has already been said, you can easily buy invitations with mickey mouse and other characters printed on it.
  • You can get the dishes with Mickey and the family printed on it. Or else, you can even get simple dishes in white, black, and red color.
  • When you decorate the place, you can make Mickey faces on a chart paper, cut it, and stick them around. All you have to do is- make a big black circle and draw two more on both sides of the upper part. That’s all. The tablecloth, curtains, and other material can be of black, red, and white color.
  • Get balloons that are red. If you want to, you can add white balloons too.
  • The mickey mouse hats are the most common ones to be found. You won’t have to run endless errands to find them. Just get inside one store and most probably you’ll get what you’re looking for in a go.
  • To dress up your baby, choose a black t-shirt, red shorts, and black tights. To complete the look, get a pair of yellow shoes since that is what Mickey mouse likes to wear!

#3 Tom Boy

1st birthday party theme

If you don’t really want to be too specific about the theme, you can go for this one. It is very general and you can use home supplies for the birthday party without having to shop much. The base color for this 1st birthday party theme is the shades of brown and orange. Find out what all things you might need for this theme!

Things You Can Get for The Theme

  • Take the liberty to choose a countryside view as your invitation background. If that’s too much, go for a simple brown shaded invitation. You can even choose a woody pattern.
  • Since the theme is really indie, don’t waste much time thinking about it. You can use the dishes that you already have at your home. they won’t really spoil the theme.
  • The kind of balloons you’d want to get would be orange colored.
  • Instead of buying birthday hats, go for some really cool cowboy hats. This is one unique thing about this theme.
  • To dress up your baby boy, you need a nice pair of denim, a shirt with checks, and a cowboy hat. Also, get a pair of brown shoes for the cowboy look and you are good to go.

There’s a piece of advice if you don’t want to buy dishes for the occasion. Instead, go for the disposable cups, bowls, and plates. To make your baby’s 1st birthday more interesting, come up with some games and play good music. If you want to buy birthday supplies for the 1st birthday party theme online, click here. Hope the list of 1st birthday party theme helped you find what you were looking for.

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